5 Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

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It’s that time of year once more.  As the weather turns, we begin to think about holiday shopping.  We may begin to mentally prepare our gift-giving lists, checking off people who we will want to remember with a gift.  We may start looking at our budgets and trying to determine how we will squeeze in a holiday budget (or maybe you kept your New Year’s resolution and have a nice, fat, holiday fund to work with)!  

As we prepare for upcoming holidays, there’s always that one person on our list who it seems already has everything they’ve ever wanted.  Or maybe, they’re just a non-materialistic person and really don’t seem impressed with a barrage of gifts. Whomever this person is, it’s our guess that it’s probably a dude.  Some men either take care of buying everything they want for themselves (we’re looking at you, fancy drone owner) or just seem to have zero desire for “things.”  

What usually happens when we shop for these guys?  If you’re like most of us, you put off purchasing for them until the bitter end; we’re talking last minute, the eleventh hour here.  You frantically search the local big box store or online marketplace for something, anything that will befit them.  After a few hours of searching that yields zero results, you do the walk of shame to the check-out counter, holding either a pocket multitool or a car care kit.  Another year, another humdrum I-didn’t-know-what-to-buy-you-gift.  

We understand.  Gift-giving is hard enough as it is; finding the perfect gift that will really wow someone while simultaneously staying within budget can seem like a superpower.  When you have to shop for a difficult recipient, the task is daunting, frustrating, and can truly suck the joy out of the holiday.  

If you’re stuck as to what to buy for the guy who’s got it all, we can help.  At CordaRoy’s, we’ve been creating unique products since 1998.  Our products are great because they are solutions-based and always in style.  CordaRoy’s products are:

  • Innovative.  Our designs and ideas are truly unique; we know because we hold the patents on most of them.  You won’t find products like ours anywhere else.

  • High-quality and affordable.  Our mission was to create solutions-based products that everyone could afford.  We think you’ll agree we hit the bullseye.

  • Comfortable.  We live and breathe comfort, and it shows in everything we make.  From the choicest, most luxuriously feeling fabrics to the ergonomic design, you’ll never be more relaxed and content than you are with our products.

  • Guaranteed.  If you (or that guy who’s hard to buy for) don’t love our products, you may simply return them.  We don’t process a lot of returns, but we’re willing to do so if you aren’t happy.

Let’s get shopping for the men in your life who have everything.  We’ve got five great gift ideas for these hard to buy for dudes that will definitely make them happy they’re on your list.  

1. Gadgets.

Skip the pocket multitool; we promise he’s already got about ten of them, and chances are he still uses the same screwdriver that’s in his toolbox instead of any of them.  Opt instead for a gadget that compliments something he already has, like a device.  Whether he wants to be or not, chances are he’s on his phone or tablet quite a bit, especially since this year has seen the removal of all things “in-person” to virtual settings.  

A great gift idea for the man who’s got it all is a multi-functional, multi-device holder, like the PUK.  The PUK is the only device holder that can hold any device, in any case, in any position.  This means your difficult-to-shop-for dude can use his phone or tablet in the PUK, even when he’s got it in a super rubberized case.  

The PUK allows him to correctly and safely position his device in an upright manner so he can use it completely hands-free.  Our device holder makes it easy to watch a tutorial, attend a Zoom meeting, or simply watch a favorite show without having to worry that the phone is in an incorrect position or will fall from its location.

Additionally, the PUK allows him to charge his device while he’s using it in the device holder itself, a common complaint we’ve heard about other device holders, which positions your device in such a manner that charging is impossible.  

2. Bean Bag Chairs.

A true classic, the bean bag chair is a sure way to bring a smile to any guy’s face.  Whether it reminds him of his hours of playing Atari as a child or is a new concept to him altogether, a bean bag chair is the perfect gift of comfort for any guy.  

Bean bag chairs today have evolved since the days of the vinyl-covered, polystyrene bead filled monstrosities we used to have in our bedrooms.  Bean bag chairs today are available in beautiful fabrics like vegan leather, faux fur, chenille, corduroy, terry cloth, and canvas; fabrics even his significant other will approve of having in the family room.

Additionally, bean bag chairs (quality bean bag chairs) are no longer filled with dangerous tiny beads that crush and leave you sitting flat on the floor.  A great bag chair is one that is filled with high-quality material, like furniture grade polyurethane foam, that molds to your body when you sit down and regains its shape when you get up.  

A bean bag chair is like having your own personal “best seat in the house” anywhere in the house you want to take it.  They’re comfortable, affordable, beautifully designed, and highly durable.  

3. Gift Cards.

They seem impersonal and thoughtless, but when you’ve got a person that’s incredibly hard to shop for, a gift card can be the perfect item.  Giving someone a gift card is like giving them a hall pass to spend money on themselves.  If you give someone cash, chances are they’re going to spend it on something like groceries or gas, and a check will likely get deposited into the main account and used to pay a bill.  

A gift card is better than cash or a check because the chances of a person spending it on themselves are much higher.  You can make a gift card thoughtful by giving one to a store or shop that is specific to his interests and likes.  You can also consider giving a gift card to a store that has a big-ticket item that you know he wants.  If he’s been saving up for a big-ticket gift, a gift card to put towards that item will be well received.  

4. Gifts for his Best Friend. 

We aren’t talking about his fishing buddy, Jim, or even his significant other. We’re talking about his trusted furry companion.  A high-quality gift for Fluffy can mean the world to a guy that loves his dog or cat more than life itself.  When we think about giving a gift to someone’s pet, we’re talking about more than just a little toy from the pet aisle of the big box store.  

A great gift for your man’s best friend is a forever pet bed in a fabric and design that matches his house, workshop, or wherever he and Spike spend most of their time.  And since you don’t want to give a gift that comes with a hassle, it’s important to find a pet bed that is easy-care, so cleaning it up isn’t a pain.  A great pet bed will have a removable zippered cover that can easily be tossed in the washer and dryer.

5. Experiences.  

Think outside the box with your gift and give the gift of an experience instead of something tangible.  Giving the gift of an experience is also giving a memory that will last a lifetime.  From dinners at restaurants that he may have never considered to extreme experiences like rock-climbing or sky-diving, the sky is truly the limit when giving an experience as a gift.  

As an added bonus, consider an experience the two of you can participate in together.  Many times some of the best gifts we give to one another are gifts of our time and attention.  Consider your relationship with this person, what common interests you share, and what things you both enjoy doing.  Giving a gift that you can enjoy together may be the best gift of all.

In Summary


Gift-giving isn’t always easy, and when you’ve got someone on your list who seems to have everything, it can be impossible to give them anything meaningful or special.  Thinking outside of the traditional lines can help you offer a gift that is memorable and appreciated.  

Focusing on quality instead of quantity and looking for solutions-based products can really help you narrow down the hunt and give a gift that lasts longer and is more well-loved than “catchall” style gifts.  Consider giving gifts of comfort and accessibility this season instead of multitools and ties, and you’ll likely be able to wow even the most content among us.  





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