5 Gifts for a Picky Boyfriend

Written by Nicholas Crusie — November 10, 2020

He’s already got a smartphone, a smart watch, and his entire apartment running via Alexa. He’s got gaming systems, aged whiskeys, and every car accessory known to man. This is the type of guy that usually gets stuck with a multi-tool every holiday. Boyfriends that are hard to buy for are usually really good at getting the latest and greatest for themselves, so when it’s time to give them something thoughtful, there’s not much left on the list. 

If you’ve got a picky boyfriend, you know the struggle. Every gift giving occasion can seem like pure torture. Even though he swears he doesn’t need or want anything (which is honestly probably true), you want to give him something meaningful and you are usually at a total loss. Maybe you’ve even crossed off all the classic “hard to buy for” gift opinions like donating money to a charity in his name or buying him his very own star (always so well appreciated). 

Don’t worry. At CordaRoy’s, we’re in the business of unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. We create products that solve problems and are actually useful; unlike the collection of pocket multi-tools he has in his kitchen junk drawer. We’re thinkers, and sometimes we, too, have been considered difficult in terms of gifting, which pretty much makes us experts at helping you pick a gift your super-selective boyfriend will love. 

When shopping for a boyfriend who seems extraordinarily picky, there are a few simple rules that can help you bypass the gift card and give a gift with a little more meaning.

  • Think of how you met him. Was it at a wine tasting? A Comic-Con convention? A friend’s wedding? Remembering how you met can remind you of shared interests, old hobbies, or mutual friendships that can shed light on great gift giving ideas.
  • Look for needs. Everyone needs something, even the most self reliant among us. Is he consistently losing his keys? Is he desperate for some basic cooking skills? Are his FaceTime calls focused more on his ceiling than his face? There’s a solution for every problem; find the problem, gift the solution.
  • Think of the people he loves. Sometimes the people who seem pickiest are happiest when they see the ones they love being spoiled. A great way to show your boyfriend you care is by taking care of the ones he loves. If he loves his mama, plan a lunch for the two of them. If he values time with his brother, coordinate a guys’ night out. 


Covering these bases in your mind can help you hone in on some good ideas for gifts. Sometimes all you need is a little mental trigger to help you think outside the box and consider options other than the classic electronics-based gifts. If you’re still stuck, we’ve got five never-fail gift ideas for the picky boyfriend in your life that are sure to wow him. 


1. Device Accessories


He’s techy, he’s on a device all the time. Honestly, even if he’s not a tech fanatic, chances are (especially this year), he’s been on devices more than normal. With everything from jobs to social events going virtual, we’ve all been pressed to use our devices more. One of the toughest things about being on your device more is attempting to find ways to use it hands free. What normally happens is that we prop it up against something that falls, leaving us scrambling to sit the device back up to continue our hands free usage. 

A great gift for a guy who’s got it all and is extremely picky about the things he gets is a high-quality, multifunctional device holder. The PUK device holder holds any device, at any angle, in any case while in use. It’s the type of item that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. 

The PUK can hold his phone, tablet, or any other device in any size case (no matter how thick and rubberized) while he takes a Zoom conference call or meets his buddies for a virtual guys’ night out. The best part about the PUK is that you can charge your device while you use it. No more looking for ways to awkwardly prop your tablet up to take a FaceTime call while the cord is attached. 

When he’s not using the PUK for hands free device assistance, he can flip it over and use it as a drink coaster for his favorite beverage. Pair the PUK with his favorite beverage for a clever gift. It’s like giving two great little gifts in one. 


2. Bean Bag Chairs


When it comes to comfort, there’s nothing you can give that’s more comfortable than a bean bag chair. Even the pickiest of Prince Charmings can’t resist the cushiony feel of a fluffy bean bag chair. Luckily, you aren’t limited to the cheaply made bean bag chairs you remember from long ago. You can get a bean bag chair that is completely respectable in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Bean bag chairs are available in plush fabrics like faux fur, vegan leather, and terry cloth. You can get a chair that perfectly compliments his personality or his place, or both. A great bonus? A bean bag chair that conceals a bed inside. When he has the need for additional bedding, he can simply pull the enclosed mattress out of the cover and give his guests a bed they’ll love sleeping on more than a pullout couch.

Whether he will use it as additional seating in his living space or as the best gaming chair he’s ever had, your boyfriend will love the amazing comfort provided by a high quality bean bag chair. If space is an issue, you can simply opt for a smaller size bean bag chair which will still be incredibly comfortable, and will take up less space than a normal accent chair.


3. Gifts for his Pet


His tastes are specific; very specific. He’s even got a designer purebred pup. His furkid is incredibly important to him, and a gift that acknowledges that little furry bundle of joy will always be well received. 

A great idea is a forever pet bed. These beds are guaranteed to last for the life of his pet, are stylish, and comfortable. No matter how particular he is, he will be happy with the quality of these beds and how easy they are to clean and maintain. When they become dirty, simply unzip the outer cover and toss it in the washer and dryer. 

In addition, these types of pet beds are crafted from fabric that doesn’t easily rip, tear, or pill. Even if Fluffy is a little overdo for a nail trim, the chances of her puncturing the fabric are pretty slim.


4. Experiences


If you’re convinced no material gift you give your picky boyfriend will do, you can always opt for the gift of an experience. Maybe he loves a great whisky and would love a tour of the distillery where it is made. Does he love surfing? What about a day trip to a beach with lunch included. No matter what he’s into, chances are there is some way for you to create an experience out of it. 

As an added bonus, consider planning the outing for the two of you, or for him and his buddies, if they are better suited for the adventure. You can always tag along another time. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and make memories that last a lifetime. 

If you’re stumped for an experience idea, here are twenty ideas to get your brain churning. 


5. Services


Another great idea for a picky boyfriend is the gift of a service. Is his place a complete wreck? Why not give him the gift of a few visits from a cleaning service. Does he loathe laundry? You can hire a weekly laundry service that will come pick up his dirties, and drop them back off clean and folded.  

The gift of a service is incredibly thoughtful and will be more appreciated than he realizes. Services can range from things inside the home like cleaning and laundry to car care, pet care services, a grocery delivery subscription, an at home meal delivery service, or even personal training sessions. 

Not sure what service he would want? Remember, look for the need. Find the problem, gift the solution. 


Holiday Shopping


You don’t have to go it alone this season. CordaRoy’s has you covered with some of the best solution based gifts available. You can do your holiday shopping right from the convenience of your own home.

No matter how picky your boyfriend is, remember that your gift will be appreciated if it is thoughtful. Even if you really flub it, you can count on him giving you credit for the thought, if there was thought behind it. You can always opt for gifts of comfort and convenience, and you’ll find both when you shop at CordaRoy’s.