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Unpack and setup your CordaRoy's NEST Chair

How to Unpack and Setup Your CordaRoy's NEST Bean Bag Chair

Your product will arrive vacuum packed. Simply remove the bed from the plastic and place the bed inside the chair cover. Fluff to loosen and activate the foam. It may appear flat at first but give it some time to fully expand.

The lumps that you are feeling is the foam that has been compressed, due to the nature of our packaging. It will break apart, it just needs a little help. Continue massaging the lumps, and scrub them into each other as the friction this causes will help them separate a bit easier. You'll do this from outside the fabric, you won't have to go inside, to get to the loose foam. Over the next few days, with normal use, it will continue to break down, and become softer. Once all the clumps are broken apart, it can take up to 7 days for it to fully expand. 

Feel free to start using it at any time. Enjoy!

If you feel that it's not what you expected, don't panic. Just contact us for easy, free help. We will NEVER leave you hanging.