How to Set Up Your Work From Home Office

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Remote work has become a new normal for many people, even as the pandemic recedes. In fact, a surprising 12% of individuals continue to work from home full-time, while 28% have adopted a hybrid work model, dividing their time between the office and home. 

If you're among the 12% that still works from home, it's important to learn how to set up your work-from-home office to support your productivity and well-being. Whether you have a spacious room or a compact corner, we're here to guide you in creating an inspiring work-from-home office that enhances focus, creativity, and job satisfaction.

From choosing the right furniture and accessories to optimizing your work environment for maximum efficiency, we've got you covered.

What do I Need to Set Up A Work From Home Office 

Working from home offers a unique blend of freedom and responsibility. However, without a proper setup, it can be challenging to stay focused and productive. That's why having the right tools and equipment is important. Each element plays a role in optimizing your work environment. Here are some of the key items you'll need to set up a home office:

A Laptop or Desktop

Whether you're a writer, designer, or accountant, you'll need a reliable laptop or desktop to keep up with your workload. While the choice between the two might seem daunting, it all comes down to your personal preferences and work requirements. If you're someone who values portability and flexibility, a laptop might be the way to go. 

Alternatively, if you're more of a stationary worker who needs a larger monitor, a desktop could be your best bet. And if you're someone who attends a lot of virtual meetings, don't forget to consider investing in a device with a built-in camera or purchasing a separate one. 

A Desk

A functional and well-designed desk is the foundation of a productive home office. To optimize your workspace, consider the dimensions of your available space. The last thing you want is a desk that overwhelms the room. 

If you have a lot of accessories or work materials, look for desks with built-in storage options, such as drawers or shelves, to help keep your workspace tidy and organized. Use desk organizers, cable management solutions, and storage containers to neatly arrange your supplies, cords, and paperwork. 

An Office Chair

For a productive and comfortable home office, a high-quality ergonomic chair is a must. It not only boosts your comfort but also promotes proper posture, reduces back pain, and supports your overall well-being.

Choose a chair with excellent lumbar support to maintain the natural curve of your lower back. Look for adjustable features like height, armrests, and tilt to customize the chair to your body and preferences. This adaptability ensures optimal ergonomics, reducing strain on your neck, shoulders, and lower back. 

Standing Desk 

For those seeking a healthier and more active work environment, an adjustable standing desk is an excellent choice. Not only will these height-adjustable desks allow you the flexibility to move around throughout the day, but they also boast several benefits. For instance, standing desks have been shown to improve posture, reduce back pain, boost mood and focus, and so much more. 

A Keyboard and Mouse

Ensure you have a comfortable and functional keyboard and mouse setup. Consider investing in an ergonomic keyboard that promotes a natural wrist position and a mouse that fits well in your hand. These small adjustments can make a significant difference in your comfort and efficiency during long work hours.

Computer Monitor

Having a larger computer monitor can enhance your productivity by providing more screen real estate. Dual monitors are a popular choice for professionals who require multiple applications and documents to be displayed simultaneously. Choose a monitor size and setup that suits your work needs and fits within your workspace.


If you're using a device with limited USB ports, a USB hub is a must-have accessory. It allows you to connect multiple peripherals, such as external hard drives, printers, and other USB devices, simultaneously. Choose a USB-C hub that matches your specific connectivity requirements.


When it comes to virtual meetings and conference calls, clear communication is key. To ensure uninterrupted participation and improved audio quality, investing in a reliable pair of noise-canceling headphones is a smart move. These headphones effectively block out background noise, allowing you to focus on the conversation and contribute without any disruptions.

In addition to noise cancellation, consider headphones with a built-in microphone or opt for a separate microphone for even better audio clarity. A high-quality microphone will ensure that your voice comes through loud and clear, making it easier for others to hear and understand you during online discussions. 


In today's digital age, a stable and high-speed internet connection is the lifeline of a successful work-from-home setup. Start by checking your current internet speed using online speed tests. 

If you find that your connection is lagging or struggling to keep up with your demands, it might be time to consider investing in a Wi-Fi range extender. This will amplify your existing Wi-Fi signal and extend its coverage to reach every corner of your workspace. 

Alternatively, for a more direct and reliable connection, connect your computer or laptop to your router using an Ethernet cable. This wired connection eliminates potential interference and delivers a faster and more stable internet experience.


Now that you have established the essentials in your home office, it's time to explore accessories that can elevate your work experience. Introducing PUK, the original phone holder designed to accommodate phones and tablets of any size.

With options for both landscape and portrait orientations, you have the freedom to position your device exactly as you need it. The three sizing slots ensure a perfect fit for a wide range of devices, guaranteeing stability and peace of mind throughout your workday.

Featuring a rubber bottom, PUK firmly grips your device, preventing any unwanted slips or movement while you use it. Whether you're participating in conference meetings or referring to your device for work-related tasks, the PUK keeps your device securely in place, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Bean Bag

Take a well-deserved break or indulge in a productive brainstorming session away from your computer screen with a stylish bean bag chair. At CordaRoy's, we offer several bean bag styles that can elevate any work-from-home space. A great choice is our NEST bean bag chair. 

The NEST is designed to provide support for your head and neck, keeping you alert and well-supported during your moments of relaxation or creative thinking. It even features a handy handle that allows you to effortlessly move your bean bag either around your office or to another part of your home when you’re done working. 

If you’re looking for a statement piece in your office, consider investing in our Cookies and Cream chair! This convertible bean bag chair turns into a bed, perfect for overnight guests or an impromptu midday nap (we won’t tell!). 

Our bean bags come in a variety of cover designs and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your desired aesthetic. Whether you prefer a mid-century look or a more minimalist approach, our range of options ensures seamless integration into your existing decor. 

To elevate the level of relaxation and coziness even further, consider adding a pouf to your bean bag chair. The pouf provides additional comfort and serves as a versatile footrest, enhancing your overall lounging experience. 

How to Set Up a Work From Home Office for Small Spaces?

Creating a productive and efficient work-from-home environment is essential, even if you have limited space available. With some smart planning and creative solutions, you can optimize your small home office setup and make the most of every inch. Here are some home office setup ideas to help you maximize your small space:

Start with a Dedicated Space

Regardless of the size of your space, it's important to carve out a designated area exclusively for working in your home. Consider finding a corner in your living room, a cozy nook in your bedroom, or even a small section in your kitchen. 

When looking for the perfect spot, prioritize a location that allows ample natural light to flood in. Position your workspace near a window or in a place where you can take advantage of the rejuvenating power of natural light. 

Natural light not only illuminates your surroundings but also has numerous benefits for your well-being, such as improving mood, boosting focus, and regulating your circadian rhythm.

Consider Desks that Serve Multiple Purposes

Opt for desks that offer storage solutions or have built-in shelves to maximize space utilization. Look for compact or folding desks that can be easily tucked away when not in use. Wall-mounted desks or floating shelves can also be excellent space-saving options for smaller areas.

Use a Desk Organizer

To keep your small workspace organized and clutter-free, utilize a desk organizer. This can include trays, drawers, or hanging compartments to store pens, notebooks, cables, and other essentials. A tidy and well-organized desk will help you stay focused and minimize distractions.

Hide Your Office in a Wardrobe or Cabinet

If you're looking to tuck away your work-from-home office at the end of the day, repurposing a wardrobe or cabinet can be a clever solution. Transform the shelves and compartments into a functional workspace, complete with a foldable desk and storage for your work essentials. Simply close the doors, and your home office seamlessly blends into your living space.


Well-planned home office setups are essential for productivity. By gathering the necessary equipment, creating a dedicated workspace, and making the most of your available space, you can establish an environment that fosters focus and motivation.

Remember to customize your home office to fit your preferences and style, making it a space where you can thrive and feel inspired. With the right setup, you'll be ready to tackle your work tasks with ease, all while enjoying the comforts and convenience of working from home.

So, why wait? With just a few office essentials, you can transform your home office into a productivity powerhouse in no time. 


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