Are a Queen Mattress and Full Mattress the Same Thing?

Written by Nicholas Crusie — September 01, 2020

Are a Queen Mattress and Full Mattress the Same Thing?

One of the most adultish things you’ll ever do is buy a mattress.  Once you’ve graduated from the bedding provided by your parents, and moved on from second-hand mattresses sat on the floor of the apartment you shared with five other people, you’ll likely be in the market for a real, actual, grown-up mattress.  It’s then you start noticing the market is literally saturated with mattress manufacturers.  In fact, if you look around any suburban corner, you’re likely to see a mattress store.  How are these guys even staying in business? 

They’re staying in business because everyone comes to this adultish point in their lives when the need for a new mattress leads them to actually buy a good, quality piece of bedding, instead of just hitting up Craigslist.  As such, you might also be surprised to find out there’s a lot more to mattress purchasing than just simply going out and buying something comfy to sleep on.  You’ll need to know specs; the size you want, the type, the depth, and the material. 

A quality mattress should last for about ten years, so this is an investment you really want to get correct.  Buy an improper mattress and you could be married to it for the next decade.  Decide you don’t need as much mattress as you actually do, and you and your significant other can plan on taking turns sleeping on the couch. 

The mattress industry is not only full of manufacturers and lingo, it’s also full of hype.  If you don’t believe us, simply do a quick Google search for mattresses.  You’re likely to turn up something that sounds like this:  double padded, orthopedic, numeric sleep, memory foam, cool max deluxe.  What do all of those terms even mean? 

At CordaRoy’s, we know mattresses.  We specialize in comfort that’s also convenient.  That’s why all our bean bag chairs convert into the most comfortable mattresses you’ll ever lay your back upon, and we guarantee it.  As such, we can help you make some sense of the mattress mumbo-jumbo.  We can help you learn the basics; like mattress size, and help you understand whether a queen mattress and a full mattress are actually the same thing. 

We can also help you decide what kind of mattress you need.  If you’re looking for extra bedding for a guest room, or for a child who constantly has sleepovers, you likely won’t need a double padded, orthopedic, numeric-well, you get the picture.  There’s a different style of mattress to meet every need, and the team at CordaRoy’s is ready to help you determine exactly what you need, and what you don’t.  We also offer some of the best mattresses around.  The best part of our mattresses is that they’re completely portable, storable, and convenient.  Use them as a mattress when you need them, use them as the house’s most coveted bean bag chair when you don’t.

Let’s take a look at what goes into a mattress buying decision. 


What are the Different Mattress Sizes?


Size matters…at least when it comes to mattresses.  And no, a queen size mattress and a full size mattress are not the same thing.  In fact, they’re very different.  There are basically four standard mattress sizes. 

  1. Twin. A twin mattress is meant for one sleeper and is typically found in a child’s bedroom.  Although it will accommodate an adult, at 39X75 inches, it’s gonna be a tight fit.   CordaRoy’s offers a better option to a twin, a mattress that measures 60X60 inches.  Because a twin mattress is rarely used for an adult, we find there’s not really a need to include that extra length; the perfect 60X60 square can accommodate up to two children.  When it isn’t in use, simply stuff the mattress into the outer shell and you’ve got an incredibly comfortable bean bag chair your kids will probably fight over. 
  2. Full. A full mattress is the smallest two adult bed available.  It measures 54X75 inches and will accommodate two adults snugly.  Although these mattresses are very small, they’re a great addition to a guest bedroom.  Additionally, if you simply need another mattress for extra bedding on an as needed basis, a CordaRoy’s makes a phenomenal choice.  When not in use, a CordaRoy is the most comfortable seat in the house, and when guests arrive, simply pull your mattress out and set it up for bedtime.
  3. Queen. A queen is much larger than a full.  In fact, a queen size mattress measures 60X80 inches, and while it doesn’t seem like those dimensions make it much more massive than a full size mattress, the difference is extremely noticeable.  It essentially makes a separation between two lying sleepers, which can greatly increase comfortability.  In fact, the queen sized mattress is the most popular mattress size for people ages 18 and up.  As such, it can be a real treat when guests find you’ve invested in a queen mattress for them to sleep upon when they’re in your home.  You don’t have to invest in a huge queen bed frame and headboard though, simply purchase a CordaRoy, and you’ve got a queen bed fit for a king that turns into phenomenally comfortable seating when not in use as a bed. 
  4. King. The big daddy of them all, a king mattress measures in at 76X80 inches and is the ultimate in sleep comfort.  If you think you’d be limited to queen size and below if you want a convertible bean bag bed, think again.  CordaRoy’s has a bean bag chair that can seat multiple people and cleverly conceals a king sized mattress inside the outer shell.  No other bean bag chair can boast that type of multifunctional use.  A king size CordaRoy’s is great for nightly use and can even double as a couch and bed in a small, studio sized apartment or dorm room.


What Makes a Mattress Comfortable?


A great mattress doesn’t have to be expensive or have thirty different synonyms for “comfort” in its name to be comfortable.  All it really needs is to have great construction and be filled with a material that holds its shape and sleeps well.  If we boil it down, there are really two main types of mattress construction; innerspring, and everything else.  This is obviously a very general two part classification, and within each of these two types of mattress constructions you’ll find a myriad of other types and styles of mattresses.  But for our purposes, here’s a breakdown of the differences in construction between innerspring and non-innerspring mattresses. 

  • Innerspring:  These types of mattresses include some type of inner coil that provides support.  Traditionally, the more coils your mattress has, the more supportive it will be.  Additionally, you’ll get more resistance or “bounce” with an innerspring mattress, but these mattresses are known for wearing out more quickly than their non-spring counterparts.  Additionally, they’ve lost popularity with the rise in newer mattress styles that do not include springs and are crafted with quality foam interiors. 
  • Non-spring mattresses.  The most popular mattresses available right now do not contain springs.  These types of mattresses are generally memory foam or gel.  Memory foam refers to polyurethane foam crafted specifically for furniture making or mattress making.  It has the ability to “remember” the shape of the sleeper, thus encompassing their body in foamy comfort. 

All of CordaRoy’s mattresses are made with cut pieces of furniture-grade polyurethane foam, cut into randomized pieces so that whether being used as a bean bag or a bed, you’ll definitely be completely comfortable. 

It’s important to make a note about mattress tops or toppers.  It’s really not a great idea to go cheap on a mattress and think you can make up for it by placing a pillow-top, memory foam, or gel mattress topper on it.  Not only will the mattress topper be too thin to last longer than about a year, the quality of the mattress toppers don’t make up for the cheap craftsmanship of a low-grade mattress. 

Knowing a bit about mattresses will greatly increase your ability to make an informed decision when you head out to do some mattress shopping.  Simply knowing the difference between mattress sizes and what you actually need can make shopping a cinch.  You definitely need to know how to separate “fluff” from quality mattress makings.  While a mattress may have a million descriptive words that can make you think it will be of extreme comfort, the real importance is the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials with which it was made. 

CordaRoy’s offers an alternative to the traditional mattress.  Our mattresses are all extremely comfortable and filled with furniture grade polyfoam.  Our users report amazing nights of sleep on our mattresses, and the best part is that our mattresses turn into bean bags when not being used as beds.  This means you’ll have not only great seating, but a great mattresses whenever you need it.  And you’ll pay less for a CordaRoy than you’d pay for a regular, standard mattress.