Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

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If you’ve already conquered her Christmas gift, you’re someone who knows how it’s done: plan ahead, shop early, get brownie points.  As such, you may already have Valentine's Day on the horizon and be considering what you can get for the special lady in your life who means so much to you.  

Let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day is basically made of cards, chocolates, and flowers.  Even though you can spend a great deal of money on these items and your girlfriend may really love them, we aren’t convinced this is the best we can do.  Quite literally, zero thought goes into a gift of flowers and candy.  It’s the standby for people who don’t want to expend any time or energy on contemplating a better present for their special gal.  

Additionally, flowers and candy can set you back a small fortune, and no part of that gift is lasting.  Let’s face it— flowers die, and candy gets eaten or thrown away for dietary reasons!  Don't be a flowers-and-candy-gift-giver this year.  Instead, opt for something more meaningful and lasting.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your honey something amazing.  It really just takes thought.  In the end, the gifts that are remembered the longest and appreciated the most are the ones that show the recipient you thought of them.  

If you get pretty miserable when it comes to gift-giving, take heart.  We can help.  Here are some rules for what to avoid giving her for Valentine’s Day. 

  • Candy and flowers.  These are fine as an add-on gift, but as we previously mentioned, they’re just so expected and trite.  We can do better.  


  • Anything diet or fitness related, unless fitness is her jam.  If your girlfriend or wife never works out and loves pizza and cake, a gym membership or visits to a nutritionist are not going to win her over more.  Unless your sweetheart loves fitness or is already following a particular diet and has mentioned something she’d love along these lines, this is a gift-giving area you want to avoid.  


  • Something you want more than her.  You’ve really had your heart set on an action camera to use while you’re surfing, and you’re sure she’ll love it too...for something.  If this is a gift that charges YOU up instead of your woman, you should probably think twice.


  • Shapewear.  Lingerie is a standby for Valentine’s Day, and there’s no reason you can’t get her something tasteful that you think will look amazing, but be sure the pieces you get aren’t shapewear.  Shapewear is lingerie full of stretchy spandex designed to suck in, smooth out, and cover up her lovely lady lumps.  Just skip it— we promise it’s a bad idea.


  • Scents or perfumes you recognize on other women.  “Babe, I love the way this smells on Janet from work,” is not a good way to start off your Valentine’s Day gift-giving.  If you want to give her the same perfume, make sure she has no idea that Janet had it first.  In fact, you should probably not mention Janet at all, even though it’s innocent.  Depending on the status of your own relationship, this could arouse suspicion, and that is never a good thing.

If you feel like every item on your list just got checked off, it’s okay.  We’ve got some ideas that will help you become a virtual Valentine’s Day hero.  

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Start by thinking outside the box.  Throw the candy, flowers, and stuffed animals idea out the window.  You want to be fresh, original, and unique.  You want to give her something that shows you know her; like really know her.  If you’re all out of ideas, that’s okay.  We’ve got some great options that will have her oohing and ahhing in no time.  Here are our top 5 gift ideas for your girls’ best Valentine’s Day ever.

  • Device control.  She’s an influencer.  She’s a mom.  She’s got an important career.  She’s a full-time social junkie.  Whatever the case, your girl is likely on a device a lot.  This year has proven that the woman who can do it all can do even more.  We’ve managed to get our jobs done and live our lives online instead of in-person, and that means more time spent on devices and more opportunities for us to damage them or become frustrated when we can’t seem to find the best way to keep them propped up while in use so we can be hands-free.

Enter the PUK multi-functional, multi-device holder.  The PUK is the world’s only device holder able to hold any device, in any position, in any kind of case.  That means your girl can use the PUK to hold her iPhone (even in its kid-proof Otterbox case), a work tablet, and any other device she might use.  The PUK is also small, lightweight, and easy to tuck in her purse to take with her.  

  • Comfort.  An oft-overlooked gifting opportunity is giving a gift of something useful and comfortable.  We aren’t talking about just a great sweatshirt or a cozy pair of socks.  Think outside the box and into the bag.  A gift of supreme level comfort is the gift of a bean bag chair.  Bean bag chairs are available in numerous style and color options and in fabrics that will beg her to sit and stay awhile.  

Whether she decides to use her bean bag chair in her room or in her main living space, it will fit in with her current decor and look beautiful for years to come.  Bean bag chairs are durable, cushiony, and absolutely functional.  Available in fabrics like terry cloth, chenille, corduroy, faux fur, and vegan leather, there’s literally no end to the stylistic combinations you can create.  

  • A trip.  Before you freak out, we aren’t talking about a week in Paris.  A trip can simply be a local staycation type of adventure.  It doesn’t even have to be overnight.  In fact, if you’re on a budget, you can opt for visiting a national park.  Make a day of it (and possibly a night) and consider camping if your girl is at all outdoorsy.  

More of a picnic in the park kind of day?  That’s a great option too.  You could even consider doing a movie in the park, or anywhere you choose.  All you need is a device holder to stabilize your tablet so you can use both hands to cuddle.  If you’ve got some bean bags, you can even take those with, and set up a romantic “on location” date practically anywhere.  

  • Home furnishings.  Okay, we admit there isn’t a lot of romance behind this one; or is there?  If your lady has just relocated or is crazy about decorating her home, it’s clearly an interest to her.  Gifting her something that plays into her love of all things home decor may just be the way to her heart.  

If you’re on a budget, a gift card to a favorite store or high-quality home furnishing store would be a gift that means a lot to her.  If you’re able to throw a little more money her way, consider giving her a piece of convertible furniture.  Convertible furniture, like a bean bag chair that can convert to a bed, will be a staple she will keep for years to come.  A great convertible bean bag chair gives her the gift of a super soft, cushiony seat that will quickly become her most favorite, and the ability to host an overnight guest with ease.  These bean bags open to reveal a mattress inside.  

When she has a friend overnight, she can unzip the bean bag chair and pull the mattress out.  Add a few fluffy pillows and some cozy blankets, and she’s got guest bedding without having to even have a dedicated guest room.  These are also great for ladies living with a roommate or renting a studio apartment.

  • Your time.  Ultimately, any gift you give her is overshadowed by the simple gift of your time.  What women want; what they really desire, is quality time and attention.  They want to be loved, admired, and highly sought after, even if you’ve been together for forty years.  Treat her like you did the first time you met.  Give her undivided attention.  Don’t be dismissive.  Pay attention to the things she does and says.  Appreciate her.  These are the true gifts that last, and they don’t cost a penny.  


In Summary


You can give your gal a Valentine’s Day gift that truly speaks to your heart as long as it comes from yours and is accompanied by thoughtfulness, time, and attention.  A great gift giver considers his recipient and gives a gift based on things that can give her comfort, solutions, and joy.  You can give gifts of comfort and relaxation, or solution-based gifts for the tech-loving lady, but the best gift you can give is to offer your time along with the material present.  Your time will never go unnoticed.  


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