About Us

By Byron Young

Beginnings in a Garage

When Byron Young created CordaRoy’s back in 1998, he eyed the traditional vinyl bean bag with a mix of nostalgia and criticism. Sure, it was a childhood staple, but those messy beads were a disaster waiting to happen. Byron knew he could make something even better.

CordaRoy’s bean bags were first made in a garage on 39th Avenue in Gainesville, Florida where Byron lived during his college years. Back then, there was no bed inside in the bean bag. In fact, it wasn’t until after attending a Gator football game that Byron found himself needing an extra bed to accommodate some unexpected guests. His sofa was the next best thing, but it was not great–especially for two people.

"Nowadays we continue to make improvements to the products every year. We truly strive to make products that we can be proud of and that will far surpass your expectations."

Craftsmanship Counts.

Byron remembered that the insides of his bean bags were square and quickly threw together a makeshift bed and so began CordaRoy’s convertible bean bags. The next morning, his guests raved about how great their sleeping arrangements were. That was the moment Byron realized he had something special. It wasn’t just a bean bag–it was innovation wrapped in comfort. 

Lifetime Product.

As Byron sought to refine his design, he turned to a local bookstore for inspiration. He found a quilting magazine that seemed the closest match to his vision. On the back of the magazine, he noticed an ad for a large fabric supplier based in Canada. Although this supplier primarily catered to big box stores and Byron only needed one roll of fabric, this chance discovery led to a 10-year partnership.

We operate differently

CordaRoy's Culture

"CordaRoy's, truly believes that customers come first and insists on top-notch customer service. These beds come with much more than a bed inside – they also come with peace of mind that you didn't waste your hard-earned money".

As Seen on Shark Tank

In March 2013, CordaRoy’s appeared on ABC's Shark Tank. With a gripping tale of a garage start-up from Gainesville, Florida, Byron pitched our ingenious convertible bean bag chairs. 

Amidst the sharks, Lori Greiner saw the potential, the innovation, and the commitment behind CordaRoy’s. Intrigued by the 'cloud-like' feel of our bean bags and the twist of a bed tucked inside, she made an offer. 

Sealing the deal with Shark Tank not only catapulted the CordaRoy’s brand but fortified our mission: innovation backed by genuine passion. The aftermath? A whopping surge in demand, to the point our website crashed! But with our new mentorship, we swiftly navigated through, expanding our range and partnerships. 

From that pivotal moment on Shark Tank, CordaRoy's has, and always will, signify unmatched comfort. Being on Shark Tank wasn’t just an endorsement; it was a testament to our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation.

Craftsmanship Meets Sustainability

At the core of CordaRoy’s is an unwavering commitment to quality. We handpick the finest blend of foam for our products. But we don’t stop there. The foam is shredded into golf ball-sized pieces before being encased in our specially designed liners. 

While we embrace technology like robotics to help with some of our processes, our heart lies in the hands-on, artisanal approach. Our team pours care and craftsmanship into each product, ensuring that when someone lounges on our bean bag or slips into sleep on our beds, they experience unmatched comfort. 

Even better, these products are doing their bit for the planet. This foam, which would otherwise be destined for landfills, gets a second, cozier lease on life.

A Different Kind of Factory

One visit to our warehouse and you'd quickly realize we're not your typical setup. You’ll notice open spaces, laughter echoing off the walls, artisans deeply engrossed in their craft, and an ambience that resonates with camaraderie and passion. 

Each individual, from the showroom staff to the factory workers, embodies our core values. We're not just colleagues; we're a close-knit family. When you have a team that believes in the product and the brand's vision, it reflects in the quality of work.

A Brand That Stands By You

Manufactured entirely in the USA and still steered by Byron, CordaRoy’s is a testament to authenticity, commitment, and unparalleled quality.  

In our early days, mall kiosks were our primary touchpoints with customers. While employees engaged with customers, Byron would often listen to customer feedback. 

A recurring concern was the fear of the bean bags rupturing like the original vinyl style bean bag chairs. Determined to put these worries to rest, Byron drew inspiration from companies like Sears, who offered lifetime guarantees on their products. He decided CordaRoy’s would do the same. 

This lifetime guarantee serves dual purposes. For us, it’s a constant reminder of our duty to maintain rigorous standards, using top-tier materials and impeccable craftsmanship. 

For our customers, it’s a reassurance of their investment in a high-quality product that's fully backed by our company’s promise. For 25 years, CordaRoy’s has been a trusted brand, and our unwavering guarantee is the foundation of that hard-earned reputation.

Never Just About Profit

At CordaRoy's, the bottom line isn't the endgame. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that modern companies should be ethical, responsible, and conscious of their environmental footprint. 

Yes, we could chase larger profit margins by compromising on quality or ethics, but that's not CordaRoy's. Our focus remains on creating amazing, durable products, and ensuring happiness with every purchase.

Customer First, Always

How many brands can boast of treating their customers like family? At CordaRoy's, it's not just a saying; it's a practice. When our phone rings, we answer. Each query and each piece of feedback is important. 

This is even evident in our brick-and-mortar stores. Our showroom radiates a relaxed ambiance, allowing you to truly experience our products. Got a question? Our team is always ready to help. From the moment you walk in until you find the perfect bean bag chair, you can expect an experience that’s unlike any other.

We stand firmly behind our products and believe in open, honest communication. Our goal isn’t just to sell you a bean bag or bed; it's to welcome you into the CordaRoy’s family.

Why CordaRoy’s?

It's simple. CordaRoy's isn't just another brand on the market. It's a brand built on innovation, commitment, and a genuine love for what we do. We bring you comfort that lasts, with a touch of sustainability and a whole lot of passion. 

As we look back on our journey, from a garage in Gainesville to living rooms across the country, our promise remains unchanged: delivering unparalleled comfort, one bean bag at a time.

We’re Here for You. Have Peace of Mind.

We take our products and warranty very seriously and honor the warranty should you have a problem with our products. We like to compare our warranty with that of Sears Craftsman tools – "the products aren't extravagant, but they are well-made and we stand behind them for life." Our guarantee is Comfort For Life.

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