Playroom Ideas Your Child Will Love

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Playroom Ideas Your Child Will Love

Creating a playroom for little ones is a great way to let their imaginations take flight – no matter if it's an attic-turned-arcade, a basement room full of treasures, or just a corner in your home crammed with fun. With playful wall art, comfy seating, and plenty of storage when the fun finishes, your child won't want (or need) to leave their new safe spot. Keep reading to learn more about how to make a fun and inviting playroom for your little ones!

How to Make a Playroom More Fun

Making a playroom more fun is all about unleashing creativity and ensuring that kids have plenty of opportunities for imaginative play. Get your kids involved in helping design their own playroom, letting them flex their creative muscles to concoct colorful features and inspired plans for how to make it pop. When it comes to a playroom, the possibilities are truly endless! The only prerequisites are that it's full of fun and joy. 

What Should Be in a Child’s Playroom?

As parents, we all want our children to have a happy childhood filled with joyful memories, and a playroom can certainly help create those memories. However, it can be challenging to decide what to include in a child's playroom. 

Should it be filled with toys, games, or books? Should it be decorated in bright colors or calming pastels? Here are some kid-friendly ideas for a child's playroom to help you create the perfect space that will keep your child engaged and entertained for hours on end.

A boy reading a book on his CordaRoy's bean bag.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are the ultimate chill spot for any kid's playroom. CordaRoy's comfy convertible bean bag chairs make it easy for kids to relax and get lost in their favorite book or game. Not to mention, they're perfect for impromptu naps (they transform into a bed!) or makeshift forts. 

There's a style to match any decor - vibrant pops of color or calm, soothing hues. Not only do they look amazing and provide endless hours of entertainment, but these bean bags also help keep your child’s room neat and organized with less clutter around. And the best part? They're made with 100% eco-friendly foam that will withstand your child's leaps and bounds and you can throw the removable cover into your washing machine whenever it needs freshening up.

A baby girl playing on a crashpad

Crash Pad

If your child struggles with sensory processing, consider adding a crash pad to their play area! Our crash pad is a place for your child to blow off steam and reset their mind and body. If your little one has difficulty controlling their impulses or loves roughhousing, it's like a big adrenaline rush for them! Plus, it helps keep them safe.

Table and Chairs

A table and chairs in a playroom can be a game-changer for your little ones. They can have a designated spot to sit down and draw, paint, or even have a tea party with their favorite stuffed animals. Plus, it's a perfect place for your child and their friends to gather and play board games or do homework together. 

With pint-sized chairs and a table just their height, it'll make them feel all grown up and ready to tackle any task. Plus, it gives them a sense of ownership over their space, and they'll be proud to show it off to anyone who comes to visit.

Comfy Flooring

Who says playtime has to be uncomfortable? If your child is playing on the floor often, consider filling the floor space with comfy floor cushions! Your kids can jump, roll, and tumble without worrying about getting hurt, while also having a cozy spot to take a break and read their favorite book. Floor cushions come in all shapes and sizes, from giant play couches to colorful poufs, and can add a touch of fun and whimsy to any space. 

Climbing Wall

Are your kids full of energy and always looking for the next adventure? Consider adding a climbing wall to their playroom! Not only will it provide an exciting challenge for your little ones, but rock climbing can also improve their strength, coordination, and confidence. 

Whether it's a colorful rock climbing wall or a more natural-looking one, your kids will love the thrill of climbing to new heights in the comfort of their own playroom. Plus, it's a great way to keep them active and burn off some of that endless energy!

Cozy Reading Nook

Step into a world of wonder where books come to life! Every magical playroom needs a cozy reading nook, complete with a soft cushion, fluffy blankets, and the perfect lighting to transport your kiddos into their favorite stories. With open shelves full of tales of knights and dragons, princesses and fairies, or even non-fiction books that teach them about the world, a reading nook provides a peaceful sanctuary where they can escape into their own imaginations. 

And what could make it even better? A window seat where your child can gaze out at the world beyond while they read, letting their imagination soar to new heights. It's the perfect spot to unwind after a long day of play or to sneak away for a moment of quiet reflection. 

Two children playing with building blocks.

Toys and Games

Get ready to play! A playroom isn't complete without a vast array of toys and games to keep the fun going all day long. From board games to building blocks and dolls to action figures, there's no end to the possibilities for play. Let your kids dive into imaginative worlds, create their own adventures, and learn valuable skills while having a blast. 

But why stop there? Add a touch of creativity and personalization to the space with chalkboard paint. Let your little ones express themselves with colorful chalk on the walls or a designated chalkboard area. With a well-stocked playroom, your kids will never be bored and you might just find yourself getting in on the action too.

A boy storing toys for playing.

Toy Storage

Let's face it, kids love toys. And when they have a room filled with toys, it can quickly turn into chaos. That's where toy storage comes in – it's the secret weapon to keep the playroom organized and functional. From toy chests to multi-functional shelves and bins, there are endless possibilities for toy storage. 

Not only does it make it easy for your little ones to locate their preferred toys and games without rummaging through a chaotic pile, but having a designated storage area also instills essential skills like tidiness and accountability.

Bright Colors

Ready for a burst of color and energy? Start by adding a pop of color to the walls with an accent wall that really stands out. Choose a bold, bright color that will instantly catch your little ones' attention and set the tone for the room. Then, fill the space with a rainbow of hues – from vivid reds and oranges to sunny yellows and soothing blues – to create an energetic and playful atmosphere. 

Add colorful decorations, fun patterns, and playful artwork to inspire their minds and ignite their imaginations. With bright colors all around, your little ones will be ready to play, create, and explore to their hearts' content. 

Art Display

What better way to inspire creativity and boost your child's confidence than with their very own art display in the playroom? Whether it's a gallery wall showcasing their masterpieces or a simple bulletin board to display their latest creations, a dedicated spot to showcase their art will make your little ones feel like real artists. 


Creating the perfect playroom for your kids doesn't have to be difficult. With a little bit of planning, you can create a space that will bring out their creativity and foster imaginative playtime. 

Just think – reading nooks, toy storage, art displays, and vibrant colors can all come together to create an oasis of fun and learning that your kids will love. So, what are you waiting for? Let the playroom renovation begin!


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