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Customer Testimonials

  • Submitted by Melanie October 10, 2015

    Our experience in doing business with you has been nothing less than superior and we thank you for that. The quality of the CordaRoy’s Sleeper is outstanding…very well made. We appreciate you going above and beyond. Thank you again!

  • Submitted by Richard B September 23, 2015

    Really like what you stand for : I first saw your product at a home show and thought it was a great idea. Then I just saw you on Shark Tank tonight. Then I watched your video on this site. I am a big believer in leadership in business and time and time again, I am disappointed. The passion in your voice, the careful words you use to describe your product's quality, and the value you place on the customer experience is what motivated me to write. After hearing you, I feel like I have to buy your product on principal alone. Don't change your values and don't waver. I am not a customer yet, but I will be buying one of these for each of my kids (2 in college and one at home). They are perfect for overnight guests. Again - so impressed. Keep up the great work.

  • Submitted by Christy O September 17, 2015

    I just wanted to let you know that my 13-year old son saved his money to purchase one of your bean bags after seeing Byron on Shark Tank. After purchasing it and loving it so much, he then spent the rest of his money on the foot rest to match the bean bag. My son thinks it is the best investment he's ever made. Imagine our surprise when we noticed that the products shipped from our town of Thomasville, Georgia. I also happened to be having lunch with my husband in Jonah's restaurant in downtown Thomasville today, looked up, and saw Byron and two employees sitting at the table beside us. Small world! I almost interrupted their lunch for a photo to tell them how much our son loves his purchases!

  • Submitted by Donna S July 18, 2015

    I received my king sleeper yesterday morning and immediately opened the box. I didn't read the instructions so I opened the bag and spread the mattress on the floor and started breaking the filling apart. I waited about an hour (during that time I did watch the video) folded my mattress like a taco and slipped the cover on. It was much easier than I thought it would be since I didn't have any help. I'm 53 but couldn't resist jumping right in the middle. It was so comfy and within a few minutes I was dozing off. My grandkids will be fighting over this chair for years to come. Very Satisfied! Thanks

  • Submitted by Michele S June 27, 2015

    We use the full bean bag for our youngest son to sleep on every night. It is very comfortable for him and the bag is holding up great for daily sleeping, fluffing, and stuffing. The queen bag is used for seating and overnight friends. It is also a great purchase. I would definitely recommend Cordaroys to everyone!

  • Submitted by Kimberly April 2, 2015

    I am a missionary and 10 years ago I bought and brought a queen chair/bed to Guatemala with me. It has been moved to mountain villages to help with visitors, it has been used to help with visiting medical teams and many many times has been used in emergency's when peoples homes were lost in a mud slid, or lost due to the river rising. It is still looking good and still functional after all this time, I would recommend them to anyone. Just wanted to let you know and say thank you!

  • Submitted by Justin March 30, 2015

    I just wanted to drop a note saying thank you for your product! I have a Queen sized bag I got from you guys in 2000 that I have used every day in the past 15 years. Heck it even went tent camping with us for a month. I have since retired the foam insides and will need to replace that soon, but the fabric is stiiiiill going even after kids and college kids jumping on it for years! Keep it up!

  • Submitted by Gage Jan 1, 2015

    Great product : I've had my Cordaroy's Full Size Sleeper for a couple weeks and it has been use countless times! It's so convenient, ex. This morning a family friend bumped his head and got blood on the cover, I immediately freaked out because it was brand new! I quickly unzipped the cover and threw it in the washer. I also put it in the dryer just like regular clothes. Now I'm sitting on it with my feet by the fire and no blood stains!! There will definitely be more adventures with this amazing product!

  • Submitted by Dorothy T December 14, 2014

    Hi, We purchased our Corda Roy when we lived in Gainesville and you were selling them in the Oaks Mall. I think we purchased it when you first starting selling them - 1998-1999. The one we have has a black liner with the foam filling. Our daughter was born in 2000 and it has been used for story time, snuggle time, nap time, movie time, sleepovers, jumping on and over, wrestling, the dog and even grandma slept on it when she came to visit. It has been moved all over the state of Florida - from Gainesville to West Palm Beach to Panama City and finally cross-country to Portland Oregon. We have the queen size Corda-Roy with foot stool - I even have the 2 pamphlets that came with the products. I am contacting you for two reasons - one to say well done the product has been great and we have thoroughly enjoyed it for 15+ years; the other reason is that it might be time to give it away. So, before I do that I wanted to see if you are interested in having it as a testimonial so you can see how well it has held up over the years. Sort of a hall of fame for one of your original Corda-Roys. And believe me we have used it!

  • Submitted by Erin S Nov 17, 2014

    Memory (UF days) & quality : I want to share my delight in finding ya'll. I hope you're the same maker (& quality) that I first came to know at the Oaks Mall in Gainesville, FL. I was in school & bought my brother our friends/family's 1st CordaRoy seat. Since then (2000) his twin boys have turned 10 & that's what they asked for for Christmas this yr! They said they want "another Boom Boom couch"-that was what they always called your product. Matt (my bro) actually cut the broken down chair material & made a frame & my grandma made them a little pillow w/ the excess. I never dreamt that gift would b such a family matter going on 14 yrs! All from cruising the isles at The Oaks & running into your work I'm the middle of the halls(not even a lone store back then). Great work!!! I love your makings!

  • Submitted by Rich Nov 17, 2014

    Working in the customer service industry as well as you all, I wanted to take minute to give Angela a special thank you for advising, coaching and helping me with my order earlier today. She knows her product, is very sweet, honest and personable…CordaRoys is very lucky to have her. I am excited to receive my new chair/bed as it will get plenty of use for years to come. I wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday season.

  • Submitted by Audrey O Nov 13, 2014

    Love CordaRoy's!!!!! : I am watching you on Shark Tank! They have No idea how awesome your product is! Didn't you start in Gainesville? I bought a queen for my hubby when we were stationed in Valdosta, GA back in 2004-2006! I sat on one in the oaks mall a couple years prior! Awesome! My husbands queen turned into one bed being used for him and the other bed was used for our rescued dogs!! We just threw the dogs' bed away 2 weeks ago!!!! 10 years it lasted! We don't have one anymore! I'm buying another! I hope u don't give the company up!!!! :( u have an amazing company! If people tried your product and knew how great it was they would buy it! Love it!!!!

  • Submitted by Jennifer D April 14, 2014

    Amazing product : I just wanted to let you know that we saw you on an update on Shark Tank and thought this product was amazing. We sat around and talked about how this would meet the needs of so many different kinds of people. We were so excited that we wanted to look you up (and we have never done that with any other products). We think this has the potential to replace the futons from hell! We think this would work very well for grandparents, college students, the family or person who is limited in space but always seems to have someone dropping by to visit and spend the night, and really just about anyone else. We wish you all the luck in the world for a very successful future. We are excited for you!!!

  • Submitted by Jacque, who rated us 10/10 Feb 7, 2014

    We have had our king size sleeper for about three years now and have no regrets. It is sometimes used as a guest bed. The kids like sleeping on it in the living room on the weekends. My husband and I love watching movies in it. We'd love to add a footstool and in the future may buy a king sleeper sofa and a few twin sleepers for the kids.

  • Submitted by Beth Ann Shewbrooks, who rated us 10/10 Jan 22, 2014

    We love our beanbag chair! Santa bought it for Christmas and everyone that sits in it does not get out!! The kids think Santa should bring one to everyone next year!!

  • Submitted by Susan O., who rated us 9/10 Dec 3, 2013

    My grandsons love these chairs. The 11 year old lays or sits on it and plays his video games or watches TV, and the 2 year old sits on the edge and has created his own little chair to sit in where his feet can touch the ground. Perfect for kids of all ages!

  • Submitted by Anea Power, who rated us 10/10 Oct 24, 2013

    I have had my bed for only a summer but its more comfortable and warmer than anything I have ever slept on before. Even my cats take it over whenever they think they can instead of sleeping on the only mattress bed in the house. Best bed I have ever purchased, and I will never sleep on a mattress again. Thank you! :)

  • Submitted by Michelle, who rated us 10/10 Sep 19, 2013

    I had the opportunity of sitting in a queen bean bag over the weekend. I had a book with me as I was waiting for my friend to finish up some work. I have to say it was the most comfortable I have ever felt while readingl. It was much more relazing then reading in bed or on the couch. I am in the process of purchasing one for myself as well as my teenage daughter. I am definately going to recommend this product.

  • Submitted by Duy Chinh Doan, who rated us 10/10 Sep 14, 2013

    I just got my King Sleeper Bag. I'm from Montreal and took less then 10 days to get my product. Very happy with the product, everything is true in the video. The product is very well made and look strong. It's heavier then it looks! Very happy with bags, I will buy more in the future!

  • Submitted by Karen Lawrance, who rated us 10/10 Sep 10, 2013

    We purchased an air mattress for our spare room - only to have it fail upon first use. When we say CordaRoy's on Shark Tank - it sounded like the perfect item for us. We ordered the queen size bag and have been completely satisfied with it. In fact, we love it. We've had it out in our living room when a number of friends visited. They sat on it or rested up against it. When we've had friends stay over - they pulled out the bag and used the mattress for three nights. It's a great buy!!!!

  • Submitted by Kerrie- had ours for three years, who rated us 10/10 Aug 22, 2013

    We bought 2 Cordaroy queen size bean bags three years ago. They still look brand new . I have 3 teens in my house and we are constantly having people over . I would recommend this more than any piece of furniture that I own. These have held up really well and we use them every single day. When we bought them we actually bought the ones with the corduroy covers and I love them . Best money I have ever spent!!!! Everyone who comes over ask about them.

  • Submitted by Rachel LeBlanc, who rated us 10/10 Jul 25, 2013

    I purchased 2 of these beds over 10 years ago for our Allegro Bus. With 2 children who always brought friends more sleeping space was needed. We had room for the queen size & the full size was placed on top of the sleeper sofa for more comfort & had extra seating room during the day.We also use it for movie night & sleepovers. A month ago, a friend asked me about them. She remembered me having them. they need one for their camper. Amazing Product! So happy to see u on Shark Tank!! Good Luck"

  • Submitted by Cherri, who rated us 10/10 Jun 13, 2013

    I own a King Sleeper Sofa and a Queen sleeper. And if I had more room I'd own more. Very comfortable, cost effective and cool. Great investment that has multiple uses!

  • Submitted by Helga Brauer, who rated us 10/10 May 8, 2013

    I live in Manhattan and I bought the king sleeper and since my apartment is so small, I bought the full size one as well for guests. I sleep like a baby on top of my sofa sleeper (I don't take the matresses out every night because that's too much work for just me) and my guests absolutely adore the guest matress. I'll keep it forever and when I have guests over with children, they can bounce and jump on it all they want because it's durable and holds up to rough handling! I adore it!

  • Submitted by jane, who rated us 10/10 Apr 26, 2013

    I love my cordaroys chair/bed however when I got it I didn't think it was as big as it is. I had planned on using it in the back of my Honda crv as a bed when I travel and fold the seats down so I bought the queen size ...even if it would have fit the kids/grandkids would have never let me use it in the car...that is now the chair everyone fights over to sit in when they come to Nana's I love the memories we are making about coming to nana's house and nana's Chair/bed! thanks we loveu

  • Submitted by Vicki & Peter Schneider, who rated us 10/10 Apr 20, 2013

    We bought our two CordaRoy's way, way back when CordaRoy's had just started out and the two guys were working out of a small office in a strip mall in Gainesville, FL. Well, guess what? We still have those bean bags and use them every single day. We've had to have the seams resewn a couple of times, but considering that they are getting close to being 20 years old, that's not bad. We finally are looking at replacing the covers as they are wearing thin in spots. Wonderful product!

  • Submitted by Dawn N., who rated us 10/10 Apr 17, 2013

    I got my king sized sofa in 2006. Up until we moved in 2012, it was mostly just a place for me (and 3 dogs) to hang out. When we moved, it became a bed for 2 who flew in to help. I kept the chair with me (selling the house), husband moved. Husb. comes to visit, upstairs ac breaks... we have a bed to sleep on in working ac. I come back from visiting him, ac breaks again, same thing. We signed for our house, the first thing out of storage for sleeping on in the new house is the chair. Marvelous.

  • Submitted by Robert J, who rated us 10/10 Apr 2, 2013

    I bought a separate cover for a king sleeper, and noticed a small tear at one of the seams after stuffing it. I emailed after-hours on the Friday before Easter weekend, got a response that day, and a new cover came via FedEx on the following Tuesday, with prepaid shipping to return the damaged one. I was completely blown away when I saw the package on my doorstep. Awesome customer service and awesome products. I couldn't be happier with either!

  • Submitted by D\'Arcy H., who rated us 10/10  

    I got my replacement cover and it's great! I think it will hold up way better than the original. Thanks so much for getting me back in action. I put it back in the living room where people can use and I can brag about it being a bed too. Keep it up and I know you will be successful. The bag/bed combo is a fantastic idea that puts you head and shoulders above LoveSac. Thanks!

  • Submitted by Amy G., who rated us 10/10  

    Byron you're The Best! I'm so happy I can't even speak! You made it happen! I have my brand new queen cordaroy in my home I love it. I will show this baby off to all my camping families. I just wanted to say it is the best thing we have bought in years. Thank you for making it happen! I'm going to talk about you all weekend!

  • Submitted by Emily M., who rated us 9/10 Mar 22, 2013

    I bought my CordaRoy when I was a sophomore in college - in 2002! - I have moved it everywhere with me since. And I still use it all the time!! Worth the money!

  • Submitted by Kelly S., who rated us 10/10  

    My boys saw them at the Mall of America, we bought them 2 yrs. ago, it was at the top of their list for Christmas. They still love them! My 10 yr. old wrote a story in school about his and how he'll never forget getting it as a gift. They use them for reading, beds for sleepovers, watching TV, video games and the beds are great bases in forts. We wish you many successful years to have a great product!

  • Submitted by Chrissy M., who rated us 9/10  

    Saw you on Shark Tank. We've had our Queen size bag for over 5 years now. It's the most comfortable seat in our house and our guests always fight over who gets to sleep on it!

  • Submitted by Jennifer P., who rated us 10/10  

    I bought the giant CordaRoys Couch several years ago at your Jacksonville FL location, and it has been awesome. I've had it through several moves, and I use it as a couch, a guest bed (folds out to queen size) and I got the 2 smaller covers so they can be 2 separate chairs when I need them. Worth.Every.Penny!!

  • Submitted by Marcy S., who rated us 10/10  

    I have had a queen Cordaroy for over a year now. The bean bag and the bed have been an unexpected blessing! It's very comfortable, and easy enough to convert to and from a bed or beanbag. It's great for people with kids, people who entertain and have crashers, or people with limited space. Personally, I've had a great experience with mine, and found a whole new appreciation when I broke my leg. Sleeping on it while it was a bean bag with my leg propped up was much easier than rolling out of bed with an immobilized leg. After putting the bean bag through many months of nightly sleeping abuse like this, it's still as comfortable as when I first got it!

  • Submitted by Maggie C., who rated us 10/10  

    Amazing hands down! We purchased a Cordaroy for our 5yr old Autistic daughter, after a recommendation from her OT Therapist. They use your product for sensory children. We Love it! If I could fit 1 in every room of our house I would!!!

  • Submitted by Brenda Dotson, who rated us 10/10 Mar 14, 2013

    I was sold after seeing the bag demonstrated on Shark Tank. My grandchildren will love sleeping over on their new CordaRoy's convertible sleeper. It replaces that cumbersome air mattress.

  • Submitted by Denise, who rated us 10/10  

    Wow!! We were shocked when we saw your company on shark tank! We have owned two chairs and ottomans for almost 10 years. I would have been the investor as this is how much we believe in your product. These beanbags have went through 2 children during their high school years. Every weekend during these years someone was using the beanbags mattress to sleep on. Some of the kids ar now in their 20's and still ask to sleep on them when they visit. Beats any aero bed around. I cannot tell you how happy we have been with your product. One of them even made the crossing to a dorm room, then apartment in Arizona where my daughter attends college. It's an extra chair, and bed for her friends. Both my son and I were very disappointed you had to give up majority ownership to Laurie...however her marketing skills were exactly what you needed. Here's to your growth and hopefully hitting it big!! Your product is definitely worth it!! Denise and family

  • Submitted by Jamie R., who rated us 10/10 Mar 13, 2013

    I bought a Queen size in 2001. They are worth the money, and last forever. My advice: buy as many as you can! They are worth it!

  • Submitted by Jeff from volkswurks LLc, who rated us 10/10 Mar 11, 2013

    My little dog loves his cordaRoy's pet bed so much that he wont sleep any where else.. I learned fast not to try and get him off off of it.

  • Submitted by Angela, who rated us 10/10  

    I recently saw you on shark tank and I was talking thru the tv to tell those sharks how much I love your product. My husband and I saw your space at The Cool Springs Mall in Brentwood ,TN and asked for a Cordaroy maybe 9 years ago for Christmas and got one. We have used it over and over countless times as an extra bed for visitors, a chair, a bed for a few days in the middle of a move ect. We have moved over 5 times , and once criss country and gotten rid of alot of furniture but we always take our Cordoroy! We have even used in our mini van to take to the drive in. It's one of the best gifts we've ever got. We have gotton so many compliments on how cool it is, people get so excited when we tell them its also a bed! and we tell every visitor who sits on it. Thank you and good luck with your sales, I hope more people will buy and see how awesome these beanbag/beds are.

  • Submitted by Donna M., who rated us 9/10  

    Thank you for being so awesome to deal with!! We are so excited to have our bean bag chair/bed... Thank you again! Have a successful year! Your customer service is rare so thank you for taking the time to care about your customer!

  • Submitted by Linda M., who rated us 9/10  

    I just talked to Ashley and gave her all my details. I am so excited !!!! You have gone above and beyond and it is truly appreciated !!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day.......I know I am thanks to you !!!!

  • Submitted by Alex, who rated us 9/10  

    Thanks so much for such a swift reply and it just goes to show why I am such an advocate of your company. I get so many comments from guests that come to my home; everyone loves my Cordaroy! Much appreciated! Thanks again; I will continue spreading the word to friends out here and back in Florida…

  • Submitted by Matt L., who rated us 8/10  

    Thank you so much for your quick response. I too own my own business and do my best to provide great customer service as I have received from you and your company. Thanks again and have a great day.

  • Submitted by Jon P., who rated us 8/10  

    I just wanted to thank you all so much, best purchase I have made in a long time! The bag is so comfy! Me and my girlfriend sleep on it all the time.

  • Submitted by Nick, who rated us 8/10  

    I just want to thank you guys for the great customer service and quick processing of my warranty return. I will recommend you to everybody, thanks again!!!

  • Submitted by Sheena S., who rated us 8/10  

    I have had one of your queen sized chairs since high school (2003)! I bought it at a mall kiosk in Arlington, Tx, and it has seen many years (an entire decade!) of use and it is still one of the greatest things I've ever bought! I am now married with 2 kids and they both love it, but sharing is not their thing. I am going to buy another queen insert and a sofa cover to convert it into a sofa for their playroom.

  • Submitted by Stacey T., who rated us 10/10  

    What a great treat to receive the kind of customer service that you offered to me! I received the new cover on Saturday and I have been blown away by your response to me!! First, you responded right away. Next, you told me you had seen the zipper tear problem and were sorry. Wow! No blame. No "it's not our fault". Then, you handled it and sent me a new cover with no charge at all!! I'm speechless. God bless you as you have totally blessed me through this experience. I am singing your praises in Dunwoody, Ga. Merry definitely exhibit the spirit of it.

  • Submitted by Dane B., who rated us 9/10  

    Hi. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help with this transaction. I am more than satisfied with my CordaRoy's purchase now that I have the right covers. When I first sat on a CordaRoy's bean bag in the Brandon Mall kiosk, I thought it would be the perfect seating option for the recreation area in my home. Within 20 minutes I had a king size sofa bean bag and matching footstool in my car and on the way home. It was comfortable, but I was unhappy with the cover I selected from the fabric swatches. Within a couple weeks, I removed the bean bag and put it into a storage area in my home because of the way it looked and felt. Seven months later and a month away from giving birth to my first child, I decided to contact the company via email to see if they would agree to swap my sofa bed cover for something I would like better, so that my baby's guests could enjoy the bean bag as well. I sent the email late one week night and was so surprised that I had a response by 9:30 am the very next morning. CordaRoy's made an incredibly reasonable offer to swap the covers for ones I knew I would like, and within a week, I had the new covers at my home. I opted for the classic corduroy covers. What an excellent choice! They look and felt like the quality product I fell in love with at the mall kiosk. The comfort and attractive look of my king bean bag chairs and footstool have won the compliments of everyone I've shared them with, so thank you CordaRoy's for a great customer service experience and outstanding product. I'll be sending referrals to you for many years to come.

  • Submitted by Dolores H., who rated us 10/10  

    I just purchased another of your great bags for my son who has the king sofa and chair already from our first purchase back when you had a store in the Mall of Louisiana. My son just recently purchased a great house and needs another for his game room..He and Kelly love them! Thank you for still being 'out there' !! Here are a few reasons these things are great! See my photos of my family using the beanbag: Josh in his College days... then Kaitlyn when she was three and 1/2 yrs. in 2008--she is seven now (that is a chocolate stain on the bag by Kaitlyn, but has since been washed out) and Daniel who was right at seven months old. I just took my Sunday nap on it today... a four hour one. hehe thanks so much!

  • Submitted by Matt and Emma, who rated us 9/10  

    Yay! We have an ill CordaRoy diagnosis :) The pups will love the fixed cover, they are pretty convinced that its theirs anyway. Thank you so much for all your help!! Oh I looked you up because its finals and anything is better than studying. You're awesome! It's wonderful to see nice, hardworking people make it. There's hope :) I love what you're doing for libraries to help get kids into reading. I wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!!

  • Submitted by Elizabeth E., who rated us 9/10  

    A few years ago my brother-in-law bought a CordaRoy's beanbag chair for my sister for Christmas..instantly I fell in love. Finally last year, my husband and I decided to purchase 2 of the King Size bean bag chairs for our living areas. We couldn't be more pleased with them. Every time we have someone new over they ask about them, and we are happy to let them know where we got them. We have several family members that live out of town so these beds are the perfect option for our guests to sleep in on since we only have one official guest rooms....and they're comfortable to sleep on. They're perfect for out-of-town guests, sleepovers, and family night. Also I wanted to mention how phenomenal my customer service experience has been. With one of our beanbags, the seam of the cover where the zipper meets the fabric. I contacted Cordaroys to see what our options were to fix it. By the next morning I had a reply that stated that it would be repaired under their "LIFE warranty". I sent it back, and it was returned in a reasonable time as good as new. Thank you for such a great experience!

  • Submitted by Phil, who rated us 10/10  

    Wow!! Received cover today. Thank you. Just didn't expect it to be that easy. When you say lifetime warranty, you don't play around. I will certainly give you "word of mouth" advertising. Again, thanks!!

  • Submitted by Sara, who rated us 8/10  

    Truly Chillin' in my CordaRoy's bean bag chair Sun, fun and a CordaRoy's bean bag chairs. What could be better!

  • Submitted by Brenda, who rated us 9/10  

    Great video game chair! My son knows video games and he says that CordaRoy's bean bag chairs are a must for the serious gamer!

  • Submitted by Andrew, who rated us 8/10  
  • Submitted by the UAA soccer team, who rated us 9/10  

    The bed is great! What an idea! This picture is from the mall where we watched a salesman magically pull a bed from inside the most comfortable bean bag chair in the world. We want you to put it on your site! Thank you. CordaRoy's bean bag chairs rock!

  • Submitted by Tony Hernandez, who rated us 10/10  

    CordaRoy's, You made our pool party a huge success. Thank you for all of your help and support and most of all thank you for this bean bag chair that I am sitting on as I type!

  • Submitted by The girls at the Mall, who rated us 8/10  

    CordaRoy's bean bag chairs are amazing! Hi CordaRoy's! Remember us? We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our bean bag chair. It is the most used piece of furniture in the house! We love our bean bag!

  • Submitted by Mel, who rated us 8/10  

    The pink rocks! These are definitely the best bean bag chairs in the world!

  • Submitted by Karen, who rated us 10/10  

    Sacred Sleep Dance I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new queen size beanbag chair. My husband had always wanted one from another manufacturer, but I stumbled across your website and ordered one as a surprise Christmas gift. It was a tough present to sneak into the house, but it was worth it. We don't regret going with CordaRoy's rather than the other place. Our house is tiny and we're thrilled to have a chair that turns into a bed when our guests come over. I've attached a picture of my husband recovering after opening all the Christmas presents in his new beanbag chair. Thank you for helping me give the best gift ever. Karen Provo, Utah

  • Submitted by Aaron, who rated us 8/10  

    Queen of the world! We love our CordaRoy chair and our daughter does too!

  • Submitted by Zach, who rated us 9/10  

    Just chillin'

  • Submitted by Josh, who rated us 8/10  

    Snuggled up and warm on my CordaRoy's bed. "I love my CordaRoy!"

  • Submitted by Stephanie, who rated us 9/10  

    I had to take a moment to thank you all for selling the best bean bag in the world!!! We bought two for our kids' new playroom and my husband has hijacked one of them! They are the most comfortable, durable, high quality, and good looking bag chairs I've ever laid eyes on. And talk about heaven to sit in! Lordy be they are heaven on earth! Everyone who sees them asks us where we got them and we proudly toot your horn! The fact that they turn into a bed is just an added bonus! well worth the price. no question! Thanks again for making our house a lot more comfy!

  • Submitted by Colin, who rated us 8/10  

    I ordered these two youth size bean bags for Christmas. I was very surprised at how fast CordaRoy's shipped! The bags are extremely well made, amazingly comfortable and exceeded expectations in every way. The kids love sleeping in the bed. It is amazing that such a comfortable bed could be inside these fantastic bean bags. I am tempted to get the king size for myself! Thanks to CordaRoy's for delivering a truly great product.

  • Submitted by Joseph, who rated us 10/10  

    I would like to tell you how satisfied I am about my CordaRoy's chair. My wife purchased it for me as an anniversary gift for our first or second anniversary (about seven years ago) after seeing a display in a mall in Louisiana. We got the chair and I immediately found my new favorite seat in the house. At first we didn't really know what to do with such a large seat that didn't really seem to go anywhere... in the traditional living room setting. But it always seemed to work out. Our first child was born in 2002, then our second in 2005, and the final in 2007. Kids always find a use for the CordaRoy's chair. Every one of our children has learned to jump from the sofa to the CordaRoy's chair and has spent many hours doing so. Even the youngest, now learning the intricacies of bipedal motion, falls regularly into the CordaRoy's chair, elated in the cushion and luxury of it all. I cannot tell you how many times I have flung one of our children into the chair during "wrestling time." My mother, father, friends, sister, nephews, nieces, cousins, and in-laws have all found a restful bed in the CordaRoy's chair during their visits. We are a Military family and are always far from home. We get lots of visiting family and the CordaRoy's chair is always a quick and easy, versatile and comfortable bed for them. In short, I guess I just want to thank you for making a quality product that really is worth the money: it is rare nowadays to find a company that does so. We were hesitant so long ago when we initially purchased our CordaRoy's chair, but there is rarely a week that goes by where I am not thankful we made the purchase. For my family who sits and sleeps on my CordaRoy's chair; for my children who leap into, hide under, and crawl all over my CordaRoy's chair; for every visitor who has let out the comfortable "ooh, wow!" sinking deep into my CordaRoy's chair, thank you!

  • Submitted by Scotty, who rated us 8/10  

    I want to thank you guys for making a great product. Our family loves the two we bought over a year ago. Amazingly durable and magnificent in size. Great when the girls have friends to spend the night. Just pull out the insert and have full size mattresses for all to sleep on. When the kids are asked how they slept they have nothing but good things to say. They love to just bury up in the soft foam. I have spread the word about CordaRoy's and have had several friends inquire and a few to buy. It is nice to know that craftsmanship is still alive and well in the USA. Thank you.

  • Submitted by Linda, who rated us 8/10  

    Hello! I purchased a queen size bean bag chair (with the cord style cover, that also converts into a queen bean bed!), 2yrs ago. It still looks brand new, which is amazing, since it was bought for my 21yr old son! He lives alone, and has his "buddies" over frequently. They all love it as well, sit/sleep on it. I have found your product very durable, as stated in your ads, and delivery was stress free!! I would (& have) recommended your company, and your bean bag style furniture. I have not seen any comparable style & quality in my home area to date. I would not hesitate to deal/purchase from you again, when the time arises.

  • Submitted by Lydia, who rated us 10/10  

    I purchased one of these back in 1998 from the guy who invented them in Gainesville, FL. This beanbag has gotten a lot of use! Now I'm buying another one. Looks like you've really come a long way with your business. Good for you! We sure love our Corda-Roy!

  • Submitted by Jason W., who rated us 9/10  

    We have a full size for our 12 y.o. The zipper broke and CordaRoy sent a new cover free of charge. Great product, Great customer Service. our son loves it

  • Submitted by Jennifer K., who rated us 8/10  

    We bought our Full size and a foot stool in a Mall when we lived in Altamonte Springs, FL in 2002. It's been through several moves and still feels great. Our pets love it (the cats chase each other around the bottom in circles) and when there's limited seating space in the living room, it's the best seat in the house!

  • Submitted by Tracy M., who rated us 8/10  

    Love this bean bag chair, we've had ours for a while now. I recently ordered a new cover for it. Great product for any age!

  • Submitted by Christy W., who rated us 8/10  

    We love our CordaRoy's chair. We've had it five years in the family room and it's still perfect. Now we're adding one for each child for their bedroom.

  • Submitted by Barbara, who rated us 8/10  

    I love just jumping into the chair like a pile of leaves when you were a kid in the fall. (It's a lot safer, too)

  • Submitted by Jason J., who rated us 9/10  

    We love our CordaRoy's chair. Lifetime warranty. Now that's a real company!

  • Submitted by Mike S., who rated us 8/10  

    My queen size bean bag chair is great! My son and daughter-in-law sent me one with a footstool for Christmas last year. I use it as often as I can which usually requires bribing my 100 pound greyhound to get off!

  • Submitted by Kyle C., who rated us 8/10  

    Noticed that you have a new web site and thought I'd be the first to submit a review. I never thought I'd be in love with a bean bag but I've got to tell you this thing is the best recliner in the world. It's a custom made mold of your body every time you sit in it. What can I say? I love my CordaRoy's beanbag. Thanks

  • Submitted by K. Smith, who rated us 9/10  

    The full size bean bag chairs are the perfect size for my 9 and 11 year old sons. They love to sit in them to read, play video games, and relax. The bed inside gets used every time they have friends sleep over. The kids can't wait for us to take the beds out so they can play on them (and sleep later!).

  • Submitted by K. Smith, who rated us 9/10  

    This chair is the perfect size if you only have room for one bean bag. Our living space is pretty small so having several bean bags is not an option. We got the navy queen size bean bag chair with a footstool and it is large enough for our 2 kids to sit on with each other or one of us. The footstool is a great addition because it completely changes how you sit in the chair, makes it like a recliner with full head and neck support. The queen size bed inside is perfect for guests and sleepovers, much better than any air mattress or futon. We have used it every day for almost 5 years and it is just as perfect today as the day we brought it home.

  • Submitted by Ronnie S., who rated us 8/10  

    Our cordaroys bean bag is the most used piece of furniture in the house. I love turning on the TV on Saturdays, plopping down in my bean bag and watching football all day. Can you guys figure out how to make the bed inside also convert into a cooler? Thanks for such an awesome addition to my life!

  • Submitted by B McGee, who rated us 8/10  

    It's awesome....I got it today....... I read the reviews and I had subscribed to e-mails months ago....I got an e-mail Labor Day....came back to the website and read a few more reviews and decided to take advantage of the holiday sale! Thank you for that and a beautiful product. It is soooo just what i wanted and knew it would be. My wine corduroy queen is truly the bomb.

  • Submitted by Heather, who rated us 8/10  

    This is a great chair to send with your kid to college! It can fit in most dorm situations and can provide the needed extra bed when a friend from home comes to visit! The bed is a bit short for adults...but you just let your feet hang off or buy the Queen or king size! I can testify myself that it's great for sleeping!

  • Submitted by Drew Copeland (Sister Hazel), who rated us 9/10  

    My whole family loves piling on the Queen Chair and watching movies together. Great product!! Easy to use and maintain. We love it!!

  • Submitted by Al H., who rated us 8/10  

    We love our Queen Bean Bag, and have for years! It's the most comfortable chair in the house... I can't count all the times I've fallen asleep in it! Kids adore running and jumping on it... it is incredibly durable (and washable!). The mattress inside has come in handy so many times I can't count them.

  • Submitted by Colin, who rated us 8/10  

    My kids love our queen beanbag. I love it because during the holidays its like having a 2nd guest room.

  • Submitted by Miles P., who rated us 9/10  

    My son has a pretty small room. I recently built him a loft-style bed, so that he'd have some extra floor space. His previous bed was a trundle bed, which was nice for when he had sleepovers. We were at a bit of a loss as to what we could do for extra bedding without taking up a ton of space in his small room ... & that's when we came across CordaRoy's Bean Bags! The Full size fits perfectly in his room (is even small enough that he can roll around to different parts of his room when he wants to) & then there's a bed in there for when his friends come over. Genius!

  • Submitted by Gretchen, who rated us 9/10  

    My mom came to town this weekend, with her beloved blow-up mattress in tow. She takes it everywhere with her & chooses to sleep on that over a regular bed when she comes to visit. Unfortunately our dog decided to make her air mattress his personal bed & ended up puncturing it with his claws. We'd received a Queen beanbag last year for Christmas, so I suggested that she sleep on that instead (we honestly hadn't even used the bed feature until then!). The next morning she woke up & said that the CordaRoy's bed was *better* than her air mattress!! She ended up buying one from you guys 2 weeks later :) I don't think my mom will ever go back to using an air mattress!

  • Submitted by Meredith C., who rated us 9/10  

    Thank you so much for your support of Dance Marathon at University of Florida. We raised a record-high total for CMN families at Shands Children's Hospital and CordaRoy's Chairs helped them stay comfortable and at ease during the 26.2 hour event! Thank you for being so kind and easy to work with. You truly helped make miracles happen for all the right reasons.

  • Submitted by Jill S., who rated us 10/10  

    The photos don't do it justice. This is our second chair and we just love them. There's always someone on it!

  • Submitted by Linda, who rated us 9/10  

    By far the best bean bag type furniture on the market. This company is the real deal!

  • Submitted by Steve, who rated us 9/10  

    I just wanted to say that not only does your quality far surpass the competition but your customer service is amazing. I called several times before making my purchase and was amazed at the level of service I received.....from a beanbag company! Will you please share your secrets with my bank!!!! :)

  • Submitted by Dane Boothe, who rated us 9/10  

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help with this transaction. I am more than satisfied with my Corda-Roy's purchase now that I have the right covers. When I first sat on a Corda-Roy's bean bag in the Brandon Mall kiosk, I thought it would be the perfect seating option for the recreation area in my home. Within 20 minutes I had a king size sofa bean bag and matching footstool in my car and on the way home. It was comfortable, but I was unhappy with the cover I selected from the fabric swatches. Within a couple weeks, I removed the bean bag and put it into a storage area in my home because of the covers. Seven months later and a month away from giving birth to my first child, I decided to contact the company via email to see if they would agree to swap my sofa bed cover for something I would like better, so that my baby's guests could enjoy the bean bag as well. I sent the email late one week night and was so surprised that I had a response by 9:30 am the very next morning. CordaRoy's made an incredibly reasonable offer to swap the covers for ones I knew I would like, and within a week, I had the new covers at my home. What an excellent choice! They look and feel like the qualiity product I fell in love with at the mall kiosk. The comfort and attractive look of my king bean bag chairs and footstool have won the compliments of everyone I've shared them with, so thank you Andrea and Corda-Roy's for a great customer service experience and outstanding product. I'll be sending referrals to you for many years to come.