Convertible Chair: What is a Nest Chair and Why is it Better?

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Buying furniture can be a very stressful experience. Not only is it daunting to walk into a traditional store and take in the absolute magnitude of all the furniture that is available, the prices can be overwhelming.  And if you are not inclined to artistic cohesion or interior design, picking the furniture that you want inside your home can cause a lot of anxiety.  However, thankfully, there are now alternatives to that kind of experience that will serve to alleviate some of that stress. 


A New Shopping Experience


We live in a world of constant information, instant communication, and fast delivery.  This definitely comes with negatives, but at the same time there are so many positives.  For example, the online shopping experience is great for those who struggle with traditional stores.  You can browse a much larger selection, you do not feel pressure to purchase anything, and you have the freedom of shopping whenever you want to instead of checking a store’s hours, driving there, walking around in an unfamiliar setting, and then after all that maybe picking something that you like.  Now, you can just open an app on your phone or computer that allows you to browse thousands of products from every single category imaginable.  

Shopping for furniture is no different, and with new augmented reality on some apps, you can even preview the item you are shopping for in your room through your phone’s camera.  This allows you to access a wide variety of items, and with this new shopping experience you might even find something completely new!


Transforming the Furniture Industry


Creating something new that revolutionizes an industry is rare, but there are products that do just that.

When you shop for furniture, you are probably looking for specific pieces to fulfill specific needs.  For example, if you need a piece of furniture that you can sleep on, you are most likely shopping for mattresses and bed frames.  If you need somewhere to eat, you are probably looking for a dining set.  And, if you are looking for places to sit, you are probably browsing the sections for couches and chairs.  

What if there was a piece of furniture that could do more than one job at once?  Something that would allow you to transform it from one thing to another, save space, and save money all at the same time?

Enter the NEST Convertible Bean Bag, which doubles as a comfortable, casual seat and a full size mattress all at once!

This product not only fulfills a need but it creates an entirely new sector in the furniture market and features a revolutionary design, good build quality, and versatility that is unrivaled.


The Nest Chair’s Design


Before you buy any piece of furniture, it is probably important for you to decide why it is worthy of your money, and this chair is absolutely no different.  

The biggest selling point for this chair is the amount of comfort it offers.  Not only is it more versatile than your average chair or loveseat, it is infinitely more comfortable.  Its build quality is impeccable as well.

The Nest version of the CordaRoy’s convertible chair is the first iteration to come with a defined top and bottom and provides extra safety and security while you sit in it due to its backrest design.  According to the product page, “there's a giant pillow that gets inserted into the chair cover by way of a zippered pocket on the interior of the cover. This crescent moon shaped pillow provides head, neck and back support and is completely removable when it's time to wash your chair cover.”  

The fact that you can wash the cover is another positive selling point from the chair’s design.  The materials used are completely environmentally responsible, and they are also machine wash and machine dry safe.  The cover is easy to remove, pop in the wash, and reinstall.    

While the generic CordaRoy’s product comes in a variety of fabric and color options, the Nest version of the chair is covered with faux-rabbit fur to provide the ultimate comfort and style.


Nest’s Build Quality


While it is possible to upgrade the basic CordaRoy’s convertible chair into the Nest version with a cover, the best way to actually purchase the Nest is just by buying it as a single unit.  This piece of furniture truly lives up to its name because it has been touted as the perfect place to curl up, nest, and read a book or just rest in a corner.  This is thanks to its excellent build quality.

The polyfoam compresses and expands beautifully, and as it is the primary ingredient in the mattress/chair combination, it provides comfort and stability at the same time.  The product is initially vacuum sealed to about one eighth of its actual size for shipping and expands rapidly upon being unpacked.  “CordaRoy's uses high-quality, shredded, furniture-grade, polyurethane foam in all of its foam-filled products. A simple "fluff" will usually make it as good as new but if you ever need to replace it or simply add more you can purchase it on the CordaRoy's website.”

Having a piece of furniture that doubles as both a chair and a bed is excellent in and of itself, but the build quality adds to the enjoyment of the product, and it is very easy to clean both inside and out.

Nest’s Unrivaled Versatility


There are many reasons to purchase a bean bag, but the most obvious is its versatility.  Owning one of CordaRoy’s chairs means that you have the best possible seating for yourself, your family, and your guests.  And not only this, you can reclaim space in your home by using a product that fits many different use cases.  

For example, if you have a guest room in your home that you furnish as purely a bedroom, chances are that you own a bed, mattress, and box spring combo that cost around a thousand dollars, if not more.  And in addition to being overly expensive, there is also a pretty good chance that the room you have designated as a guest room only really gets used once or twice every few months, meaning that the rest of the year, that space is almost completely wasted.  

Now, with a product like the Nest Convertible chair, you can reclaim that space and give it a new use case.  For example, buying a couple of these chairs for that room would be cheaper than an entire bedroom set, and you could use the room as a conversation space, a recreation room, or just a place to relax and read.  Because of the amount of versatility that these chairs offer, you can feel like you have even more rooms in your home.

You can purchase one in the following sizes or configurations:

  • Full Size Chair/Mattress: with a 42-inch diameter and a size Full (54 x 75 inches) bed configuration, this Nest chair comes in Cream, Blue, Beige, or Charcoal
  • Queen Size Chair/Mattress: this size goes up to a four foot diameter (48 inch diameter) and converts to a size Queen (60 x 80 inches).  It also adds a color option that the Full did not have, “Stone”.
  • King Size Chair/Mattress: with five foot diameter (60 inches) chair and 76 x 80 inch bed configurations, this is the largest size currently offered and comes in the same four standard Nest colors as the Full.

The Nest can be especially useful if you happen to own a vacation rental or any other property that you furnish for guests.  Now you can give your guests the flexibility to turn any room into a sleeping space, and you can even offer more space for more guests to sleep because they no longer have to provide their own air mattresses or sleeping bags if they want to sleep somewhere other than the bedrooms.  So if you only have three or four beds, buy a few of the Nest Convertible Chairs and turn sitting areas into sleeping areas as well!

The versatility that these chairs offer is revolutionizing the furniture industry and to top it all off, all the products that CordaRoy’s offers come with lifetime warranties (while rival companies barely offer three years), so you can rest assured that any money you put towards these chairs is well spent.

In Summary


While the experience of buying furniture can be stressful, it does not have to be.  With the products that CordaRoy’s offers, you no longer have to feel bottlenecked into one style, one use case, or one fabric type or color.  You can get something that comes in several different styles and colors and that has the build quality and versatility of something that would cost several hundred dollars more to buy separately.  

Bean bags in general have increased in popularity due to safer and more responsible manufacturing, higher comfort, and better customer service.  CordaRoy’s is responsible for a large portion of this shift in the furniture industry, and with their products’ lifetime warranties, you will never stop loving anything you buy.        



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