Bed Protectors

Keep your convertible chair safe from spills and stains with a waterproof bed cover! If you have one of our convertible chairs, you most likely love how comfortable and versatile it is. The best part is removing the cover to reveal the mattress inside. This makes it a great option for any room in your house and allows you to replace old air mattresses and futons. 

You can extend the life of your mattress by taking good care of it. One great way to do this is by adding a waterproof bed cover to protect against any accidents. These covers also help improve the comfort of your mattress and can be used without putting a fitted sheet on top!

No matter what size convertible chair you have, you’ll be able to find a waterproof bed cover to fit! It comes in youth, full, queen, king chair, and king sofa.

Putting the waterproof bed cover on your inner mattress is a breeze, thanks to the l-shaped zipper. Just set the cover on the ground, unzip it, and lay the mattress on top of the inner layer. Then you can pull the cover around and zip it right up! No worrying about one corner slipping off while you struggle to get the rest of the sheet on the mattress (like you may struggle with a fitted sheet).

When accidents happen, it’s super simple to remove the cover and throw it in the wash. It is machine washable and dryer safe, so you can take care of cleaning it right at home! It’s not too bulky or heavy to fit in a standard washer and dryer. 

When it’s time to convert your mattress back into a bean bag chair, no worries! You can leave the waterproof bed cover on even while using it as a chair. Just follow the same four-step process as you normally would. Fold the mattress up like a taco, pull the cover on like a sock, flip it upside down, and bounce it until it fits perfectly back into the chair cover! 

As always, this product comes with free shipping in the contiguous United States. All orders are custom made and ship from the US within five to 15 business days, so you’ll get your waterproof bed cover in no time!