There's a bed inside!

High quality foam filled chairs and sofas that convert to beds.

  • CordaRoy's Comfort for Life
    Comfort for Life
    Lifetime Guarantee
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  • Converts to a bed in 3 easy steps.
  • CordaRoy's
    Your home
    is our home.
  • CordaRoy's
    Just unzip your cover
    to reveal your bed.
  • CordaRoy's
    A great night's sleep is in the bag
    There's a bed inside!
  • Lori Greiner and Byron Young - As seen on Shark Tank
    Shark Tank Success

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  • Standard-size bed inside. Patented!
  • Filled with Super Soft Foam
  • Comfort for Life Guarantee
  • Wash & Dry Covers
  • The only company that offers
    Waterproof Protection
    for our foam-filled products.

What is a Sleeper? A patented foam chair that converts to a bed. Remove the cover and reveal a bed. It's that simple.

Choose from 5 sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, or the ultimate King Sofa with 2 foam mattresses inside! Standard-size bed will fit your own sheets. Add a footstool for extra comfort. Purchase a bed protector for peace of mind. Order extra covers to alternate your style. Lifetime guarantee since 1998.

Featured on TV : Shark Tank, QVC, HGTV