Best Gifts For Pet Lovers They Didn't Know They Need

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Pets have such a meaningful presence in our lives. For some, pets are crucial members of the family! Sometimes it can be hard to find the right gift for a pet lover—most of them seem to already have everything imaginable. 

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some gifts that pet lovers probably don’t have, but would love to receive. After reading about these ideas, you probably won’t know which gift to choose!

The Best Pet Bed

First thing’s first, does this pet have a place to rest? Do they have the luxury bedding they deserve? A lavish pet bed is one of the best gifts you can grant a pet lover. 

Remember, what makes their pet happy, makes them happy. 

How To Get The Best Bed

There are so many pet beds on the market that don’t last. They seem high-quality on the shelf, but after just a few months of use, they’re worn and deflated. You’ll be doing a pet lover a big favor by getting them a 100% polyfoam pet bed. 

What’s polyfoam? Short for polyurethane stuffing, polyfoam is an extremely durable material that these ped beds are filled with. In fact, it’s the same foam that pole vaulters land on! 

It’s safe to say their pet won’t be doing any pole vaulting, but just imagine how much they’ll love that bouncy-yet-sturdy feeling.

With unique color schemes like kiwi, cabernet, indigo, grape, salmon, and signature corduroy, this gift feels and looks one-of-a-kind.  

Won’t It Get Dirty Over Time?

Something that always makes or breaks the reviews of pet beds is their washability. Thankfully, these Forever Pet Beds have “forever” in the name for a reason. They come with an outer cover that can be easily thrown in the washer/dryer!

My Pet-Loving Friend Is a Big Traveler

The best part about this pet bed? It’s easily portable. 

With either a 30 or 40 inch diameter—depending on the size of their pet—and a thickness of just 10 inches, it can be used in the car for long road trips and brought to any rental home, vacation spot, or friend’s house.

Their Pet is TINY/HUGE

Pets can be trickier to buy for if they’re an unusual size. Have no fear! We keep every type of pet in mind. Whether they’re a Toy Poodle or a Great Dane, this bed will do the trick.

Each bed comes with a zipper for easy access to the polyfoam stuffing. For fun-sized pets, we recommend removing some of the stuffing, and for heftier breeds we recommend adding extra—which can easily be purchased here. 

A Monthly Pet Box Subscription

Just like we sign up for streaming service subscriptions, gym subscriptions, and beauty supply subscriptions—there are subscriptions for pets too!

If the pet lover you know doesn’t already have one of these, they’ll love being surprised with one. These monthly or yearly subscriptions will deliver all sorts of pet toys, treats, and accessories right to their door.

Most of these companies will actually cater the monthly box to their pet’s preferences and dietary needs, which is what makes each order so special.

By purchasing a subscription like this for your pet-loving friend, you may even be the reason their pet finds a new favorite thing! Then every time their pet plays with that toy, the owner will remember you were thoughtful enough to sign them up.

Our favorite part about these pet box subscriptions is all of the extra surprises they offer. 

Some companies will give away free things depending on their monthly theme, like a fun bathrobe for your pet to wear after they get a fresh scrub, or a seasonal-based treat. 

Personalized Pet Merch

If you really want to be a good gift-getter, consider buying a pet lover some socks with their fur baby’s face on it! (Yes, you can really do this and yes, they will go crazy over them.)

Everybody has a favorite pair of socks. Our favorite socks are comfy, they keep us warm, and they usually have a great design on them. 

So what better design than their golden retriever’s happy-go-lucky face?

This gift comes from the heart, but it won’t break your bank. Sure, it will probably cost a couple extra bucks to personalize them, but the grand total of socks is nothing to worry about. 

Also—keep in mind that this gift is great for the whole family. Owners love to match each other by wearing these pet socks!

Going back to the topic of what keeps us warm, there are other personalized pet merch options. For instance, you could supersize the gift by getting a custom blanket made, or you can keep it simple by ordering a custom keychain and mug. 

The point is, the more the merrier! Pet lovers will never say no to something that reminds them of their four-legged friend. 

Custom Food Bowl

This present is perfect for anyone’s pet, no matter what. Every pet has to eat! Getting a custom food bowl made is a great way to jazz up their pet’s daily routine. 

Food bowls come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. We suggest getting a matching pair—one for food, and one for water. You can get as simple or as fancy with this gift as you’d like, but we think fancy is the answer. 

Pet owners love to brag to other pet owners about their pet’s newest things, and this pet will surely be the “talk of the town” if you spoil them enough. Pets deserve fine dining, too!

Engraved Bowls

One of the most popular ways to customize a pet’s food bowl is by getting one engraved. Put their name or nickname on there and your pet-loving friend or family member will love you forever.

Bowls with Photographs/Cartoons

Similar to the socks mentioned above, pet lovers can’t get enough of seeing their pet’s face on, well, everything. If you can get an artist to draw their pet onto a new food bowl, that act of kindness won’t soon be forgotten. 

Add a Food Bowl Stand

Some pet owners prefer a little more of a neutral, chic look to their home. To play it safe, you could buy a more functional pet accessory—a food bowl stand. 

This one is also a great gift specifically for pet lovers with older pets. To accommodate their more elderly pets, a lot of people will invest in a food bowl stand so that their pet doesn’t have to bend down as much to reach their food and/or water. Stylish and helpful!

Another Functional Gift

If the food bowl thing isn’t sparking any interest, there are other useful gifts to choose from. One of the most useful things you can customize is a leash hook.

A leash hook is great for hanging right by the door. No more looking for the leash when it’s time to go walking! These double as a homey piece of decor and a helpful, new tool. 

Pet Phone Case

Last but certainly not least, the beloved phone case. This one’s a crowd favorite, for sure. 

Any pet lover will tell you that having a photo or drawing of their precious pup with them at work, while traveling, or even running to the grocery store, makes their day just a bit brighter.

A personalized pet phone case is a cute reminder of who’s waiting for them at home, but it’s also a conversation starter. The pet loving community can be a very social one—and pets just might get a playdate scheduled out of the customized case!

There are countless sites online that will help you design this awesome gift. Check to make sure they have solid reviews, browse around for the best pricing, and make sure you have a favorite photo of theirs at the ready!

Help, The Pet Lover I Know Already Loves Their Current Case

We thought you might say this. Plenty of people have a phone case that doubles as a wallet, and they wouldn’t want to be forced to use something else instead. No worries! There are other photo-related gifts that might be a better fit.

Pet themed photo frames are a nice present to purchase. This way, the pet lover not only has the freedom to choose whatever picture they’d like, but they also get to pick a special place in their home or office for it to be displayed. 

If you know they already have too many pet photos to count, try getting them a pet themed photo album. This is the best way to organize a physical collection of priceless memories from over the years.

In Summary

Pet lovers value their little, furry friends like nothing else. The phrase “a dog is man’s best friend” has been used for as long as we can remember. 

We say this because even without being able to speak, our pets find a way to provide us with unconditional love day after day. Their unwavering display of loyalty provides us with a sense of companionship like no other. 


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