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What Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

Written by Adrian Perez — July 20, 2020

What Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

Vacations and business trips can go one of two ways; either you get the most phenomenal night of sleep you’ve had in years or you regret ever booking there because the bed was so terrible.  For purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on those “sleep-through-the-alarm” types of hotel stays.  What makes a good night’s sleep at a hotel?  Most definitely the thing of utmost importance is the bed.  Get a hotel with a plush bed, and you’ve got the recipe for a luxurious night of sleep unlike any you ever get at home.  So from which manufacturer are these hotels getting their new mattress from?  How can you get in on the comfort and pressure relief?  We at CordaRoy’s know a thing or two about the mattress and box spring industry, and we wondered the same thing.  Here’s what we found out about hotel mattresses.   


Hotel Mattresses-The Basics


Just like all hotels are not created equally, all hotel mattresses are not created equally either.  You’re going to get a different mattress at a two star, highway motel, than you get a five star resort. Some have a luxurious bed frame, and offer varying mattress sizes, some are a twin mattress, twin xl, full mattress, queen mattress, king mattress, or even a California king size mattress.  But are there certain standards that must be followed for these five star hotels to get that rating?  The answer is, yes.  To get that five to seven star rating, a hotel must use an innerspring mattress.  Unfortunately, an innerspring mattress can be really uncomfortable, although it is incredibly supportive to relieve pressure points.  Hotels have combatted this by providing the best mattress with innerspring mattresses fully covered in as many layers of memory foam as possible and are great for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers.  


Just like any mattress store, a quality hotel markets their rooms based on the comfort level of their rooms and bedding.  As such, you run into some of the same mattress jargon you do with the mattress industry.  Don’t be duped into thinking a mattress will be any more comfortable simply because it has four or five adjectives in its name.  Most all memory foam mattresses work the same; the perfect mattress works by sculpting to your body as you sleep and supporting hollows that an old mattress with innersprings can’t support as effectively.  


A great example of this is the pillow top mattress.  Almost all hotel mattresses will boast some type of mattress gel memory foam “topper” or mattress pad, which is really not essential if you’ve already purchased a good quality mattress type.  Mattress toppers were originally developed to cover inexpensive, uncomfortable mattresses with a layer of comfortable cushion on the cheap.  Over time, mattress brands began to develop mattresses with toppers attached, and the “pillow top” mattress was born.  Essentially, this is just another layer of foam or padding lying atop your mattress that was probably there to begin with, the manufacturer just sews it on differently, slaps a new name on it, and charges a little bit more.  We get it, we’re in the mattress industry too.  But we don’t market our mattresses with fancy words or trickery.   We let the user’s comfort and reviews do the marketing for us.  


Hotels also tend to do mattress buying for those that are considered “cool” or “air flow” promotive.  This means that the mattress should feel cool when slept upon.  One of the biggest factors for getting a quality night of sleep is keeping the temperature lower than what you are used to during the day.  Cooler temperatures sleep better.  As such, mattresses which restrict air flow, or trap air and body heat, don’t promote a great night of sleep.  Many memory foam mattresses work in this manner, which is a major disadvantage to their use.  As such, high quality mattress companies have developed “cooling gel” which allegedly allows air to flow in and out of the foam while you sleep to keep you cool and prevent back pain. 


CordaRoy’s v. Hotel Mattresses


A lot of hotels have begun to capitalize on the fact that their mattresses are popular.  As such, many hotels now have a store where their mattresses, linens, etc. can be purchased by the general public.  Of course, you’ll definitely experience a markup purchasing a name brand mattress from a name brand hotel, and ultimately, you don’t have to go that route to get a great quality, durable, and comfortable mattress.  


If you’re looking for a mattress that sleeps like a dream so you can get your beautyrest, then you are ready to give CordaRoy's a try.  Our mattresses are the right mattress for you if you are looking for something completely comparable to a luxury hotel mattress, and we mean it.  Our mattresses all contain our proprietary blend of furniture grade polyurethane foam, cut into randomized pieces.  As our mattresses also have the dual function of operating as one of the world’s most comfortable bean bag chairs, we can’t rely on sheets of thick foam padding to fill our mattresses because we wouldn’t be able to fit them into their bean bag casing.  This translates into a mattress that is comfortable and moldable in every possible direction.  


Users of our mattresses report that they get a quality night of sleep comparable to a five star hotel.  We couldn’t agree more.  Additionally, we don’t use an innerspring, for obvious reasons, so we don’t have to compensate for an uncomfortable wire support system inside our mattresses.  What you get with our mattresses is complete comfortability each and every time you use it.  


Additionally, CordaRoy's has the ability to reshape itself each and every time you use it.  Because it will spend a lot of time in the bean bag position, you’ll need to shake it out when it’s time to be used as a mattress.  This allows the foam pieces to redistribute, collect air and reshape.  And since we’re talking about air flow, we’ll mention now that our mattresses don’t need to bear the term “cool foam” to provide a cool night of sleep.  Because we aren’t using a solid pad of foam, air flows freely in and out of the foam pieces, keeping you cool and comfortable.  


Hotels use a variety of different mattresses to ensure their guests are comfortable and they receive those coveted five and seven star ratings.  You can get the same great quality and comfortability at home but without the price tag that accompanies buying a mattress directly from a hotel’s website.  Consider using a memory foam CordaRoy’s mattress and you’ll not only get the benefit of a great mattress, but a great bean bag chair as well.