Cooling Memory Foam Pillow - 2 pack - White

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So cold you might need to flip it! 

CordaRoy’s Cooling pillows are made of soft memory foam infused with copper for its healing and cooling properties and coated on one side with blue phase change material that will instantly feel cold to the touch. They are also ventilated to increase airflow and control heat as you rest. Seriously, if you are a hot sleeper you owe it to yourself to try our Cooling Pillows. Feel free to call us and even rave on social media about how great they are!

CordaRoy’s Cooling pillows are a molded, solid piece product made of copper gel beads and visco memory foam. They are also ventilated to increase airflow. 

Washable and Dryable Covers
Great for easy cleaning

At CordaRoy’s, comfort comes first. We use the highest quality materials available to produce pillows that are guaranteed to provide consistent comfort for years.

Pillow Dimensions: 24" x 15" x 5.5”


Add a Cooling Pillow. It's cool.

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