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Are you getting ready to welcome friends and family for the weekend? Or maybe it's time to give your current guest room a makeover? Either way, you've come to the right place. With the right guest room bedding ideas and thoughtful touches, you can create an inviting space that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

A well-appointed guest room goes beyond just providing a place to sleep; it's a heartfelt gesture that shows your guests how much you value their company. From selecting the perfect mattress size to adding elegant layers of comfort, every detail matters.

Whether you're a seasoned host or a first-time host, get ready to elevate your hosting game and make your guests' stay an experience they'll love for years to come.

How Do I Make a Guest Bedroom Cozy?

Creating a cozy and inviting guest bedroom is all about paying attention to the details and providing a comfortable haven for your visitors. Whether you have a dedicated guest room or a multifunctional space, there are several key elements to consider to ensure your guests feel at home.

1. Choose The Right Size Mattress

The foundation of a comfortable guest bed starts with the right-sized mattress. Consider the space available and your typical guest profile when choosing a mattress. 

If you have a spacious spare room and frequently host couples, a queen or king-size mattress can be ideal. On the other hand, if you have limited space for guests, full or twin beds would be a better option.

At CordaRoy's, we understand that guests have different needs. That’s why we offer two types of mattresses to accommodate different sleep styles.  

For those who prefer a firmer sleep surface, you can't go wrong with our Classic mattress. It's a smart fusion of premium memory foams that deliver unparalleled comfort and support. With three cooling technologies, you're guaranteed tranquility as you unwind.

Alternatively, our Hybrid mattress gives a softer, more indulgent feel for those who love sinking into plushness. By blending top-notch memory foam with pocketed coils, CordaRoy's Hybrid mattress creates the ultimate sleeping sanctuary. Don't worry about overheating either – it's armed with four cooling technologies to ensure uninterrupted relaxation.

Both mattresses are available in Queen and King. To determine which size mattress  best suits your needs, refer to our guest bed size guide for guidance and a restful night's sleep.

2. Pick a Color for Your Sheets

Sheets play a significant role in both comfort and aesthetics. When selecting sheets, consider softness, breathability, and how the color complements your room's overall decor. The best color sheets to sleep on depend on various factors, including personal preferences and the desired bedroom ambiance.

Certainly, aesthetics play a significant role, especially when striving to create a cohesive theme in the bedroom. However, sheet colors have the power to influence your mood and emotions when you slip into bed. People often favor light, neutral colors for their calming and soothing effects in comparison to bright colors.  

For instance, blue sheets can evoke feelings of tranquility and serenity, setting the stage for a peaceful night's rest. If you want a sense of cleanliness and coolness, white sheets are an excellent choice, providing a refreshing atmosphere for bedtime. 

Ultimately, the best color sheets to sleep on depend on how the chosen hues resonate with you when you enter the bedroom. So, choose wisely and incorporate sheets that make you feel at ease.

3. Comfortable & Decorative Pillows

Provide your guests with a variety of pillows to suit their individual preferences. Offer both soft and firm pillows, and consider adding decorative pillows for a touch of elegance. Guests can adjust the pillows according to their comfort, ensuring a good night's sleep.

If you want to make your guests’ experience even more cozy, consider adding one of our moon pillows to your guest room. This innovative wedge-style pillow is designed to provide support to the back and neck, alleviating any worries of pain. With its ergonomic design, the moon pillow ensures maximum comfort, making your guests' stay even more delightful and enjoyable. 

4. Layer Your Guest Bed

Consider the sleep preferences of your guests when arranging the guest bed. Some prefer warmth and may pile on blankets, while others like it cool with just a sheet and light quilt. Layering the guest bed with blankets and throws not only adds style but also allows guests to adjust their bedding to their liking. 

Start with a cozy comforter or duvet as the main layer for warmth. Then, to create a welcoming touch and cater to varying temperature needs, add a CordaRoy’s blanket or decorative throw at the foot of the bed. 

Our XL Chinchilla Blanket exudes luxury and softness, while our XL Terry Corduroy Throw Blanket offers a cozy texture that complements any decor. This thoughtful approach ensures that your guests can enjoy a comfortable and restful night's sleep, regardless of their individual preferences.

How to Make a Guest Bed

To make a comfortable bed for your guests, follow these steps for cozy and inviting space:

  1. Bed Protector: Start with a sturdy and reliable bed protector to keep the bed clean, fresh, and protected from spills or stains. A good bed protector is an essential investment to prolong the life of your mattress and ensure your guests have a comfortable and hygienic sleep experience.
  2. Sheets: Layer soft and high-quality sheets on the mattress for added comfort. Opt for sheets that are breathable and gentle on the skin. Crisp, clean sheets in a neutral or soothing color can create a sense of relaxation and luxury for your guests.
  3. Comforter/Duvet: Choose a comfortable comforter or duvet to provide warmth during chilly nights. Consider the season and your guest's preferences. A fluffy and cozy comforter can make all the difference in ensuring a restful night's sleep.
  4. Throw/Decorative Blanket: Add a touch of charm to the bed by placing a decorative throw or CordaRoy’s blanket at the foot of the bed. This not only adds visual interest but also provides an extra layer of warmth for your guests, allowing them to adjust their bedding as needed.
  5. Place Sleeping Pillows & Decorative Pillows: Arrange sleeping pillows neatly on the bed, providing both comfort and support for your guests while they sleep. Consider offering a selection of pillows with varying levels of firmness to cater to individual preferences. Then, add a few decorative pillows to elevate the bed's aesthetics and create a welcoming and stylish atmosphere.

Paying attention to the details and adding thoughtful touches can make all the difference in creating a warm and inviting guest room.

Unique & Cozy Guest Bedroom Ideas

Transform your guest bedroom into a haven of comfort and charm with some distinctive and cozy touches. A CordaRoys bean bag serves as an exceptional addition and a great air mattress alternative. Not only does it offer a comfortable seating area during the day, but our convertible bean bag also converts into a cozy bed at night. 

Enhance your guest room experience with the addition of our PUK Tablet and Phone Stand + Drink Coaster. Our PUK is particularly useful in guest rooms without a TV, allowing your guests to enjoy movies on their personal devices while also serving as a convenient drink coaster.  

For an extra layer of relaxation, consider adding a pouf to your bean bag chair. Our poufs transform any CordaRoy’s bean bag into a recliner, providing your guests with the utmost comfort and a truly relaxing experience. 

By implementing these guest room bedding ideas and adding a touch of CordaRoy's comfort, your guests will be treated to a memorable and relaxing stay that makes them feel truly welcome in your home.


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