Caring for your CordaRoy's Sleeper

CordaRoy's Sleepers and Pet Beds are made of 3 parts to last forever - round outer cover, bed shaped liner, polyfoam fill.

Outer Cover: Most CordaRoy's outer covers are safe for machine washing and drying. Check the small white care tag on the inside of the cover for specific instructions. It's at one end of the zipper on the interior of the cover.

Inner Liner: Spot clean only with water and mild soap if necessary. Like most beds, your CordaRoy's bed will not fit in the washing machine so it's important that you protect it. You can certainly use your own sheets/blankets for protection but our Bed Protectors provide you with water proof protection on both sides of your bed while allowing air to escape through the side panels. We highly recommend that you purchase a bed protector since our Sleepers last for several lifetimes.

Foam Fill: CordaRoy's uses high-quality, shredded, furniture-grade, polyurethane foam in all of its Sleepers. A simple "fluff" will usually make it as good as new, but if you ever need to replace it or simply add more, you can purchase it here on the CordaRoy's website.