Classic Mattress
Classic Mattress
Classic Mattress
Classic Mattress
Classic Mattress

Classic Mattress

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Size Queen
Type Classic Mattress

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High Definition Comfort

Great for all body types with a more firm feel than our Hybrid "coil and foam" mattress. Will outlast any mattress on the market. Remember, just because a mattress is expensive and feels great in the beginning doesn't mean it will last. Longevity is only achieved by using better materials. When you feel the overall weight of our mattresses it will be obvious that we overbuilt them! 

Designed by us for us and now available for you.

Are you sick and tired of buying foam mattresses that form a trench where you sleep after only a few months of use? Tired of being hot while you sleep? Well, so were we! That’s why we decided to design our very own mattresses.

We went straight to the foam testing lab and asked one simple question- “is it possible to make a foam mattress that doesn’t form a trench where a 200+ pound person sleeps”? The answer was yes, BUT it would require higher density and therefore more expensive foam - something the large mattress companies aren’t willing to use due to price.

The CordaRoy's Classic mattress combines the  highest-quality memory foams to provide comfort and support that will outlast any mattress on the market.

Equipped with 3 types of cooling technology so you rest easy. Our foam scientists presented us with 3 options for keeping you cool on our Classic mattress and we responded, “yes, we’ll take them all”!  Copper, graphite and blue phase change material work in tandem to conduct heat and pull it away from your body. Again, something the other companies aren’t willing to splurge on. 

How can we afford to do this? At CordaRoy's, we aren't trying to disrupt the market. We're simply trying to make the best products we can make that make our customers happy and keep our customer service lines from ringing. We design products for ourselves then offer them to you. 

From CordaRoy’s owner/founder

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We nailed it!

Searching for a mattress that won’t fail by forming a trench where you sleep? We were too! 


It’s all about family at CordaRoys. 


Be cool, stay cool. This is our coolest product yet! 

Classic or Hybrid

Classic “all foam” or Hybrid “micro coils and foam”. Which model is right for you?