About Us

By Byron Young

How we started

"CordaRoy's bean bags were first made in a garage on 39th Avenue in Gainesville, Florida where I lived during my college years. Back then there was no "bed inside". It wasn't until we had a "need" for the bed that it appeared. CordaRoy's Convertible Bean Bags is an idea that was truly born out of necessity. One night after attending a Gator football game we had some unexpected guests and found ourselves in need of just one more bed. The sofa was the next best thing but it was NOT good - especially for 2 people."

"I remembered that the insides of my beanbags were square and informed my guests that this may be a better alternative. We quickly threw together a makeshift bed and so began the journey of CordaRoy's Convertible Bean Bags. Originally known as "Corda-Roy’s Originals", we take pride in being the authentic pioneers and the original maker of this style bean bag. The next morning, my guests were raving about how great it was. That was the moment I realized we had something special. Next came the PATENT!"

"Nowadays we continue to make improvements to the products every year. We truly strive to make products that we can be proud of and that will far surpass your expectations."

Craftsmanship Counts.

"At CordaRoy's everything starts with the lifetime warranty. It means we must use quality materials and workmanship or else it will come back to haunt us. This keeps us on our toes and we believe that more businesses should use this system of making products and standing behind them. We hope you'll never need it but our customer service is impeccable. We even make our phone number easy to find and answer the phone when it rings! Call us now if you wish! 352-332-1837"

Lifetime Product.

Let's grow old together. When you buy a CordaRoy's product, you're getting something that lasts.

We don't believe in disposable beanbags. It feels good to hear from our customers who still enjoy their CordaRoy's Comfort, twenty-two years later! ... and still loving it.

CordaRoy's Culture

"CordaRoy's, truly believes that customers come first and insists on top-notch customer service. These beds come with much more than a bed inside – they also come with peace of mind that you didn't waste your hard-earned money".

We’re Here for You. Have Peace of Mind.

We take our products and warranty very seriously and honor the warranty should you have a problem with our products. We like to compare our warranty with that of Sears Craftsman tools – "the products aren't extravagant, but they are well-made and we stand behind them for life." Our guarantee is Comfort For Life.

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