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4 Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

Written by Nicholas Crusie — September 25, 2020

4 Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

Holiday season is rapidly approaching, and if you’ve got some shopping to do, it’s a great idea to get a jump on it now instead of waiting until the eleventh hour to run out and buy what will likely be a completely forgettable gift.  In fact, those in the know are advising that holiday shopping will begin even earlier this year than previous years due to the decline in sales retailers have seen because of the pandemic.  This means you’ll likely see the push for more purchases even sooner than normal, with the start occurring much earlier than Black Friday.  

Early shopping is especially important if you’ve got some “difficult” people on your list.  Planning ahead can mean the difference between really wowing them or falling short of eliciting any excitement (once again).  Though you may not believe it, there are, in fact, women who are difficult to shop for, and claim to be completely content.  We know, we chuckled too.  But for those of us with contented women in our lives, gift-giving can be a real nightmare.  We want to buy something useful, meaningful, and impressive, but it seems nothing we come up with is a good option.  

Never fear, the team at CordaRoy’s has you covered.  Although we believe in “women who want nothing” as much as we believe in Santa Claus, we do admit there are definitely gals who are harder to shop for than others.  We’ve been offering unique gift ideas for decades, and we’re constantly coming up with new, solution-based ideas that are handy, one-of-a-kind, and out of the ordinary.  When you shop with us, you’ll also be guaranteed some pretty world-class customer service.  We are still family owned and operated and answer our phone (with a real, live person) when you call.  You can’t say that about most popular retailers.  

Additionally, a purchase at CordaRoy’s funnels money right into the U.S. economy; our manufacturing facilities are American owned and operated, and located in the southeast.  If you’re interested in helping push America out of the pandemic slump, shopping for American made and manufactured products this holiday season is an absolute must.  You’ll enjoy craftsmanship that is incomparable to products mass-produced in a foreign country, and you’ll be doing your part to help boost our fledgling economy.  

If you’re ready to start making some purchases, we’ve got our top 4 gifts for the woman who wants nothing that are sure to make her smile.  

  1. Electronics Accessories.  When it comes to electronics, she’s truly got it all; a tablet, a laptop, a phone for business and one for pleasure.  If beepers were still a thing she’d probably have one of those too.  For the tech savvy ( or tech enslaved) lady in your life, electronic accessories can be a great gift-giving option.  How many times have you spotted her propping up her tablet or smartphone against a cup/vase/other random object just so that her WebEx meeting attendees see her in the correct and most flattering angle?  

Remember the last time she tried a new recipe and constantly washed and toweled off her hands so she could open her smartphone and glance at the recipe or watch the instructional video once more?  There’s a better way for her to use her devices hands free.  Introducing the PUK.  This revolutionary solution to the problem of hands free device usage serves as a multi-functional device holder and even a drink coaster.  Small, efficient, and easy to use and move, the PUK fits any size phone or tablet, regardless of the case they’re in.  Additionally, the PUK can prop up your device in either landscape or portrait mode, so whether she’s reading scrolling music while playing an instrument or watching an instructional yoga video, the PUK can accommodate.  

PUK multi-functional device holders are:

  • Easy.  No grips, clips, or ill-fitting crevices, the PUK is a simple, circular device with three different sized slots that can fit any device in any case.  
  • Portable.  The PUK is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Chargeable.  You can easily charge your device in a PUK by simply turning it so that the charge port is exposed.  The PUK can be used in landscape and portrait modes.
  • Multi-functional.  When not being used by a device, it can hold a cold drink on the other side.
  • Non-skid.  The super-grippy non-skid backing ensures your device is safe and immovable.  

A PUK is a great gift by itself or as an unexpected stocking stuffer.  Available in packs of three and in a virtual rainbow of colors, you can give her a PUK for every room in the house. 

  1. The Nest Chair.  You already love CordaRoy’s for their one-of-a-kind convertible bean bag chairs.  We’ve been giving you additional bedding with remarkable comfort and style since 1998.  Even the woman who wants nothing can’t say no to the irresistible comfort of a CordaRoy’s Nest chair.  

The Nest is our first chair with a dedicated bottom and back.  This chair offers a more elegant design that looks polished and boasts cleaner, more structured lines.  Perfect for a home office or a favorite reading nook, the Nest Chair is available in numerous sizes, colors, and fabric finishes, which are customizable for each individual.  

Nest Chairs also feature a convenient side pocket for stashing electronics, remotes, a favorite book, or a gift card to her favorite store (hint hint).  These chairs make great gifts because they not only give the gift of supreme comfort and provide a private seat just for her, they also convert to a bed like all other CordaRoy’s chairs, so if she loves to play hostess she’ll never have to worry about providing comfortable bedding for overnight guests.  

  1. A Gift for Her Favorite Friend.  For the woman who wants nothing but adores her beloved fur companion, consider spoiling her pet as a way of spoiling her.  Going the extra mile for her furkid can show her you care about her interests and things that are important to her, like Fluffy.  A forever pet bed is a great gift for any pet-lover in your life.  Most pet beds are made from cheap fabric that is easily torn by sharp pet nails, and filled with foam that crushes and flattens within a few weeks of use.  

A forever pet bed lasts for the long haul and is crafted from the same materials as our signature convertible beds.  Our pet beds come in two different sizes and numerous color combinations so you can pick a bed based on favorite colors or home decor.  

When you give a forever pet bed as a gift, you’re giving the gift of easy care, too.  Forever pet beds are easy to care for and clean.  The exterior shell can be unzipped, removed, and tossed in the washer and dryer just like the covers of our bean bag chairs.  If your cover ever becomes damaged, you can also buy a replacement easily through our website.  

  1. A Place to Put Her Feet.  She works hard, and she deserves to relax.  The woman who wants nothing will be hard pressed to turn her nose up at a pillow pod footstool.  These footstools feature the same superior quality and design as our signature bean bag chairs, so she can kick back and relax with extreme comfort and choice fabrics.  These footstools contain a surprise just like our bean bags, but it isn’t a bed.  These footstools conceal up to two empire sized bed pillows, the perfect accessory to accompany the hidden bed inside a bean bag chair when you have overnight guests.  

Pillow pod footstools come in a ton of different fabric and color combinations so you can mix and match to fit any room’s style or any woman’s prerogative (if you can figure out what it is).  

Holiday shopping is hard enough as it is, and women who seem to want nothing can make the task of gift giving even more difficult.  Instead of taking the usual route of buying something non-thoughtful and unoriginal at the last minute, take some time to evaluate her likes and interests and try to play off of those.  Buying something to compliment her lifestyle or something she already has that she values shows you’ve put thought into the gift and shopped around to find something fitting.  

Purchasing a unique gift from CordaRoy’s is a great way to surprise her with something she’s likely never seen or used before and wow her with the amount of thought that has gone into the gift.  Additionally, purchasing from CordaRoy’s is a purchase you can feel good about, because you know our products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and handcrafted right here in the U.S.  We’re here to help you select a memorable gift for anyone on your list (including yourself).  Let us help you find the perfect gift for the most difficult people on your list; we’re definitely up for the challenge.