What to Do on a Rainy Day: 4 Fun Ideas for Your Day In

Written by Nicholas Crusie — November 15, 2020

What to Do on a Rainy Day: 4 Fun Ideas for Your Day In

Nothing is worse than having an entire day of outdoor fun planned only to have it dashed by inclement weather. Especially during long summer months or that seemingly endless stretch of winter break between Christmas and New Year’s, it can be hard to come up with activities for your kids and family, especially if you can’t be outdoors.

When snow or rain hits, you have to think fast, unless you want the kids crawling the walls and annihilating the last shred of your patience. A great idea is to have a couple of rainy day ideas stowed in your back pocket, so you aren’t frantically searching for something to do at the last minute. Additionally, if you had plans to do something fun outdoors, finding out that plans have been canceled can set everyone’s mood on edge. 

You don’t have to settle for a dreary day even if it’s dreary outside. You can have a great time of family fun indoors with a little creativity and ingenuity. Maybe you’re not even battling inclement weather; maybe you’re just trying to stay in to save money. Either way, staying in has its advantages! 

Whether you’re entertaining kids, teens, or adults, we’ve got some activities to keep everyone engaged and in high spirits if you’re snowed in, rained in, or otherwise unable to get outside. 

1. The Classic Movie Day

Sure, your go-to for a rainy day has likely always been to throw on a movie, but we’re not talking about any old movie day. You can make movie day epic and special by being a little more creative than just turning on Netflix. Here are some great tips for creating a movie day that your family will remember for years to come.

  • Pick the right movie. Not everyone will agree on what you should watch. You can make it interesting by putting everyone’s pick in a hat and choosing that way, or you can pick a movie no one has seen. Set clear intentions, especially if you have young kids: i.e., once we pick the movie, we will watch it and nothing else, etc. 
  • Set the scene. Grab some bean bag chairs and pile around the television or projection area. Bean bag chairs are a great way to keep everyone comfortable and relaxed. They also bring a fun atmosphere to any room. If you normally keep your bean bag chairs in bedrooms or game rooms, bring them to the television room so that everyone has their own special seat. 
  • Snacks are a must. Think outside the box. Sure, you can eat plain microwave popcorn, but if you search those cabinets hard, you can probably come up with something even more delicious and creative. A special treat can make a normal movie day an epic movie day. 
  • Play post-movie trivia. Once the movie is done, the fun doesn’t have to stop. You can play movie trivia by writing down questions about the movie on slips of paper and taking turns pulling them from a hat and answering them. 

Movie day can be more than just turning on the tv if you have the right stuff to make it memorable.

2. Bake Off!

What’s better than making a bunch of yummy baked goods when it’s rainy outdoors? Gather the gang together in the kitchen and pick out a few recipes to bake for a family bake-athon. If you’re working with a larger crowd, you can even split into teams, making sure the little kids have at least one big kid with them for helping out. Here’s how to make a bake-off an incredible time.

  • Grab the device holders. You’re going to be looking at recipes or watching how-to videos the entire time you’re baking; it’s important those devices are protected from your flour and sugar masterpieces and are also accessible for use hands-free. 
    Consider using a hands-free device holder that is capable of holding multiple devices while they’re in their cases. Bonus points if your device holder can allow you to plug in for a charge while using it. 
  • Make a plan. Are you baking for a snack feast after dinner? An afternoon sweet treat? Getting in some holiday baking while the weather is rough? Make a clear plan for how you’ll use your baked goods, so everyone knows the end goal. Maybe you’ll end up taking goodies to the neighbor or having a panel of family judges decide which treats truly take the cake. 
  • Decide to clean up after you’re done. Trust us on this one; trying to clean up while everyone is in the kitchen can be a nightmare, and you’ll likely just drive yourself crazy. Instead, save the clean up for post-baking and make it fun. Assign tasks and whoever finishes first gets to taste the baked goods before anyone else. 
  • Make sure everyone is included. Little hands love to help, but they also need strict supervision when using kitchen gadgets and measuring. Buddy up so every smaller child has an adult to help out. 

Filling your house with the aroma of freshly baked cookies is a great way to keep everyone in sweet spirits.

3. Karaoke-a-thon

Nothing screams fun like karaoke and a dance-off. Especially great if you’ve got some highly energetic kids in the house, having a karaoke dance party can help them get the wiggles out without getting into trouble or driving anyone crazy. You don’t need much to get the job done, either.

  • Media. You don’t need a karaoke machine to have a great time. You can find lots of free karaoke websites that offer songs that can be played through your device or smart tv. If you’re using a device, make sure you have it securely set up in a device holder so everyone can see and hear it and it isn’t at risk of taking a tumble. 
    If your weather is really crummy and you’ve lost power, you can even write song titles down and draw them from a hat to sing them acapella. 
  • Mic up. If you’re doing karaoke, you have to have a microphone. You can make a microphone out of anything you have lying around, from a wooden spoon to an empty paper towel roll. 
  • Lighting. Don’t have a spotlight for your current karaoke star? A flashlight will do. Pick one person to be the official stagehand who shines the spotlight on the person singing. Dim the rest of the lights and insist that others who aren’t singing pretend they’re the audience. Make sure everyone is comfortable by tossing some bean bag chairs in the audience area. 
  • Make it a competition. A little American Idol inspired competition is always a great time. Give everyone number cards so they can rate the singer from one to ten. 

A karaoke day can be a hilarious time, especially if you’ve got some not-so-great singers in the family. Everyone will likely have plenty of laughs singing their favorite tunes at the top of their lungs. 

4. Games

A great standby activity is creating a family game day. Since you’ll be stuck inside all day, consider allowing everyone to pick their own game they’d like to play, tossing the names of the games in a hat and picking the playing order that way. Make sure everyone is able to play the games that are picked (i.e., your four-year-old may not be able to play poker). Here’s how to make a game day great.

  • Create a fun and inviting game area. You can use bean bags, blankets, pillows, or cushions, but make sure the environment is comfortable for everyone and allows all players to access the game board or playing area.
  • Make it a no phone zone. Everyone wants to stay engaged in the game, and the best way to do that is by disconnecting unless you’re using your devices to play the game. If everyone agrees to leaving the phones in another room, there’s more of a chance you’ll play better and have a better time.
  • Play games you don’t play a lot. If your family loves Monopoly but is feeling a little burned out, switch it up. If you’ve got little kids, consider playing a game that requires moving and shaking like charades. You don’t have to play a board or card game; keep it interesting!

Family game days are always a great time, and there’s no better time to have one than when you can’t get outside or have plans that have been canceled due to weather.

Weather happens, but it doesn’t have to ruin the day. You can create an amazing indoor day of fun by being creative, positive, and using items you already have in new and inventive ways.