Drink coaster and device holder

Introducing the PUK, the device stand you never realized you needed—until now. The simple design of the PUK will have you wondering why you don’t already have a set all around your house!

This simple disc serves many different purposes. On one side, it serves as a drink coaster. On the other side, it is a whole world of possibilities. Hold any smartphone or tablet, no matter what size or case size. Use it for work, play, and connecting. 

The PUK began with a problem many people can relate to. We were trying to learn a new song on the guitar and had a phone propped up on a drinking glass. It stayed up for a minute before slipping off and falling down. That planted an idea for a new product, and after countless prototypes, the PUK was born! 

It has three differently sized slots: small, medium, and large. You can use your device in portrait or landscape mode! Plus, it allows you to use your smartphone or tablet even while you are charging it. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use a PUK: 

  • Watching instructional or tutorial videos
  • Filming TikToks
  • Reading a recipe hands-free while cooking
  • Catching up on the latest Netflix show 
  • Using a tablet as a dual monitor while working from home 
  • FaceTime a friend or relative while your phone is charging 

Those are just some of our ideas, but each day our users let us know of another great way to use a PUK. 

PUKs come in a box of three, so you can set them all around your house! Leave one in the kitchen for playing music while cooking, one in the bedroom to prop your phone up while charging or setting an alarm, or even bring one outside to keep an eye on things while you’re in the pool. 

They are also extremely durable and washable, so one set of PUKs can last you a long time! Choose from a few different color options, including multicolor, white, brown, black, and orange-blue.

PUKs make the perfect gift for the person who is difficult to buy for! Your loved ones will be impressed by the simple versatility of the PUK, and they’ll love sharing all the new uses they find for it.