Hammocks & Stands

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all hammock and hammocking accessory needs! Here you’ll find our high-quality hammocks that are sure to make your time outdoors even more refreshing. 

First, choose your favorite option between a cotton hammock, ripstop hammock, or spreaderbar hammock. Then, take a look and see if you’ll need any extra accessories to go with it. 

Cotton Hammocks

Our cotton hammocks sustainably with both you and the earth in mind. The color is all-natural with no dyes or additives. These hammocks are comfortable and sturdy and hold up to 300 pounds. They are also reversible and come with a sewn-in pocket for holding books, snacks, or anything else you may need! 

RipStop Hammocks

For the adventurers out there, we recommend one of our travel hammocks! Made out of super sturdy RipStop nylon, these hammocks were created to be well-used in the great outdoors.  The double hammock design and the 500-pound weight capacity make it the perfect option for camping, backpacking, or other travel activities.

Please be sure to get straps for this hammock as they are not included.

Spreaderbar Hammocks

Our most stylish option, the spreaderbar hammocks, is perfect for all-weather situations. They are made out of tightly-woven soft-spun polyester. They can be left out in the rain because they will not rot, mold, or mildew. They’re large and have the highest weight capacity of all our hammocks at 600 pounds, making them perfect for sharing with a friend!

If you are planning to use your hammock on your porch or patio, or if your backyard doesn’t have many options for hanging a hammock from the trees, we would also recommend purchasing a hammock stand so you can still hang your hammock and relax at home. 

When hammocking outside, you may also need some equipment and accessories. Be sure to take a look at straps and carabiners so that you are fully prepared to set up your hammock no matter where you decide to set up camp. 

Wondering where to put your hammock? Here are some of the most popular options: 

  • Use a hammock stand to set up on your back deck or front patio
  • Find two good trees in your backyard and tie your hammock between them
  • Take your hammock on the go to a park or a campground that has great views