What Makes a Kids Bean Bag the Best?

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Trends seem to have a way of coming back around again just when you thought you saw the last of them. Sometimes, like in the case of low-rise jeans, it is horrifying and should be left in the past. But other times, it brings back something sweet and reminiscent of a better time. We’re talking, of course, about bean bag chairs

Making their initial debut at the Paris Furniture Fair in January 1969, the bean bag chair had a hot moment all through the 70s. Take a step into any household, dorm room, or apartment, and you would find one. 

As quickly as some trends come and go, the bean bag chair stayed popular for quite a while. Now, it’s back and better than ever, evolving into many different forms and finding new versatility in homes. 

Bean bags can be used by anyone, but kids are uniquely drawn to them because they seem to bring just a tad bit more quirky joy into any room. Maybe you’re looking to bring this trend back in your home, or maybe your kids are begging for the addition. Either way, here are a few questions to ask to help you determine what makes a kids’ bean bag the best. 

1. Does the Bean Bag Chair Match Your Child’s Style?

It’s no secret that kids can be a little picky when it comes to decking out their spaces. The paint color has to be just right, the bedspread is of utmost importance, and the accent furniture has to measure up. Thankfully, with many different sizes and styles, your child will be able to find the perfect bean bag chair for their room. 

Is your child ready to redo their room, but you’re not quite sure where to start? 

Here are a few ideas to help get you started: 

  • Bright colors
  • Geometric patterns 
  • Bold accent pieces 
  • Cute wall art 
  • Sports memorabilia 
  • Photos of family and friends

A child’s room is a great place to help them learn about their personal style and allow them to express their individuality. Don’t be afraid to let them make some choices that you wouldn’t make! After all, it’s their space. Sitting down to plan out their new room is also a great chance to get to know your child better. Keep an open mind and go into the process with patience, and you might even learn something new about each other! 

Bean bag chairs aren’t limited to kids’ bedrooms! They can also make the perfect addition to game rooms, living rooms, or any other room in the house. Simply pick your size, color, and cover material, and you’re on your way to upgrading the aesthetic of your house. 

But as we know, style isn’t everything! Comfort is key, especially when it comes to kids’ spaces. 

2. How Much Comfort Does the Bean Bag Chair Provide?

No one likes an uncomfortable couch, kids included! At home, it can be pretty typical to relegate the kids to the oldest couch in the room or even have them sit on the floor when there are guests over. If you’re looking for a comfortable solution, a bean bag chair might be the best addition to your home. They’re cozy, don’t take up too much space, and can be easily moved around. 

One of the best activities a kid can do in a bean bag chair is get lost in a good book! If you’re like most parents, you might be concerned about how much time your child is on their phone, computer, or watching tv. Whether it’s for school, texting friends, or playing games, the average child spends five to seven hours in front of a screen

A great way to help your child break that screentime habit is to create a comfy reading nook in your home to encourage them to step away from the screen. A bean bag chair is the perfect addition to any reading nook, but be sure to pick one that’s super comfortable so your child will want to spend more time there! 

How can you be sure your bean bag chair will be comfortable? There are a few things to pay attention to. One great place to start is by checking out the reviews! Are other buyers willing to vouch for the comfort of the chair? 

The type and amount of fill will also impact how comfortable the chair is, so be sure to investigate the quality of your potential bean bag chair selections. Common fill types include expanded polystyrene, microbeads, and compressed foam. 

The final thing that will add comfort to the chair is the type of material the cover is made out of. Is it suede? Leather? Faux Fur? Each of these materials can be comfortable, so it’s really up to your child’s personal preference. 

3. Are Bean Bag Chairs Safe for Children?

As with anything intended for children, safety is one of the most important things to be aware of. When selecting the best kids’ bean bag chair, spend some time looking at how the chair is made. A high-quality bean bag chair will be built with the user’s safety in mind. 

To make sure that you’re getting a safe bean bag chair, here are a few good questions to ask: 

  • What type of fill is used?
  • How is it put together?
  • How much does it weigh? 

When shopping for a child’s bean bag chair, it’s best to avoid chairs filled with microbeads, as they can be a choking hazard. Opt for a foam-filled chair instead, and check to see if there are additional child-proof safety features so that kids can’t access the inside fill of the bag. 

There are actually safety regulations in place to make sure that bean bag chairs are manufactured with care so you can use them and be worry-free! Bean bag chairs are typically very safe, but it’s always important to have adult supervision if there are babies or toddlers around. 

4. What Amount of Value Does the Bean Bag Chair Provide?

Most parents will tell you that kids go through a lot of different phases as they grow up. One day they might love pink and all things ballet. The next day, they’re all about neutral tones and want to play basketball instead. 

Kids outgrow things fairly quickly, both physically and style-wise. This means purchases made for them should keep the value of the product in mind. Will it stand the test of time and changing style? Is it too expensive to be worthwhile? 

One great thing about bean bag chairs is that they can stand the test of time and style. There are great ways to change up their look, and they are easily moveable, so if they don’t fit your child’s style anymore, you can move them into the living room or the basement!

You can also find different bean bag chairs with price points that fit any budget. Plus, be sure to keep your eyes open for sales around holidays and special events. It’s possible to find a great new bean bag chair that won’t break the bank. 

5. Is the Bean Bag Chair Versatile? 

One unexpected feature you should look for when trying to find the best bean bag for kids is versatility. You may think, “A bean bag chair is a bean bag chair. What can be versatile about it?” But today’s bean bag chairs have evolved and can now serve multiple purposes! 

One activity that most kids love is a slumber party, and some bean bag chairs make the perfect place to crash for the night at a friend’s house! 

Now, we don’t mean this about just any bean bag chair. It’s possible to get one that your kids can lounge on by day and unzip at night to reveal a full mattress inside! If you’re looking to take the value and versatility of your bean bag to the next level, be sure to check out convertible chairs

Convertible bean bag chairs also make a great piece of furniture for children with sensory processing issues. The unique design is extremely sensory-friendly, and many parents and teachers have found them to be a great solution for studying and sleeping! 

Some schools have even been able to design sensory rooms to help kids feel less anxious and adjust to the school day. The versatility of bean bag chairs makes them the perfect addition to any sensory room. Convertible bean bag chairs can also be used as crash pads, which are extremely helpful for children with autism or special needs. 

In Summary 

There are five factors that make a kids’ bean bag the best: style, comfort, safety, value, and versatility. As a parent, you know what you’re looking for in the safety, value, and versatility departments, but be sure to sit down with your child to talk about their goals for style and comfort. They just may surprise you. 

Now that you know the five most important things to look for, you’re ready to get the perfect bean bag for your child!


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