What is the Best Shape for a Bean Bag?

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Bean bag chairs are no longer just simple round poufs that remind you of dorm rooms. They've evolved into a diverse range of shapes and sizes, each tailored to different uses and spaces. From the cuddly and traditional round bean bags to the more structured and supportive armchair and pear shapes, there's a design out there to fit every need.

Determining what is the best shape for a bean bag can be subjective. Whether you seek comfort, support, or a stylish addition to your space, understanding the advantages (and disadvantages) of each bean bag shape will help you make the right choice for your home.

The Various Shapes of Bean Bags

Bean bag chairs come in various shapes, each offering unique comfort and aesthetic appeal. From the traditional round form to innovative pear-shaped designs and more structured options, the variety ensures there's a perfect bean bag for every preference and purpose. When trying to choose a bean bag, consider how you plan to use it, the space it will occupy, and which style makes you feel most relaxed and supported.

1. Round Shaped

The round-shaped bean bag is a classic, often resembling a large, soft ball. This traditional design is favored for its simplicity and the enveloping comfort it provides. 


  • Versatility: Fits easily into various decor styles and settings, from casual to more formal.
  • Adaptability: Easily adapts to the user's body shape, providing personalized comfort by conforming to the contours of the body.
  • Comfort: Provides excellent overall body support, allowing the user to sink in and relax.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Its smooth, round form adds a soft visual element to a room, making it a cozy and inviting piece of furniture.


  • Size: Large bean bags can be bulky and take up significant floor space, which might not be ideal for smaller rooms.
  • Shape Retention: May lose its shape over time with frequent use depending on the filling used, requiring occasional adjustment and fluffing.

At CordaRoy's, our commitment to combining functionality with comfort is exemplified in our use of the round shape for our bean bags. We offer the Classic chairs which not only serve as cozy seats but also convert into beds, providing a practical solution for overnight guests. 

Additionally, our Giant chair represents the ultimate in comfort and size. This larger than life chair is designed to accommodate two or more people, making it perfect for family movie nights, casual gatherings, or simply sprawling out with a good book.

2. Oval Shaped

Oval-shaped bean bags offer a unique blend of comfort and versatility. Their elongated form provides a spacious seating area that can accommodate multiple users, making them perfect for lounging with family or friends. This shape is particularly well-suited for larger spaces where you want to create a cozy and inviting seating arrangement.


  • Spacious Seating: The elongated design offers more seating space, making it ideal for couples or families who want to sit together.
  • Comfort: The oval shape allows for different seating positions, enhancing comfort during prolonged use.


  • Space Requirements: Oval-shaped bean bags may require more space depending on their size, making them less suitable for smaller living areas.
  • Weight: These bean bags can be heavier and more challenging to move compared to smaller, more compact shapes.

At CordaRoy’s, our queen and king convertible bean bag chairs can be turned onto their side to form an oval loveseat. This configuration provides ample space and comfort, making it perfect for lounging with a loved one or accommodating multiple users. 

3. Square Shaped

Square-shaped bean bags add a modern twist to the traditional bean bag design. These are typically more compact, making them a great choice for tighter spaces or as an addition to children's rooms, where their smaller size and shape can fit perfectly.


  • Space Efficiency: Their square footprint allows them to fit into corners or against walls more neatly than round bean bags.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: They often mimic the look of more conventional furniture and can serve as both a functional and decorative piece.
  • Portability: Lightweight and compact, they are easy to move and reposition as needed.


  • Comfort: They might not provide the same level of body-conforming comfort as other shapes, given their more rigid contours.
  • Support: Due to their smaller size, they may offer limited support for adults, making them more suitable for children or light use.

4. Armchair Shaped

Armchair-shaped bean bags are designed to offer a more defined structure, providing enhanced support particularly around the back and arms, mimicking the support system of traditional chairs. This shape is ideal for those who enjoy the comfort of a bean bag but need the added support for longer sitting periods.


  • Enhanced Support: Offers more substantial back and arm support, making them suitable for extended use, such as working from home or engaging in longer gaming sessions.
  • Defined Structure: The distinct shape helps maintain posture, reducing the tendency to slouch. Consistent slouching can lead not only to back and neck issues but also to other health problems such as incontinence, constipation, and heartburn due to slowed digestion.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Resembles more traditional seating, which can be integrated easily into a formal living room or office environment.


  • Mobility: They are generally heavier and less malleable than other bean bag types, making them less ideal for frequent repositioning.
  • Space Requirements: The structured design can take up more space than a more flexible, round bean bag.

At CordaRoy's, our NEST chairs are similar to the armchair-shaped bean bag. While they may not look like typical armchairs, our NEST chairs are designed to provide similar levels of head and neck support. This makes them an excellent choice for those seeking the comfort of a bean bag with the functionality of more conventional furniture. The NEST chairs combine the best of both worlds, offering a cozy retreat with ample support where it's most needed.

5. Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped, or teardrop-shaped, bean bags are excellent for those who prefer a bit more structure to their seating. With a wider base that tapers to a point at the top, these chairs are designed to offer back support, similar to our NEST chairs. They're particularly suitable for those who enjoy stretching out their legs or need a more supportive seat for prolonged reading or relaxation sessions.


  • Back Support: The shape naturally conforms to the spine, providing enhanced lumbar support. This is especially important for those who sit for long periods, as prolonged sitting can stress the spine, shoulders, and hips. 
  • Comfort for Taller Individuals: The elongated form allows taller users to stretch out more comfortably than they might in rounder, shorter bean bags.
  • Stability: The broader base provides more stability, preventing the bean bag from tipping easily when you sit down or adjust your position.


  • Heavier: Due to their larger size, pear-shaped bean bags can be heavier and less portable than other forms.
  • Space Consumption: They require more space than some other shapes, making them less ideal for very small living spaces.

CordaRoy’s offers its own version of a pear-shaped bean bag chair–our pillow lounger, which comes in sizes Full-King. Our loungers are designed to function as a lounge chair, giant pillow, and a bed. With over 6 feet in length, they are perfect for adults, teens, and kids, and can be used in living rooms, playrooms, and game rooms. For unexpected guests, simply remove the outer cover to transform the lounger into a bed! 

6. Pancake Shaped

Pancake-shaped bean bags are flatter than traditional bean bags, offering a versatile, low-profile option that can double as a seat or a makeshift table. Their unique design provides a more communal, informal seating arrangement, perfect for game nights or casual lounging with friends.


  • Multipurpose Use: Due to their flat design, they can serve various functions, from seating to a temporary table surface for books, trays, or laptops.
  • Easy Storage: These bean bags can be stacked or slid under furniture when not in use, making them excellent for space-saving.
  • Accessibility: The lower height makes them easy to get on and off, which can be advantageous for children and those with mobility issues.


  • Limited Support: They offer minimal back and side support, which may not be suitable for those requiring more structured seating.
  • Surface Area Requirements: While they are low, they can spread out wide, requiring a good amount of floor space.

How to Choose the Right Bean Bag Shape For You

Selecting the ideal bean bag shape is about understanding your space, your needs, and your lifestyle. Here are some key considerations for when you are buying a bean bag:

  • Consider Your Space: The size and layout of the room where the bean bag will be used heavily influence your choice. Larger rooms can accommodate bigger, round or pear-shaped bean bags, while smaller or multi-functional spaces may benefit from the adaptability of square or pancake-shaped models. To ensure a good fit, check out our bean bag size guide
  • Think About Usage: How you plan to use the bean bag also matters. If you're looking for a cozy spot to read or watch movies, pear or armchair-shaped bean bags provide great back and neck support. For casual seating or gatherings, round or pancake-shaped bean bags might be more suitable, offering flexibility and more informal seating.
  • Comfort vs. Support: While all bean bags offer a level of comfort, some shapes provide more support than others. If you need extra back support or have specific ergonomic needs, choose a shape like the pear or armchair. If general lounging and versatility are your priorities, round or square shapes might be better.
  • Aesthetic Preferences: Consider how the shape of the bean bag will complement your existing décor. Pear and armchair-shaped bean bags can blend more seamlessly into a traditional furniture setup, whereas round and pancake shapes can add a fun and whimsical element to the space.
  • Material and Filling: Apart from shape, the type of filling and the material cover also affect comfort and maintenance. Memory foam, for instance, offers more body-conforming support compared to polystyrene beads but may require a higher investment.

At CordaRoy's, we've tailored our offerings to meet a variety of needs while ensuring sustainability and comfort. Our round bean bags are filled with 100% eco-friendly polyfoam, ensuring long-lasting comfort and support. Whether you opt for the plush ease of our round bean bags or the enhanced support of the NEST chair, you’re guaranteed a product that blends seamlessly with your home while offering exceptional comfort and durability.


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