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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to Say Goodbye to 2020

Written by Nicholas Crusie — October 11, 2020

New Year’s is a time to reflect on the year past.  We take time to think about the good the year has brought us, what we have been able to accomplish, and what we would like to change or do better in the year to come.  We focus on our upcoming goals and practice gratitude for the things we’ve been given in the last twelve months.  Many of us bid adieu to the year that is passing with some kind of party, celebration, or ritualistic time alone.  

Regardless of our traditions or customs, we can likely all agree on one thing:  December 31, 2020, will be one of the best days this miserable year has given us!  Okay, we’re being a little dramatic, but even when practicing extreme gratitude for being alive and reasonably content, we must admit this year will go down in the annals of history as one of the most eventful, and likely not for positive reasons.

Because this year has been *ahem* one to remember, we want to send off in style.  Unfortunately, many of our usual New Year’s Eve soirees have been canceled or reformatted into some type of virtual event, leaving us wondering what we’re actually able to do to celebrate kicking this year off the books.  Because we are still dealing with a pandemic, many of us may not feel comfortable being in groups of people, so finding something meaningful to do on New Year’s Eve may seem impossible.  

Fortunately, it’s still possible to celebrate the passage of 2020, even if doing so looks a little different.  In fact, you can still plan your own New Year’s Eve party virtually or for a small group and enjoy a great time without the need for pomp and circumstance.  All you need is a little creativity, some comfortable seating, a place for in-person guests to crash if needed, and tools to help make a virtual party easy.  

At CordaRoy’s, we’re planning to welcome 2021 by keeping cool and comfortable, like always.  We live and breathe comfort and relaxation, and even though 2020 tried hard to make us miserable, we find it’s hard to be unhappy when you’re surrounded by the plush comfort of the world’s best convertible bean bag chairs.  We can help you plan the perfect Goodbye 2020 party, too.  With our help and a positive attitude, you can ring in 2021 staying cool, calm, and collected.  Here are our favorite New Year’s Eve party ideas to say goodbye to 2020.

Virtual Smash

It’s pretty obvious that pandemics don’t care about dates; 2020 has seen the cancellation of the most events, birthdays, and holidays due to Covid-19. Even though it appears we may finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, New Year’s Eve will most likely be celebrated a lot differently this year.  If you’re accustomed to filling a crowded area to watch a ball drop, the chances are that event has been 86’d.  While this may be disappointing and completely depressing, it definitely doesn’t have to be.  Roll with the punches by organizing your own New Year’s Eve 2021 Virtual Smash.  

It’s easy to be creative when organizing a New Year’s Eve party that will be held virtually, and you can do this on practically any budget.  Here’s how.


This first thing to do is plan what web-based, face-to-face conferencing platform you’ll use to connect everyone who’s invited.  When looking for the perfect platform, here are some things to consider:

  • Number of attendees.  Make sure your platform can handle your attendee list.
  • Reliability.  Read reviews.  Which platform boasts the least amount of digital interruption?
  • Safety.  This is especially important if you will have an under 18 crowd.  How safe is the online platform from hackers or hijackers?
  • Aesthetics.  How do numerous users appear when signed on at once; is it easy to see all party attendees, or does it require a lot of swiping back and forth?
  • Cost.  Does this platform charge by event or by time?  

Look into party boxes.  Make your virtual event special by sending party boxes to your attendees to get them excited about your party.  Some ideas for party box items are:

    • Party favors.  Party horns, noise makers, fun glasses, hats, and a sprinkling of confetti are great options for including in a party box to your guests.  

    • Device holders.  If you really want to send your guests the ultimate in virtual party offerings, a device holder is a must.  PUK device holders are small, lightweight, and capable of holding literally any device, in any case, in either portrait or landscape mode.  Available in packs of three, these holders are a true value and also a great gift to wish your guests well for the new year.  

    PUK device holders are great ideas for party boxes because they allow your virtual guests to set up their devices in a position that is safe and stable, so no matter how many shots they take, their devices are safe from being toppled over. 

    PUK device holders also make it super easy to set up a device in an area that can capture everyone in the room so virtual guests can see other guests and vice versa.  This is a much better system than attempting to pass around a tablet or smartphone the entire night, and it fosters a better party. 

    • Play games! You don’t have to sacrifice the fun just because you can’t all be together.  Consider hosting some virtual games to keep your guests engaged and entertained together.   

      Cozy Gatherings

      If you’re fortunate enough to be together with the people you love this New Year’s Eve, that’s reason alone to celebrate.  Make your in-person gathering fun and relaxing by using a few tips to keep the conversation light and the laughs going. Here are our favorite ideas for in-person New Year’s Eve get-togethers.

      • Comfortable seating.  No one likes a party where they can’t relax.  Make sure you have ample seating that is comfortable and inviting.  Bean bag chairs are excellent options for creating a relaxed atmosphere of fun.  These chairs practically beg to be touched, sat upon, and relaxed in for hours.  

      Bean bag chairs are also great at keeping people comfortable in small spaces.  If you’ve got a living space that seats only three to four people but your attendee list is eight, you can keep additional guests comfortably seated by tossing a few bean bags on the floor.  Guests can position them in manners that are most comfortable for them, be it closer to certain guests or further from others!  

      • Conversation starters.  2020 has been a politically charged, opinion-intense year.  As such, it’s likely at least one of your guests is planning to show up with their conversational guns loaded and ready to duel with anyone with differing views.  To keep everyone happy and feeling safe, you might consider sending out a text or email with some ground rules that disallow certain topics from even being mentioned.  You can even send your guests a refresher course on how to keep light conversation and interact with one another without going away offended.  The right way to start a new year is not by hurting feelings.


      • Places to crash.  It happens every year, no matter how badly we try to avoid it.  Some of us are just going to end up having a little too much fun and render ourselves incapable of making it home safely.  New Year’s Eve parties are famous for turning into spend-the-night bashes, so you should go ahead and plan ahead for a few overnighters.  

        A great way to provide a comfortable place to crash without having guests crowd your couch or pile up head to foot in your only guest bed is to consider using convertible furniture.  Remember those bean bags we suggested earlier?  What if those super comfortable seats could also double as beds?  They can if you get a CordaRoy’s.  Each of our bean bag chairs conceals an actual mattress inside the outer shell.  

        When the party is over, and you’ve got a few remaining guests who can’t make it home, simply unzip the outer shell of your bean bag and pull out the mattress inside.  Add a few comfortable blankets and a pillow, and your guests can get a great night’s sleep and wake up to a new year feeling refreshed.  It’s a great way to help guests feel even more comfortable at your house.

        Ringing in the new year is always a good time, and each of us are likely a little more excited to kiss this year goodbye than any year past.  Even if New Year’s Eve looks a little different this year, it’s still completely possible to host a great end of year party that is memorable and fun for everyone.  You can get the job done with a little creativity and ingenuity, and some great products to help your party-goers feel comfortable and stay connected better.