Meet CordaRoy’s footstool, a product that’s just as visually appealing as it is practical. Constructed with the highest-quality materials, you can expect this CordaRoy’s piece to add a beautiful touch to any living space while also enhancing your sitting experience. That’s the CordaRoy’s way! 

Using a footstool with your CordaRoy’s sofa or bean bag chair will elevate your comfort to another level. We know you’re going to love it as much as we do, and that’s why we’re proud to offer a lifetime warranty. At CordaRoy’s, this warranty isn’t an afterthought; it’s part of our DNA as a company. 

We’re confident that you’re going to enjoy years (or even decades) with your CordaRoy’s footstool--and any other CordaRoy’s creations you might own, for that matter. Our products were crafted right here in America and help make a night spent with family watching movies or football much more comfortable. Kick your feet up (literally), and enjoy. If you spill chips and dip on your footstool, don’t panic! You can simply wash and dry the covers. Yes, it’s that simple. A CordaRoy’s footstool will provide you with a bit of everyday luxury. 

Our footstools come in a variety of different materials and textures, so we know you’ll find one that matches your living space. When creating this fan-favorite, we sourced materials that would feel great (and look great, too!). 

Every CordaRoy’s footstool is enhanced with extra stuffing for more support. This footstool will be unlike any other you’ve experienced; we promise that. That’s because we use 100% poly-foam that won’t shrink or compress over time. Our products were created for use, and they can sustain it. We’re also proud that our pieces are custom-created and shipped from the United States.

They’re also available in a variety of colors, so you can add a pop of color to a room or opt for a footstool that blends right in. Whatever you’re looking for, we have it. We’re proud to offer corduroy, faux fur, chenille, terry corduroy, plush fur, faux NEST bunny fur, and faux leather footstools. Plushy and reliable, your footstool will quickly become an essential whenever you sit on your sofa. 

Footstools make a comfortable addition to your space for plenty of reasons. If you want to elevate your legs after a long day at work, your footstool is here to help. They also make excellent little seats for your kids. There’s no wrong way to use a CordaRoy’s footstool because it’s such a versatile piece. Whatever speaks to you and your family, we suggest you do that. Another reason why footstools are so popular is because when you need more floor space, it’s as simple as pushing your footstool out of the way.

Our top-notch quality footstools pair effortlessly with any other CordaRoy’s products for optimal comfort. See what all the hype is about by adding a footstool to your collection. Designed to support and uplift, we know you’ll notice the difference immediately.