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The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the calendar is packed with summer guests ready to visit after a long, difficult year. You can’t wait for all the fun! Picture it now: all your friends show up ready for a great day at the lake, the perfect barbeque outdoors, or even an extra-competitive game night. 

There’s only one problem: where are they going to sleep? 

Lack of space is a common problem for someone who might otherwise be the host (or hostess) with the most. But don’t let your lack of square footage get you down. 

Whether you live in a small apartment or your house just doesn’t have enough bedrooms for all your guests, a convertible chair might just be your ticket to the best summer ever. They’ll save room and save you from stressing out so you can spend all your energy on your guests. 

Don’t Let Space Stop You From Having Guests Over

Gone are the days of sprawling country mansions and spacious suburban homes. In recent history, housing prices have gone up and square footage has gone down. The median size of single-family homes in America has steadily declined over the past three years, and it doesn’t look like that number will go up any time soon. One of the biggest barriers to having guests over is a lack of space, but it doesn’t have to stop you! 

Convertible chairs are your answer to the perfect piece of furniture for: 

  • Out of town guests
  • Your child’s next slumber party
  • Family movie nights
  • And more!

Convertible Bean Bag Chair

Does a Convertible Chair Save Room? 

If you’ve never used a convertible chair (or bean bag chair) before, you might be wondering how it works. They’re super simple. Day-to-day, they have multiple uses such as a bean bag, couch, a gaming chair, or the place you put your laundry when you don’t feel like folding it yet (don’t worry, we won’t tell!). Then, when the fun is over, and it’s time to call it a night, all you have to do is take the outer cover off, and the chair turns into a bed! 

Convertible chairs save more room than your average futon and are useful all the time, unlike a typical air mattress that just collects dust when not in use. The average futon takes up as much room as a couch, but only gives as much sleeping space as a twin bed (or a full bed, if you’re lucky). Convertible chairs fit in any room and take up as much space as a single chair when they’re not in use. There are multiple mattress size options so that a single chair can turn into a full mattress, queen mattress, or even a king-sized mattress! 

Another great space-saving benefit of convertible chairs is their ease of movement. Need more space to play a quick game of Just Dance? No problem! Bored on the weekend and want to reorganize the living room? No need to wait for someone to help move bulky couches and heavy chairs into a new space. 

Convertible chairs are easy to move and can fit in practically any space. With super cute removable covers, you can even pick a style that works perfectly in a kid’s bedroom or the man cave downstairs. Then, when your guests arrive, just move it into a new room and convert it into the perfect sleeping space. 

Why Not Just Get a Futon?

Futons have long been the go-to option for guest beds, but anyone who has ever been relegated to the futon will tell you the same thing: they just aren’t all that comfortable! 

We’ve all been there, you show up at a friend’s house ready for a fun night, and they promise they have space for you to sleep. But then, you realize it’s a twin-sized futon bed. Hello, back pain! One of the most common causes of back pain is an old or bad mattress. That’s the last thing you want to experience (and the last thing you want your guests to experience). The worst part is, futons hardly ever make a comfortable place to sit, much less to sleep! 

Our convertible chairs provide comfort no matter how you decide to use them. Cozy up while watching the latest Netflix hit, grab your favorite book, or unzip the cover to lay out your mattress and take a quick cat nap. (Speaking of cats… of course, there are options for your furry friends!) 

Will a Convertible Chair Fit My House Decor?

Aesthetics are important; we totally understand! Your house might be modern, minimalist, farmhouse-style, or even boho-chic. But no matter the design, there is a convertible chair to fit your needs. Go with anything from chenille to corduroy, or pick a cozy faux fur! With so many colors and styles to choose between, you’re sure to find something that fits the room of your dreams, so you can have sweet dreams! 

Plus, haven’t you heard? Bean backs are back in style! 

Where Should I Put a Convertible Chair?

One of the best things about a convertible chair is that the options are endless when it comes to placement! If you’re not sure the best room in your house for a convertible chair, these ideas might just convince you to get more than one!

Family Room

The most obvious choice for your convertible chair is the family room (or living room). This room is where the majority of the lounging happens, making them the perfect place to put a comfy chair! They are a great option for an additional seat or two. 

Or, if you’re looking to save even more space, you can ditch the couch and deck out the whole family room in convertible chairs! The family room is also most often used as a guest room when friends or family stay over. With a convertible chair, there’s no need to move a lot of furniture around to make room for sleeping bags or air mattresses. 

Kid’s Bedroom

Another great option is a kid’s bedroom! This works especially well if you plan on hosting a lot of sleepovers or having the cousins come over for a visit. Plus, kids tend to love the many fun colors and patterns that convertible chairs come in. They’re bound to find something that matches their space perfectly! 

Game Room

Maybe you have a specific room set apart for gaming, or you have a basement or “man cave” that operates as your game room. Either way, convertible chairs are a great alternative to a couch or a costly gaming chair. Besides saving space, they’re also ergonomically friendly and can save your gamer from back pain! The average gamer spends over 8 hours a week playing games, with some hardcore gamers spending more than 5 hours at a time sitting down playing. A comfy chair is definitely a must in the game room!

Bean Bag Chair converts into a Bed

How to Convert the Bed Back to a Chair

You’ve likely spent time figuring out how to put something back in the package or case it came in. Put your camping horror stories out of your mind because converting one of our chairs is an easy four-step process. 

Just remember these four words: 

  • Taco
  • Sock
  • Rotate
  • Bounce

They’re the key to frustration-free conversion so you can spend less time with set-up and pack-up and more time enjoying the activities you love. Ready to learn more? Here’s the step-by-step process:

  • Step 1: Grab a friend and fold the mattress up like a taco.
  • Step 2: Pull the cover on as if you were pulling on a sock.
  • Step 3: Rotate the mattress in the other direction.
  • Step 4: Bounce the mattress into the cover until it fits fully inside!

Zip it up, and you’re good to go. 

Can You Clean a Convertible Chair?

No matter what you’re using your convertible chair for, there is bound to come a time when you’ll want to clean it. Luckily, the outer cover of most convertible chairs is easy to machine wash! Always be sure to check the laundry instructions, but you should be able to pop it into the wash and enjoy a clean cover in no time. 

The inner bed, like most standard mattresses, can’t be machine washed. So be sure to grab a waterproof mattress protector and use your favorite set of sheets that can be washed in order to keep your mattress as good as new. 

In Conclusion

Are you ready to turn your house into the best place for sleepovers, game nights, and more? Don’t waste money and room on extra pieces of furniture you don’t need. Invest in a high-quality convertible chair and watch your home become the place your friends know they’ll get a good night’s rest. 

Ditch the futon and forget the hassle of blowing up another air mattress. Give your guests the comfort they deserve while saving the valuable floor space you need! 


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