*When it comes to CordaRoy's Sleepers, bigger is better but read below:

  • Make sure you get the proper size and quantity for your space. These things are quite large and they aren't super lightweight like cheap beanbags so pay attention to the floor space requirement and the weight of each size you consider
  • Save 20% when you add Footstools or Bed Protectors to your order.
  • If you want to maximize your enjoyment and functionality, you should get the Footstool and Bed Protector
  • If you are forced to choose only one, get the Bed Protector. It protects your bed and provides a washable layer. Nice.

Youth Size: (formerly known as Twin size. The outer covers are the same but we changed the shape of the bed to a square.) Great for children under the age of 10 or adults who don't mind a small seat. Still larger than those disposable beanbags you get in large retailers. The bed inside is 5 feet by 5 feet, so it fits 2 children. It's a much better shape than the long-skinny twin size bed...unless you're an adult. :) 

Youth Pricing: We try to keep our youth prices starting at around $159.99, but you never know what kind of sale we're going to have or what type of expensive fabrics we're going to bring in. 

Full Size: Great for just about any age but a bit small for adults compared to the larger sizes. But if you're looking for a great, all-purpose seat that's not too expensive and gets the job done then the Full size is your best bet. It's also easier to move an convert than the larger sizes... but don't get me wrong, bigger is better when it comes to CordaRoy's Sleepers. 

Full Price: We do our best to start the Full Sizes at around $259.99, but again it really depends on many factors. 

Queen Size: The Queen is the original size that CordaRoy's started with. Just like a Queen Mattress, the Queen Sleeper is that "just right" size for most people and spaces. It will feel nice and large when most small adults sit in it, but will also feel very accommodating when a larger person uses it.

Queen Price: Start at about $299.99 give or take.

King Size: If you have a corner that's begging for a permanent tenant, the King if your choice for sure. Don't plan on moving this thing around a lot. Just fluff it from time to time and you're good! Let me put it this way, when I want to impress people, I don't whip out my Queen size... as much as I love her. :) The King is a bad dude. If you have the space, this is a no-brainer!

King Price: Starts at roughly $359.99

King Sofa Sleeper: This is the only sofa in the world that we know of that converts to 2 king size beds. Is it easy to convert? Nope. It sure isn't but my wife and I can do it in less than 3 minutes and so can you. Just watch the video! Most of the time, you'll be enjoying it as an amazing sofa that easily seats 4 adults. Again, bigger is better as long as you have the space. At trade shows the sofas get the most attention by far!

King Sofa Sleeper Price: Starting at $599.99...or so...:)