Extra Covers

If you’re looking for a replacement or change to one of your CordaRoys products, we have you covered—literally! Check out our replacement covers for all of your favorite products.

Whether you want to change up the style of your cover because you are redoing a room in your house or you want to get a warmer cover for the cold winter months, your options are endless. 

Not sure what cover is the best fit for you? Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Why are you looking for a replacement? Do you want a warmer cover? A new material? 
  • What size is your current cover? If you’re looking for a convertible chair cover, remember to get the size that fits your chair! We have covers that range from youth to king. 
  • What color do you want your new cover to be? If this is a deal-breaker, be sure to pick your color first, then search for which material has that color option. 

Our extra covers are high-quality and machine washable for convenience. Having an extra cover on hand is extremely helpful when it comes time to wash your cover. Rotating covers will help the longevity of each cover.

Each cover is custom-made and shipped from the US in a timely manner. Plus, we believe in our products so much that they come with a lifetime warranty. 

Wondering which products have extra covers available? 

Convertible Chairs 

Our convertible chairs are comfortable bean bag chairs that can easily turn into a mattress simply by removing the cover. These covers get extra use due to being pulled on and off to convert the chair, so extra covers make life easier (and more comfortable)! 

NEST Chairs

Our NEST chairs have a defined seat and pillow, so you’ll be able to get cozier in no time. Extra covers come with both the cover and the pillow. 

Pet Beds 

Your pet will love their CordaRoys pet bed, and you’ll love how easy it is to clean and maintain! Never let your pet sleep without a cover on their bed by being sure to get an extra pet bed cover just in case. 


Find a place to start a new style for your room by simply changing the cover on your footstool