CordaRoy's vs LoveSac: What's the Difference?

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Whether you are searching for home decor for your own home or an investment property, a bean bag is a great piece of furniture that will provide your space with style, versatility, and comfort.  Once a staple of kids’ bedrooms and college dorms, the bean bag has evolved into a respectable piece of furniture that offers more than just the world's most comfortable seat.  Today’s bean bags come in numerous different sizes and shape options, are available with removable, washable covers, and can be customized to fit practically any space.  

Why You Need a Bean Bag


  1. There are numerous benefits of owning a bean bag.  Not only are bean bags more versatile and changeable than standard furniture pieces from a furniture store, nothing surpasses them in comfort.  Owning a bean bag means always having the most comfortable seating available for you and your guests.  Versatility is also a great benefit of owning a bean bag.  If you aren’t happy with the design or layout of a room, simply drag the bean bag to a different location for a completely different style, they are completely reconfigurable. These modular furniture pieces are essentially the world's most adaptable couch, something that traditional sectional furniture or love seats will never be. Quality bean bags are also built tough; this means you can depend on their durability for decades to come.  
  1. You can use bean bags for virtually any room in your home.  In addition to providing seating that is stylish and completely plush, your bean bag provides an alternative to the standard “accent chair” upon which almost no one wants to sit.  Bean bags make great additions to family media rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, vacation rentals, investment properties, and college dorms.  If you’re purchasing a convertible bean bag, like the ones offered by CordaRoy’s, you’ve got the added bonus of additional bedding.  Every CordaRoy’s bean bag includes a bed inside.  The possibilities for use are endless.  You can reclaim your guest room by removing the stand-alone bed that only gets used one week out of the year and replace it with a gorgeous Nest chair instead.  The Nest is the only structured bean bag chair of its kind, offering the beauty and distinction of a structured seat with the comfort of a bean bag.  Additionally, as with all CordaRoy’s, there’s a bed inside.    Instantly, your guest room is usable (as a library, workspace, den, playroom) by your own family and can still accommodate guests when they visit, thanks to the pull-out bed hidden inside the Nest.  
  1. Bean bags come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics.  Some of the more popular sizes are youth, full, queen, and king.  Obviously, sizes are ascending.  With so many sizes, it is easy to imagine all the places you can use a bean bag.  Bean bags vary by filling.  While the bean bag chair with which we may all be most familiar is likely filled with polystyrene pellets, we are no longer limited to that choice.  Pellets aren’t comfortable, and they lose their shape and “flatten” within weeks of your purchase.  A better option is polyfoam; the highest quality blend of furniture grade polyurethane foam available cut into randomized pieces to ensure even distribution and comfort.  Polyfoam won’t lose its shape and never leaves you flat on the floor.  


Where to Buy a Bean Bag


You could definitely purchase a bean bag from your local big box store.  You could even order one from that popular two-day delivery website.  But we think you’ll agree that the products you receive will be less than what you hoped for.  Instead, consider buying your bean bag from a reputable company that knows a thing or two about the bean bag.  A furniture company specializing in the sale of bean bags and convertible bean bag chairs is going to have products that are better quality as all their attention is focused on the production of those items.   

When it comes to finding a great bean bag, you have some options.  It’s easy to get lost trying to decipher which company offers the best products with the highest quality fills, most durable and stylish fabrics, all while providing the best customer service experience available.  We know you’re doing your shopping, so we thought we’d help you eliminate some of the guesswork.  Here’s a great comparison between CordaRoy’s and LoveSac.  






Structured chair available

Yes (Nest)


Converts to full bedding





Shredded foam




Removable covers



Machine-Washable covers



Waterproof protection available?





3 years

Family Owned/Operated




5-7 days

Within 2 weeks


While CordaRoy’s and LoveSac both make great bean bags, there are some key differences.  The most obvious is that when you purchase a CordaRoy’s you’re also purchasing a bed.  CordaRoy’s are stuffed with a durafoam filled mattress that is easily removed for guest bedding.  While you can potentially fit a sleeping guest on one of the largest Love Sacs the supersac (the smaller sizes aren’t large enough for slumber), we feel it’s just not the same as having an actual mattress.  Nothing sleeps quite like a bed, right?  But the differences don’t stop there.  

CordaRoy’s has been family owned and operated since 1998, when it was founded in Gainesville, Florida.  The same college kid that invented the CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag still owns the patent and is the CEO of the company today.  This translates into a product that over-delivers on all promises because the idea and company are wholly owned by the visionary who created them.  

Love Sac was created by Shawn Nelson, but is a publicly-traded company.  We’re glad they’ve experienced such success, but sometimes this can translate into a wider gap between the customer and the heart and soul of the company.  That’s just not our style.   

CordaRoy’s has a big business volume with a small business feel, which also means you’ll get higher quality products than just about anywhere else.  CordaRoy’s doesn’t just sell a great bean bag chair; they “comfort-fit” their furniture for the needs of their clients.  Unlike other companies, at CordaRoy’s you are never a number.  We’ve sold over a million bean bags, but each one of them still carries a lifetime guarantee of comfort and dependability you can count on.  LoveSac claims to have a lifetime guarantee, but we found that’s only partially true.  For example, they boast quite a few exterior cover options, but those covers only come with a three to five-year guaranty.  

That’s one reason we offer a smaller number of fabric options than some of our competitors.  We test all our fabrics to ensure they are 100% durable, machine wash and dryable, and always comfortable, year after year, decade after decade.  Our furniture also comes with our “open door” customer service policy.  You’ll notice the difference the minute you open the box.  Our phone number is all over the packing slip, our website’ just about anywhere you can find a mention of our company.  And when you call, we pick up!  

Since your total comfort is CordaRoy’s number one priority, we guarantee you’ll be comfortable from day one.  While it is impossible to make a chair or bed that is preferentially comfortable out of the box for every single person, we’ve come pretty darn close.  And if you’d prefer a firmer chair/mattress upon delivery, all you have to do is ask.  If you want a softer feel, simply remove some of the foam filling.  While our zippers are child-safe, the openings are considerably larger than our competitors so that our proprietary blend of polyfoam can be easily removed or added, depending on preference.  Our Polyfoam is denser and softer than the shredded foam used in the Love Sac, which is composed largely of, well…air.  That leaves room for flattening out, and we’re not down with that!  The chair/beds we sold fifteen years ago still feel as comfortable as they did the first day they were delivered; we know because we checked.   

You’d think all the benefits of owning a CordaRoy’s would translate into higher pricing, but you’d be wrong.  In fact, Love Sacs cost at least $300.00 more (and up) per product. Take a look:  

Width in inches 


Love Sac






Not available in this size








Bean bags have enjoyed increased popularity in the last two decades thanks to better manufacturing, more attention to customer needs, and the desire for more comfortable, versatile seating.  One of the most adaptable pieces of furniture you’ll ever own, a bean bag can be used in practically any space and is suitable for all ages and stages of life.  CordaRoy’s offers bean bag chairs with a bonus; every chair has a bed inside.  CordaRoy’s are functional, versatile, stylish, durable, and above all, the most comfortable chair/bed you’ll ever own, guaranteed.  If you’re looking to invest in a bean bag chair for life, we’re ready to welcome you to the family.  

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