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5 Study Room Design Ideas

Written by Nicholas Crusie — October 16, 2020

We’re all spending more time at home this year, and that can mean we have kids in the house who are normally at school all day.  It’s important that we do our best to remain adaptable and try to give our kids a quiet and comfortable place to study and do their work.  Additionally, we may have college students taking a semester at home, or in need of help developing a safe place to study in their dorm, if campus study areas are temporarily closed. 

The most important thing to consider when creating a study space is comfort. A student needs to be comfortable in order to work efficiently and retain what they are studying. If they are uncomfortable, they will be distracted and unable to focus on the task at hand. You can create a comfortable and easy study space with just a few simple elements. Regardless of the amount of space you are working with, you can create a study space that is convenient and inviting and encourages your student to hang out and learn.

At CordaRoy’s, we know comfort. We’ve been manufacturing it since 1998. Therefore, we can help you develop a space for a studying student that is comfortable and makes the most use of the space you have available. A study room doesn’t have to be an entire room. It can be as small as a nook or a corner and a bedroom. There are really just a few simple elements that a study area needs to possess.

  • Quiet stillness. Even if you are preparing a study space in a room that is used for other purposes, the room should be set up in a manner that allows it to encourage stillness and quiet when needed for studying.  It’s also advisable to find a space with no music; ambient noise is best.

  • Comfortable seating. Your study area needs to have seating that is inviting and comfortable. Your student will be spending a vast majority of their time here, so it is important that their seating is comfortable and high-quality. A seat that is not durable will need to be replaced quickly, making it virtually useless.

  • Lighting. It’s important that your student’s study space has adequate lighting. Consider setting their space up near a window or where there is access to a lot of natural lighting. If you cannot accomplish this, consider light fixtures that put out a natural light glow.

  • A dedicated space for electronic devices. Because much of your student’s work will likely be done on a device such as a tablet or smartphone, it’s important they have a safe place where they can use their device in a manner that they cannot only see it but interact with it if they need to do something like a conference call or virtual lesson.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or empty an entire room to create a great study space. We’ve got 5 study room design ideas for creating a steady space that will keep even the most distracted student engaged and active in their books.

5 Study Room Design Ideas

Kitchen Capital thinks it can be overwhelming attempting to redecorate a room or create a study space from scratch. It can also seem like a budgetary nightmare. Thankfully, you don’t have to stress. These five ideas can help you turn any corner, closet, or nook in your space into a dedicated homework haven or study sanctuary in no time.

  1. Bean bag chairs. A desk and a hardback chair may look like the perfect study room furniture, but how often does your student actually sit in that desk to study? Most of us are uncomfortable sitting in a hardback chair for extended periods of time. A better option is to use a super comfortable bean bag chair. Not the chairs you remember from your youth, these bean bag chairs will not leave your student sitting flat on the floor or cause her to sweat profusely against their vinyl covers. 

Today’s bean bag chairs are available in numerous different fabric options, including faux leather, vegan fur, corduroy, chenille, and terry cloth, which make it super easy to add a pop of texture anywhere you need it. Additionally, beanbag chairs today are available in numerous different size and color options, so there is never a reason to think you can’t find one that fits your decor. Whether you like something loud and borderline ostentatious, or completely understated, there is a bean bag chair to suit your style.

  1. Convertible furniture. Convertible furniture is a great idea for saving space and using the space that you have in the most efficient way possible. Convertible furniture does the duty of two pieces of furniture but takes the shape and size of one.  For instance, a convertible bean bag chair that doubles as a bed is a great option for college students living in a dorm or a small apartment or anyone else who needs the option of combination bedding and seating.  

Some bean bag chairs are even capable of keeping an entire mattress enclosed in their outer shell.  These are more than just a simple chair that also sleeps pretty good; this is a chair that literally holds a bed inside instead of polystyrene beads or beans.  These chairs provide exceptional comfort for busy students who need to study, and also a great night’s sleep so they can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.  

  1. A device holder.  Creating that safe space for your student’s devices not only helps them study better and more efficiently, it enables you to save money in the long run; no more paying for broken screens, new tablets, or other smart device-related problems.  Having a safe device holder will keep their devices safe and usable for the entire semester.  

A device holder is only useful if it’s easy to use, sturdy, and allows you to use your devices the way you want to use them. An excellent device holder will allow you to use multiple devices in multiple different cases, and also allow you to view your media in either landscape or portrait mode.  Only one device holder can boast these features and allow you the ability to charge your device while using it.  The PUK device holder can hold any device in any case, in any angle you need.  

The PUK is small and sleek in design, and weighs less than a few ounces.  This means it is easy to take from room to room or to move to a different position if needed.  The PUK can be used on the floor, on a table, a counter; anywhere you can find a flat surface.  This means your study space can take up even less room, because the area needed to safely seat your device is very small.  

As an added feature, a PUK multi-functional device holder also acts as a convenient place to store a drink; simply flip it over and it turns into the world’s best coaster.  When your student finishes her virtual class, she can simply return to her book and use the PUK to rest her favorite beverage.  

  1. Convenience.  Your student’s study room or area must be convenient for them.  Although the guest room may seem like the perfect spot, if it is adjacent to a younger sibling’s room, or say, the media room, your student may have a more difficult time getting studying done.  

A great way to decide on a place for your student to study is to recognize her habits— where does she enjoy spending most of her time?  Try to accommodate her preferences by setting a study area in a place where she is most comfortable.  She will likely spend more time in an area she already enjoys.

  1. Lighting.  Lighting is key to making a study room or area successful.  If the lighting is dim, it will promote relaxation, and though you want your student relaxed when they study, you definitely don’t want them so relaxed they opt to put off their studies to take a nap.  

Lighting is also essential so that text can be viewed easily.  Opt for areas and rooms that are filled with natural light that can be adjusted with the use of a blind or shade.  If no such area is available, look for ways to create natural lighting by using bulbs that create the appearance of outdoor light inside.

Designing a study room or space doesn’t have to be a complicated task that requires an interior design degree and an architect’s salary.  You can use simple, proven methods of creating study spaces that are functional and inviting by simply following a few rules about comfort, accessibility, and lighting.  Incorporating products that are multi-functional and space-saving are no-brainers in any study room, especially in rooms where space is limited or there is a need for bedding and seating.  

CordaRoy’s can help you outfit a study room from the ground up with innovative designs in furniture and electronic device holders that will help your students stay focused, comfortable, and efficient.  Our products are built to last, and can even hold their own in a busy dormitory or a first apartment.  When you buy a CordaRoy’s product, you buy it for life, and we welcome you to the family.