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Sit back, relax, and whip out the popcorn because you're about to discover a foolproof way of turning your media room into an affordable version of a movie theater right at home! With rising ticket prices, who needs overpriced snacks and uncomfortable seats when you can invest in an ultimate movie theater experience with a DIY budget home cinema setup?

This blog post will have everything you need to know: from projector selection and sound setup to decorating tips and furniture placement. You'll already feel like an A-lister in no time by following these budget-friendly tips! So forget those expensive movie tickets and reach for the stars in the comfort of your own home.

How much does it cost to build a home theater room?

Creating a home theater room can be an exciting project and a great way to improve the feel of your home. The cost really depends on the type of equipment you install and the design of the space. Whether you consider soundproofing, custom carpentry, or even ambient lighting, all these factors need to be taken into consideration when budgeting for your home theater.

A small living room setup can cost as little as several hundred dollars; however, if you want top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment and advanced features, then prepare to shell out a pretty penny! With so much potential to personalize your own cinematic experience, it’s important that you bring in an experienced technician who is up to date on the latest tech trends before selecting any parts or supplies.

How do I build a theater room at home?

The first step in building your home theater is to decide exactly what type of system you want. Once that’s settled, the next step is to determine the size and shape of your room. This will help you choose the right equipment for your space, be it a full-blown projector and screen setup with surround sound or a more traditional flat-screen TV setup.

From there, you can begin selecting the components and furniture that will bring your vision to life. Next, think about soundproofing to reduce noise and improve audio quality. Finally, you can add additional features such as ambient lighting or seating options to enhance your viewing experience. With all these elements in place, it's time to set up and enjoy your new home theater!

What do you need for a theater room?

The components you need for a theater room depend on the setup you choose. Generally speaking, the following are essential parts of any home theater system:

  • TV/projector
  • Speakers
  • Streaming Service or Blu-Ray Player
  • Universal remote
  • Theater Seating
  • Custom Lighting
  • Comfy Accessories
Let's dive into the details a bit further.A home theatre room with a TV and speaker.

Quality TV/Projector

It's time to take your home theater dreams seriously, and that all starts with the right screen. Size matters, so it's tempting to get the largest TV available. But don't go too wild here - think about the space you have available and start from there. In general, TVs in the 55-inch range should do just fine for most implementations - but if you can fit bigger, then go for it!

Of course, resolution is also important. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of OLED technology paired with Dolby Vision, viewing movies in your home theater has never been better (or crisper!) You may also want to consider giving a projector and screen a look - it'll usually cost more upfront than TVs but make up for it in other areas (think: cinematic quality!).


When it comes to creating the best home theater experience, sound is key. No one needs an army of surround sound speakers cluttering up a small space; make sure you know the dimensions of your room before buying and placing them strategically for maximum effect. If you're looking for that true cinematic feeling but don't want to go all out, try a sound bar - it'll cost less than setting up surround-sound, while still making whatever show or movie you're watching sound significantly better than your standard TV speakers.

But if you really want to amp it up, consider investing in a Dolby Atmos sound system or home theater speaker. It may not be cheap but with its ability to produce spatial sound experiences, it's worth every penny - particularly if you love being immersed in those legendary action scenes.

Viewing Options

Now that you've got your TV and speakers, you'll also want to determine how you'll view your movies. If Blu-Ray is beyond your budget, don’t worry. There's an easier way with streaming services. All you need is just one Smart TV or a streaming device like a Fire Stick or Roku and voila! Access to all your favorite streaming sites made easy without the added cost of extra equipment or countless cables strewn across your floor – talk about a shortcut!

Want to make movie night more fun for yourself and your guests? Considering hosting a themed movie night or stocking your home theater with nostalgic movie night snacks!

Theater Seating

Hosting movie nights can be intimidating, especially if you’re trying to accommodate a lot of movie buffs. Recliners are comfy but limiting when it comes to seating options. Couches are a little more malleable, yet they also have their weight and size constraints! The solution? A convertible bean bag chair! CordaRoy's convertible bean bags feature unlimited load capacity that not only allows you to configure any space into the ideal home theater setup, they even open up into a bed for those cozy cuddle sessions that make movie night extra special.

Custom Lighting

When transforming your room into a home movie theater, custom lighting can really set the tone. Lighting strips installed at floor level near the seating area create an atmosphere similar to a real movie theater – complete with an 'aisle' lined with lights in different color options. Plus, some even have motion detectors, so you won't be breaking any "silence is golden" rules when you get up for popcorn during the big finale! To complete your perfect setup, blackout curtains are also a must-have for intense movie watching – 'darkening the mood', if you will. Custom lighting and blackout curtains are just two of the pieces necessary for creating your dream home movie theater atmosphere.

CordaRoy's chair, blanket, and pouf.

Comfy Accessories

Last but not least, don't forget the comfy accessories. Add blankets if you want to get snuggly while watching a movie, extra pillows if you plan on sitting back for hours, a PUK to hold your device, and side tables for easy access to drinks and snacks. All of these little touches can turn your living room from a normal place to watch a movie into a genuine resort spot - because let’s face it, we’re in the business of total comfort here. Essential tip: Don’t forget the popcorn!


Creating the perfect home movie theater can seem like an involved task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right gear and accessories, you can turn your living space into an immersive entertainment experience for yourself and your family with ease. Whether you’re looking for something more cinematic or just want the ultimate cozy night in, there are plenty of options to help you create the ideal home theater experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let the movie-watching begin!


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