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Did you know that over 240 million people regularly play video games? Are you one of them? Whether you’re a casual gamer or you consider yourself a gaming pro, chances are you have a dream gaming setup. Picture this: you’re playing your favorite game on the newest console, sitting in the comfiest chair, with surround sound immersing you in the full experience. 

What chair did you imagine just then? Was it a bean bag chair? If not, get ready to change your mind and rethink the gaming setup of your dreams! But first, let’s take a look at how the trend of playing video games began. 

The History of Gaming

Video games got their start in the early 1950s, but they didn’t become household games until much later. Ask anyone what the first video game was, and chances are you’ll hear guesses like PacMan or Pong. While those were early popular games, the first game was called OXO and was a simple game similar to tic tac toe. 

Pong entered homes in 1975, cementing itself as a classic in the minds of Baby Boomers and Gen X alike. Soon, many households could be found with an Atari or Nintendo system, and gaming was casually popularized. Nineties kids will remember the PlayStation, GameCube, and even the first handheld GameBoy. 

Gamers today have many systems to choose from, including the Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. PC gaming has also grown in popularity with games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft. If you’re really ready to step into the future, you can try out virtual reality gaming with the Oculus.

With so many console choices and the rapid evolution of gaming, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start! Before you decide what type of gamer you are, picture your ideal gaming setup. 

Gaming Bean Bag Sofa

What to Include in a Good Gaming Setup

Every gaming setup looks different and depends on your gaming style and goals. But there are a few things that will make your setup truly stand out! 

Your Gaming Console

This is a given. You can’t game without the perfect system!

Are you more of a console gamer or a PC gamer? Do you like handheld systems, or do you prefer using a two-handed controller? Would you rather a system that has a lot of party games, or is gaming a solo sport for you? These questions can help you narrow down which system to pick. 

A TV or Computer Monitor

For most gamers, the bigger the TV, the better. But, you may decide you’re more of a PC gamer, in which case you’ll want to invest in a powerful gaming computer. If you enjoy handheld systems, you can skip this step. 

Good Speakers

Whether you keep it simple with a soundbar or go for a more immersive experience with surround sound, speakers can take your gaming setup to the next level. 

A Webcam or Other Streaming Device

Community and connection are important in the gaming world, and it’s easier than ever to achieve a sense of togetherness, even through a screen. Many gamers like to stream their gameplay on Twitch, a live stream platform specifically for showing off your gaming skills and connecting with gamers from around the world. To take part, you’ll need some special live stream gear.

A Comfortable Place to Sit

Nearly all gaming time is spent sitting down. For that reason, a good chair is one of the most important things you could invest in for your gaming setup! 

This is where the bean bag chair comes in. While it may not be your first thought for gaming, it can actually be the best option! Bean bag chairs are more comfortable, durable, and affordable than other gaming chairs. They also provide great support, so you don’t end up one of the 8% of American adults that complain of chronic back pain.  

Bean bags can also be extremely versatile, with some even having the option to turn into a mattress. So if you’re a gamer who enjoys throwing parties or hosting game nights, you can simply unzip the bean bag chair when the gaming is over, and you’ll have a great place for your guests to crash for the night!

Finding the Perfect Type of Game

Now that you’ve set up your gaming room and picked the perfect bean bag chair for gaming, be sure to stock up on some of the best video games! There are many different genres of video games, and a good game room has a mix of all different types. Read on for a quick list of genres and our recommendations for each. 

Action Games

Action games are some of the most popular games right now. This genre includes shooter games, fighting games, rhythm games, and battle royale games. If you’re looking for games that are fun to play with friends or online against competitors from around the world, the action genre is a great place to begin. 

Call of Duty has long been one of the most popular video game franchises. This classic first-person shooter game was released in 2003 and has remained a fan-favorite through many different installments. (A word of warning to parents, it is rated M by the ESRB, so it might not be the best choice for kids under 17).

If you’re into Mario games, Super Smash Bros is for you! Bringing you characters from all across the Nintendo universe, this fighting game is fun for all ages (if you’re ok with a little cartoon violence). 

Rhythm games are especially fun to play with friends and family, and the Just Dance games are some of the best! Pick from hundreds of songs from artists old and new and get up on your feet to learn some fancy footwork. Everyone will be sure to find a song that gets them moving their feet.

Role Playing Games

If you’re a gamer, chances are you’ve played a role-playing game at some point. These games involve putting yourself in the shoes of a specific character and entering their world. 

There are a few different types of role-playing games, but one of the most well-known is definitely the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) genre. A lot of these games are great to play on a PC as opposed to a gaming console! Popular games include World of Warcraft, RuneScape, and TERA.

Simulation Games

Role-playing games and simulation games may seem similar, but the key difference is structure. Role-playing typically allows you to enter some type of fantasy world where the rules can be bent, and the creatures you encounter are fun and different. 

Simulation games typically follow a real-world structure and have themes like building the economy of a town, starting a theme park, or taking care of a pet. SimCity and Nintendogs are classic examples of simulation games. 

Gamers who play both role-playing and simulation games tend to spend more time in their virtual worlds, so comfort is key! A bean bag chair is the perfect option to help them sink in and fully immerse into the experience. 

Sports Games

Put yourself in the game with this fun genre! Sports games bring some of the hottest names in basketball, football, soccer, and more right into your living room. Simply pick your favorite sport and your favorite team, and there’s likely to be a game for you! Football fans can check out Madden NFL, soccer lovers can play FIFA to their heart’s content, and basketball fanatics will love the NBA 2K games. 

Puk Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories to Elevate Your Experience

It seems like no matter how many games or gaming accessories you have, there’s always something new and exciting to elevate your experience. Plus, these make for some really great gifts when birthdays or holidays roll around! 

Gaming headsets are a great way to fully immerse yourself into the game because they allow for easier communication between teammates. For the casual gamer (or the gamer who doesn’t have time to stop!), check out this multi-use drink holder and device charger known as a PUK. This is the perfect accessory to go along with your bean bag chair. 

For the gamer who likes to show off their personality, look into some custom controller or console skins. There are so many different colors and themes that your gamer will be sure to love.

In Summary

Playing video games has long been considered a fun hobby for kids and adults alike. But some game rooms and gaming setups are just a step above when it comes to comfort and convenience!

If you’re looking to upgrade, consider taking a look at your gaming setup, the types of games you want to add to your collection, and any accessories that will make your life easier. 


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