Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

Written by Nicholas Crusie — July 20, 2020

Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?
If you’ve ever been through the arduous process of mattress and box spring shopping, you know how frustrating it can be, and how much sticker shock you can experience.  When did these plush things become so expensive, and when did we decide it was okay to pay this much?  There are a lot of factors that go into why mattresses are so expensive.  One reason is that we typically only replace or purchase a new mattress every five to ten years, with most of us leaning more towards only replacing or buying toward the ten year mark.  Secondly, the mattress industry is a virtual oligopoly; there are few manufacturers and as such, there’s little competition.  If you’re forced to buy a mattress from one of say, thirty retailers, those thirty retailers get to set the standard price and you’ll pay it out of necessity.   At CordaRoy’s, we’re not down with that, and as such we’ve been offering a way out of the mattress industry’s pigeonholing since 1998.  We offer a line of high-quality mattresses that also double as bean bag chairs, and we offer them at prices that are actually affordable.  Before we fill you in on our mattresses, let’s look at a few reasons why mattresses are so darn pricey in the first place.  


Mattress Mayhem-The Ever Rising Cost of Mattresses


There are a plethora of reasons why mattress prices have become so inflated.  Here are some of the most popular factors that affect mattress prices.  


  • As mentioned above, one of the biggest price-driving factors is a mattress’s longevity.  If a mattress manufacturer thinks it’s only getting your business once every ten years, that one sale needs to be impactful enough for them to sustain their business until the next time you need a mattress.  


Obviously, you aren’t the only person replacing your mattress and you aren't all on the same old mattress replacement schedule, but it is important to note that unlike other products, which are purchased daily, weekly, yearly, or monthly, a mattress is a long term purchase.  


  • Mattress Monopoly.  There are really only a handful of mattress brands compared to brands responsible for other products. Some of the most popular are beautyrest, tempur-pedic, Casper, and Amazon.  Although they are marketed under different brand names, much like soft drinks they all come from just a handful of distributors.  As such, it’s incredibly easy for these companies to determine what price we are all going to pay for a decent mattress buying.  The right mattresses are also considered a necessity product; meaning it’s something the retailers and manufacturers know we have to buy a mattress set.  When a purchase of the best mattress isn’t optional, there’s an opportunity for a price hike, and that’s historically what we’ve seen in the mattress industry.  


  • Hype terminology.  If you drive past a mattress store (and you will, because they’re now located on practically every street corner) you’re immediately bombarded with “mattress jargon.”  No longer can you go and purchase a simple mattress by firmness (soft, medium firm, extra firm) or the size mattress(twin mattress, twin xl, full mattress, queen mattress, king mattress, and California king.)  Now you can select a mattress based on a myriad of other [possibly not legitimate] terms like cooling effect, pillow top or mattress pad density, cooling gel or gel memory foam, etc.  We at CordaRoy’s have found most of this terminology is purely the use of additional adjectives to describe the same mattresses we’ve seen since we’ve been in business.  Ultimately, a mattress either has a high comfort level, or it doesn’t, no matter how many words you use to describe it.  


  • Expensive materials.  Materials of which a top mattress is constructed also determine the price point.  If a mattress is made simply an innerspring mattress and thin layer of foam, the price is going to be considerably lower than a memory foam mattress that contains no innerspring and numerous layers of viscoelastic foam.  Supply and demand is going to have an impact here, as consumers determine which supplies are most in demand.  In other words, as memory foam mattresses have gained popularity, the foam used in them has become more expensive, and the price of the mattress inflates.  


The CordaRoy’s Difference


Fortunately, there’s a way out of the mattress mayhem.  While numerous online “mattress-in-box” retailers have appeared on the scene in recent years, the competition among them has also seen a rise in overall price.  What was originally created to cut the competition of mattress stores and factories now has an ongoing price war all its own.  At CordaRoy’s, we’re happy to find ourselves outside of the price war and still fully competitive and comparable to a high end mattress.  Our mattresses are different, and our price points are lower, because we focus on comfort to relieve pressure points and back pain and don’t sell hype.  Here are some of the things that separate us from the pack.  


  • Convertibility.  Our perfect mattresses aren’t just mattresses.  Just like Superman, they are cleverly disguised by day.  Our mattresses double as one of the world’s most comfortable bean bag chairs.  Available in sizes ranging from youth to king, our chairs fit one to three users and the mattress inside features the same standard mattress measurements as a traditional mattress. 


  • Memory Foam Blend.  Other mattress makers may claim their foam is unique, but can they say they fill their mattresses with a proprietary blend of furniture grade polyurethane foam cut into randomized pieces?  Probably not.  Only a Cordaroy’s can boast this level of mattress ingenuity.  Our mattresses stay comfortable because of the foam’s ability to move and rearrange with you as you sleep whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper.  


Because our foam is cut into pieces instead of in a solid sheet, it also breathes better than a standard memory foam mattress.  This equates to an all over cooler mattress, that doesn’t retain body heat or restrict air flow.  


  • True comfort, no hype.  We sell comfort in varying sizes for every possible need.  Whether you are outfitting your own home, a vacation property, dorm room, or planning for a camping trip, we’ve got a mattress suitable for your needs.  We know one size never fits all, so we have options that make CordaRoy’s mattresses better than the rest.  


The mattress industry is cut throat when it comes to mattress pricing.  It’s hard to determine if you’re paying for value or hype.  As such, it can be beneficial to consider other options, aside from a traditional mattress.  Considering a different mattress style can save you time without sacrificing comfort.