Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home With These 7 Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Written by Nicholas Crusie — January 19, 2022

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home With These 7 Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Planning a Valentine’s Day celebration at home is more common than you would think. After all, home is where the heart is. While you may be spending Valentine’s Day in your home, that does not necessarily mean it can’t be new, fresh, and exciting.

In fact, celebrating Valentine’s Day at home might even be more exciting than other plans. Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and a place where you look forward to spending time with your significant other. 

A master bedroom should be a peaceful place where you and your spouse are able to spend time with one another. While you may sleep there side-by-side every night, your bedroom should also be a place of conversation, late-night takeout meals, intimacy, motivation, encouragement, and dreams.

After all, it will be the place you wake up in before heading to work every morning. Your bedroom is likely where your future dreams and plans are created. 

So, if you are planning ahead of time and are looking for ways to liven up your space for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck. Our team has put together a guide to walk you through seven ideas to freshen up your bedroom to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. 

Why Should You Refresh Your Bedroom? 

Your bedroom should represent your separate, individual personalities as well as your relationship as a whole. Whether through bright colors and eye-catching decor or simple neutrals and minimalism, every couples’ bedroom should be unique to them.

Your bedroom is the one place where the two of you spend the most time together, and aside from sleeping, it should be a place where you feel calm, safe, and loved.

We believe your bedroom should be refreshed every few years. Your personalities and your relationship are constantly changing, and your bedroom should adjust with you. Spending time refreshing your bedroom is just as important as spending time on your relationship.

Truthfully, the two go hand in hand. Although this may seem like a heavy task, there is no reason why refreshing your bedroom needs to be overly expensive. Whether you encourage new rituals in your bedroom, rearrange your current furniture for a new setup, or decide to cover your walls in a fresh coat of paint, a bedroom refresh can work on a variety of budgets. 

We’ve rounded up seven ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with a new bedroom refresh, something that’s sure to brighten your relationship on February 14th and beyond. 

Valentine Day Celebrations in Your Home

Valentine’s Day is a truly unique holiday. Everyone can start their own traditions. For a Valentine’s Day totally based on comfort and relaxation, it’s easy to get your chill on. 

Dinner and a Movie

“Dinner and a movie” is a dating trope, but with the right bedroom atmosphere, this date classic can be totally transformed based on you and your partner!

Think about your interests. If you love the high life, order out for a fancy meal (think sushi or steak). Then, get super dressed up in your fanciest clothes, and crawl under the fluffiest blanket you own. Que up a cinema classic like The Godfather and relax in style.

Interested in a chill night? Don your favorite PJs (or buy a matching pair just for the occasion) and put on your favorite movie from your childhood. Jump aboard the nostalgia train and order Jurassic Park or My Blue Heaven.  Snuggle up in a cozy, oversized blanket together. 

Ready for a twist on a family-favorite? Call your local pizzeria and see if they can make a heart-shaped pizza. Surprising. Delicious. And totally adorable. 

Not into movies? No problem.

Game Night

Consider this idea for a Valentine’s Day with your favorite homebody for a celebration that is anything but homey:

Pull out your favorite board games—but make sure that they can be played by two people. 

Our suggestions? Consider: Battleship, Guess Who, Ticket to Ride, or Bananagrams. Or, you can keep it old-school with Chess or Checkers.

You might be able to play Monopoly, but with two people it might be tricky. (Monopoly is not recommended for the uber competitive; no one wants a big ol’ fight on the day meant to celebrate love.)

Pillow Fort

Pillow forts are evergreen for a reason. We all loved them as kids and as adults, let’s be honest: We still love them.

Everyone has their own technique for their ideal pillow fort, but here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Support: Use your footstool, chair, or bed to keep the sides up and offer critical airflow. A pillow fort shouldn’t fall down and land in your food. Yuck and bummer.
  • Fairy Lights: Instagram loves fairy lights and those millions of users are onto something. Look for ones powered by a battery pack if you aren’t near an outlet. And be safe—don’t start a fire.
  • Hot Chocolate: Go out and grab some Valentine’s-themed mugs and fill them full of hot cocoa. Use milk (or your favorite milk substitute) to make the beverage even more creamy and delicious. Bonus points for heart-shaped marshmallows.

A Better Bedroom

When setting up your perfect bedroom to celebrate this fun February holiday, consider these improvements to make any space your dream space.

Read on for more. 

1. Cleanliness Is Key 

While there are a variety of ways to enhance your bedroom, like redecorating with new furniture or adding a new color of paint to the walls, nothing is as calming as a clean bedroom. Whether your ideal version of “clean” is a simple task like making the bed or a thorough vacuum and deep clean, both provide a sense of comfort.

2. New Bedding Will Create a Whole New Feel 

A new comforter? Crisp white sheets? Cooling Memory Foam Pillows? There is a reason we all love crisp hotel beds: they are clean and tucked in tightly. Nothing can make your bedroom feel like a new room quite like fresh bedding.

3.  A Space To Unwind, Relax, and Enjoy 

Whether your favorite way to relax is tossing your feet up with the television on or creating a reading nook, invest in quality pieces to create a space in your bedroom where you can do more than just sleep.

By adding a comfortable chair and some candles to a space in your room, you’ve now created a whole new spot where you can unwind and spend your off-time doing your favorite hobby or activity. 

4.  Bright Choices: Get Dim

Nobody wants to fall asleep or wake up to bright lights. Whether it be during intimate conversations or after a long day of work, there’s nothing that will ruin the mood worse than harsh lighting.

Investing in dim lighting can provide long-term sleep benefits, which can improve your life, health, and relationship overall. Plus, dim lighting can offer a romantic and elegant feel to your bedroom.

Doing a movie night for Valentine’s Day? You’ll want to have some dimmers set up. Nothing puts a damper on a fun movie night than bright lights that make you feel like you’re at the office instead of the movie theater. 

5. It’s Time To Toss Up Your Feet and Relax 

Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with takeout from your favorite restaurant and an at-home movie.

You can even turn your bedroom into a movie theater with a well-placed plush footstool and, of course, buttery popcorn. With a little boost, your bedroom will be more romantic than any couple-filled theater.  

6. A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way 

Did you know the color of paint on your walls can play a role in your mood and attitude? While this is important in all locations ranging from your kitchen to your home office, it’s especially important in your bedroom.

Cooler tones like blues and greens are considered calming and soothing colors, which are ideal for a bedroom setting. Colors like reds or yellows will liven up the energy in the room: maybe something you do not necessarily want while unwinding in your bedroom. By adding a pop of these cooler-toned colors to your bedroom, you can create a calming space. 

7.  Update Those Pillows! 

Just like a new mattress can make a huge difference both in your sleep but also in your mood and overall health, new pillows can also provide a new sense of comfort.

These cooling pillows are made of a soft memory foam infused with copper, which is known for its healing properties.  Plus, they make your pillow fort a million times comfier and that’s a fact.

A Room of Your Own

At CordaRoy’s we love love. And we love awesome furniture and household essentials. 

So, if you’re not sure where to begin, don’t stress. Shop new pieces for your bedroom that offer a lifetime warranty, so there’s no pressure.

Start with small changes like adding a new piece of furniture to one corner of your room or placing a footstool at the end or side of your bed. As you slowly incorporate new pieces to your bedroom, you’ll see your mood adjust and your relationship change—all for the better. 

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