Guest Bedroom Ideas: How to Make a Cozy Guest Room

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If you are able to provide guests with their own bedroom, the space should feel like a true luxury. This means more than just a comfortable bed. The room should be designed in a way that shows that time, effort, and intention were put into it. 

The best part is you don’t have to be an interior design guru to turn a spare room into one your guests will love. Follow these design tips to create a cozy guest bedroom that is more than just a spare room and makes your guests feel like they are right at home. 

Choosing a Bed

When designing a welcoming guest bedroom, the bed is the centerpiece of comfort and hospitality. It’s not just a piece of furniture, but a central feature that can make or break your overnight guest's experience. 

First, consider the size of the bed. Determining what size guest bed you need should be guided by the dimensions of the room and the anticipated needs of your guests. In a moderately sized guest room, a queen-size bed is often the most practical and versatile choice. It provides ample space for couples or individual guests, ensuring comfort without overwhelming the room. If your guest room is more spacious, you might opt for a king-size bed, offering an extra touch of luxury and space, which can be particularly appreciated by guests accustomed to larger sleeping spaces.

In addition to size, think about the style and comfort level of the bed. A bed with a high-quality mattress and a sturdy frame is a worthwhile investment, as it ensures your guests enjoy a good night's sleep. The style of the bed should complement the overall decor of the room, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Whether you choose a classic wooden frame or a more modern design, ensure it aligns with the aesthetic of the space.

What is the Best Color for a Guest Bedroom?

The color you choose for a guest bedroom can significantly impact the ambiance of the space, influencing how your guests feel during their stay. The best color for a guest bedroom is one that creates a tranquil and welcoming environment. Popular color schemes include: 

  • Neutral Tones: Soft, neutral tones like beige, light gray, or creamy white are excellent choices. These colors create a serene and calming atmosphere, making the room feel airy and more spacious. They also offer a versatile backdrop, allowing you to add character through accessories and bedding without overwhelming the space.
  • Cool Blues and Greens: Shades of blue and green are often associated with tranquility and relaxation. Lighter shades like sky blue or sage green can have a soothing effect, perfect for helping guests unwind. These colors also pair well with natural elements and wooden furniture, enhancing the room's overall coziness.
  • Warm Hues: If you prefer a cozier feel, consider warm hues like soft terracotta or muted coral. These colors can add warmth and comfort to the room, creating a snug and inviting retreat. However, it's important to use them sparingly and balance them with neutral furnishings to avoid making the space feel too enclosed.
  • Accent Colors: Adding accent colors through decor items like pillows, rugs, or art can introduce energy and personality to the room. Choose accents that complement the room's primary color to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

The color you choose should reflect the overall atmosphere you want to create in your guest bedroom. Soft, calming colors are generally best for creating a relaxing environment that makes your guests feel at home.

What Decorations Should I Use for a Guest Bedroom

Decorating a guest bedroom is all about creating a welcoming and comfortable space. Thoughtful decorations can enhance the room’s ambiance, making your guests feel right at home. Here are some ideas for decorating your guest bedroom:

  1. Wall Art: Choose art pieces that are calming and neutral. Landscapes, abstract pieces, or soft floral prints can add beauty to the room without being too personal or overpowering. The art should complement the room's color scheme and add a touch of elegance.
  2. Mirrors: A well-placed mirror can make the guest room feel larger and brighter. Consider a decorative mirror that adds style as well as function, such as a vintage frame for a classic look or a sleek, modern design for a contemporary space.
  3. Soft Lighting: Good lighting is crucial. Use a combination of overhead, bedside, and accent lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Table lamps or wall sconces provide soft, ambient light and are perfect for reading in bed.
  4. Cozy Textiles: Add comfort with plush textiles. High-quality bed linens, a cozy duvet, and a few throw pillows create an inviting bed. Don't forget a soft throw blanket like our XL chinchilla throw blanket or our XL terry corduroy throw blanket at the foot of the bed for extra warmth.
  5. Functional Accessories: Provide your guests with practical items like a bedside clock, a small tray for jewelry, or a water carafe and glass. These thoughtful touches show your attention to their comfort.
  6. Greenery: A small plant or a fresh bouquet of flowers can bring life and a touch of nature to the room. Choose low-maintenance plants or fresh flowers that don’t have a strong fragrance.
  7. Personal Touches: Include a few personal touches like a selection of books, a small decorative item, a comfy seating area, or a piece of handcrafted pottery. These items should be subtle and not overcrowd the space.

What Bedroom Furniture Should Go In a Guest Room?

When furnishing an extra bedroom for your guests, the goal is to create a space that is both functional and welcoming. The right furniture can make all the difference in providing comfort and convenience for your guests. Here are some spare bedroom ideas to consider:

1. Nightstands

A nightstand is a must-have in any guest room. It offers a convenient spot for guests to place their phone, glasses, a book, or a bedside lamp. Choose a nightstand with drawers or shelves to provide additional storage space. The height should ideally be at the same level as the top of the mattress for easy access.

2. An Empty Dresser

Providing an empty dresser is a thoughtful way to make your guests feel at home. It allows them to unpack their belongings and settle in, especially during longer stays. A dresser with a variety of drawer sizes is ideal, offering options for both larger and smaller items. Plus, the top of the dresser can serve as additional space for guests to place their items.

3. A Desk

Including a desk in your guest room can be a great addition, particularly for guests who may need to work or prefer a dedicated space for their laptop or writing. A small, simple desk won't take up much room and can be positioned near a window for natural light. Ensure there's a comfortable chair and, if possible, provide a desk lamp for adequate lighting.

Other Ways to Make Your Guest Feel at Home

Creating a welcoming guest room goes beyond just the basic furnishings. It's the thoughtful extras that truly make your guests feel at home. Here are some additional touches you can add to enhance their stay:

  • Coffee/Tea Station: Set up a small coffee and tea station in the room or a nearby area. Include a coffee maker or electric kettle, a selection of teas and coffee, sugar, and creamer. This allows guests to enjoy a warm beverage whenever they like, adding a comforting and hospitable touch.
  • Favorite Snacks: Provide a basket of snacks on a bedside table, possibly including some of your guests’ favorites if you know them well. Options like granola bars, fruit, nuts, or cookies are always appreciated. This not only caters to their comfort but also adds a personal touch showing that you’ve thought about their preferences.
  • A CordaRoy’s Bean Bag: Incorporate a CordaRoy’s bean bag in the room. Our convertible bean bag chairs can also double as a bed for kids while functioning as a cozy chair during the day. This versatile piece of furniture is perfect for families with children, providing an extra sleeping space that's both fun and practical.
  • Luxury Bedding, Blankets, and Pillows: Invest in high-quality bedding to provide your guests with the utmost comfort. Soft sheets, plush blankets, and a variety of pillow options can significantly enhance the sleep experience in your guest room.
  • Towels for the Pool and Shower: Provide separate sets of towels for the pool and shower. Ensure they are easily accessible and made of soft, absorbent material. This small detail can make a big difference in convenience and comfort for your guests.
  • Wifi and TV Streaming Services: Leave a card with the wifi code and instructions for the TV, including access to streaming services. This allows guests to easily connect their devices and enjoy their favorite shows or movies just like at home.
  • A Mirror: Include a full-length mirror in the room. It’s a practical addition for guests to check their outfits and get ready. Plus, mirrors can make the room feel larger and more open.

When decorating your guest bedroom, the key is to keep it simple, elegant, and welcoming. By following these spare room ideas for your guests, you’ll create a space that your guests will love and appreciate.


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