5 Birthday Present Ideas for All Ages

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Most of us don’t consider ourselves experts when it comes to giving gifts.  We usually settle up our gift debts with cash, checks, or gift cards (if we’re feeling super creative).  While these types of gifts are definitely always appreciated, we’re missing an entire marketplace of innovative and fun gift ideas by not taking just a little extra time to consider what our recipient might like.

Giving gifts is a struggle mostly because we’re afraid of failing the person we are giving a gift to.  It’s safer on our egos if we just give cash because we don’t have to face disappointment if we give something that isn’t appreciated or wanted.  It’s only natural we sometimes have disdain towards gift-giving, especially if we’ve been burned in the past. Anyone who has ever given a toddler a gift they didn’t want knows the trauma of this feeling all too well.  

When we consider giving someone a gift, we too often make the giving of the gift more about ourselves and less about the person we are giving to.  We may buy them something we would love to have that is completely unfitting for them.  We may decide to not give them something they’ve asked for because we feel like they don’t need it, or it isn’t a great idea.  In turn, we end up giving something to someone that they end up rejecting.  Our egos are hurt, and we go back to gift cards.  

If any of this reads pretty familiar, it’s okay; there’s still plenty of time to reform before you have to buy the next birthday present.  Consider these tips when deciding on a birthday present.

  • How well do I know this person?  Can I give them a gift based on knowledge of who they are and what they like, or is this more of a corporate gift where gift cards and dinner gift certificates are more appropriate?


  • Has the person asked for anything/mentioned anything they’d like to have?  Don’t ignore obvious hints.  If someone has mentioned they’d really love a new pair of house shoes, then a pair of house shoes is the perfect thing to get them, whether you think it’s a fun gift or not.


  • What is my budget?  You know your daughter wants a new car for her sweet sixteen, but if that’s not in the budget, it’s probably best not to get her hopes up.  Maybe you can talk to her about how you can help her reach her goal of getting a car instead.  


  • Am I getting this gift for selfish reasons?  It’s a pretty common practice to give our spouses gifts we really plan to use ourselves.  Did your wife really want a new fishing rod?  Try your best to take your own thoughts and ideas out of it and focus on what this person would really value.


  • Consider their interests.  Everyone has interests, and there’s something to buy for every interest out there.  Find out what makes this person smile, and buy something in that category.  Got a guy that loves coffee?  Maybe some interesting coffee beans would make a great gift.  Have a coworker who loves romance novels?  A Kindle gift card might do the trick.

If you’re still out of ideas or just having trouble with a difficult gift recipient, we can help.  We’ve got ideas for birthday presents that will be loved by all ages.  Our gifts center around solutions and comfort, two things we’re pretty sure make ideal gifts for anyone on your list.  Here’s our list of top 5 birthday present ideas that will work for all ages.  

  • Device Doodads

We love our devices. There’s no denying it, so we may as well embrace it.  This year we’ve learned to be especially grateful for connectivity, as it has truly allowed us to stay in touch, do our jobs, and remain socially active during pandemic lockdowns.  Think of how different this year would have been were it not for social media.  For all the bad rap our devices get, they sure are lifesavers sometimes.  

Because we all use devices, gifts that go along with our device usage are great ideas.  A great idea for anyone is a hands-free device stand.  The PUK multi-device holder is an excellent choice.  The PUK has three different sized slots that allow you to place any device, of any size, in any case in the holder, so you can use your device hands-free.  This is practically a savior when it comes to Zoom calls and online schooling.

Additionally, the PUK can allow you to use your device hands-free in either portrait or landscape mode, which means no matter what you’re doing, you can get full-screen viewing when you need it.  The PUK also allows you to charge your device while you’re using it, which is a major issue with other device stands that don’t allow for charging.  What good is a device stand if your device dies while you’re using it?  

  • Bean Bag Chairs

Birthdays are all about fun, and there’s nothing more fun than a bean bag chair.  You grew up with them and remember how fun they were, and now you have the opportunity to give that fun to your own kids or other children.  Bean bag chairs aren’t just for kids, though.  High-quality bean bag chairs, like the ones available from CordaRoy’s, are elegant in design and perfect for any room in your house.  These chairs have the supreme comfort you need with the design style you demand for your home.  

Bean bag chairs make a great gift for any age because they’re usable by every age.  Who doesn’t love a supremely comfortable seat in a beautiful fabric?  A bean bag chair is easy to arrange in any room, so there’s never a worry about where to put it or how to make it fit in with your already styled home.  And with available fabric options like faux fur, vegan leather, corduroy, chenille, and terry cloth, you can add a pop of texture to your space that is noticeably understated.  

  • Gift Cards

Okay, we know.  We said gift cards were lame.  It’s not that they’re lame; it’s just that a standard gift card is pretty thoughtless.  We usually opt for gift cards to big box stores, grocery stores, or online warehouse stores.  

If you want to give a gift card but want to put some thought into it, you can try to hone in on something your birthday girl or guy wants and select a gift card where they can purchase that item.  For instance, if your recipient really wants a new pair of sneakers, it’s unlikely you’ll know their exact size and the style they want.  However, you can definitely get them a gift card to a sporting goods store or local running store so they can get what they want for themselves.  

These types of gift cards tend to be better options because they practically force the recipient to spend the gift on themselves.  We all know what happens most of the time when we receive cash or a check, it gets placed in the bank account never to be seen again.  

  • Experiences

If you’re really stuck or working with someone who isn’t very materialistic (a minimalist, perhaps), you can never go wrong with purchasing an experience.  Experiences are things like trips, dinners, shows, or activities that you can purchase in advance for someone’s birthday.  

Some examples of experiences are things like skydiving, theme park tickets, dinner reservations at a hard-to-book restaurant, rock climbing, paddle-boarding, and boat trips.  You can definitely go extreme with all these options, but you don’t have to.  You can go as big or as small as your budget allows.  

An additional item for thought is booking an experience you can enjoy with the birthday boy or girl.  Many people appreciate the gift of your time more than any other material gift you could give them.  Booking an experience you could share together may be something that would really brighten their day and give them something to look forward to.  

  • Something in Their Honor

Maybe you have a friend who battled cancer.  Maybe your friend is passionate about women’s rights.  Could your friend be a veteran?  No matter whose birthday you are celebrating, they have a story, and that story likely includes a struggle or two along the way.  Consider donating money or your time to a charity or program that helps others who have struggled in the same way as your friend.  This is not only thoughtful; it shows respect and honor.  

In Summary


If gift-giving has always given you nightmares, it’s time to make a change.  You can give amazing gifts by simply putting a little more thought and effort into it than you normally do.  Think intently about what your recipient likes and what things make them happy. 

Consider giving gifts that are solutions based and provide comfort and accessibility where they need it most.  You can always count on high-quality products from CordaRoy’s that are right for any age and any occasion.  




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