4 Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

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He’s the first person we call when something is wrong with the car, or the toilet won’t quit running.  Although plumbing and car repair aren’t part of his job description, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing in this world that truly lies outside of Dad’s wheelhouse.  He’s handy, helpful, and the owner of about a million and one multitools.   No matter what we’re dealing with, he always has a spare minute or twenty to listen intently and give sound advice.  And though he always shows up to barbecues with tall socks and a pocket full of bad jokes, there’s really no other guy we’d want to be like when we grow up.  

Our dads are often our first role models that show us how to work hard and show up as a contributing member of society.  No matter what age we are, Dad seems to always know the right thing to say, even if he doesn’t say much at all.  Our dads give us encouragement and are oftentimes our biggest supporters.  They love to see us succeed almost as much as they love a great pair of denim shorts.  

When Father’s Day or their birthday hits the calendar, they’re happy with a dinner at the buffet and (yet another) multitool.  We can do better for our dads, even if they promise there really isn’t a thing in this world they want.  If you’ve got a great dad that is hard to buy for, we’ve got some gifts that will help you show him you care and let him know you think the world of him.  

When considering what to buy for someone who seems to either have it all or want nothing at all, there are some things you can focus on to help make your gift decision easier.

  • Hobbies and interests.  It’s always a great idea to give something related to a person’s hobby or interest, but Dad only has space for so many clubs and canisters of bait seem so last year.  Instead, look for ways you can give around the hobby or interest.  If Dad loves golf, plan a family outing to a golf-related venue where everyone can enjoy their time and his company.  If he loves boating, consider finding out information about a local boat show and making a day of exploring sea-vessels on land.

  • Comfort.  Comfort is key in gift-giving. Giving the gift of comfort is something virtually every dad can appreciate, even the most stoic.  Consider things that will keep them comfortable, like seating, clothing, and even food.

  • Solutions.  Dad is your number one source for solutions.  He’s got a fix for every problem, even if it’s one he’s invented himself.  Beat him at his own game by giving him a solutions-based gift that helps make his life easier, and he’ll know he raised you right. 

  • Distinct.  Got a techie dad or a father who loves the latest and most innovative designs?  Look for things he may not have stumbled upon in his quests to find the newest and most unique. 

If you’re still at a loss as to what gift to give the big guy, we’ve got four unique and thoughtful gift ideas for the dad who truly wants nothing.

1. Bean Bag Chairs


 He grew up on them.  He talks about them.  He’s probably bought one for you at some point in your life.  Bean bag chairs were first mass-produced in the 1970s, which might place your pop right smack in the middle of the bean bag boom.  Bean bag chairs are part of his upbringing, so imagine his surprise when you find a bean bag chair that even Mom says is okay to keep in plain sight.  

Bean bag chairs today are the ultimate in comfortable seating.  No longer filled with polystyrene beads and pellets, you’ll find bean bag chairs available with cushiony, comfortable filling like furniture grade polyurethane foam. Additionally, these chairs won’t leave you sitting flat on the floor like the beanbags of yesteryear. These are bean bags that dad can actually get on and off of without herniated a disc.

Mom will approve of these bean bag chairs as well, as they are available and some of the most beautiful fabrics and colors that can complement any decor and be used in any room. Vegan fur, faux leather, chenille, corduroy, and terry cloth are just a few of the fabric options available from high-end bean bag chair manufacturers.

2. A Place to Grab a Quick Nap. 


We all know Dad works hard, and no one deserves a nap more than this guy. What better gift than a dedicated spot for dad to grab a nap anytime he needs? Convertible furniture can give dad the option of relaxing in a chair or lying down on a comfortable mattress to “watch the game.” A great example of convertible furniture that truly kills two birds with one stone is a convertible bean bag chair. Instead of being filled with polystyrene beads or beans, a convertible bean bag chair like the ones available from CordaRoy’s, each contains a comfortable mattress inside. When you need the ultimate in comfortable seating, your bean bag chair provides it. When you need a little cat nap or additional guest bedding for overnight company, simply unzip the outer shell of the bean bag chair and pull out the mattress inside. 

Mom approves, too, because not only does she get a beautiful chair for her living room, she also now has the perfect way to accommodate overnight guests instead of relegating them to the uncomfortable pull out sofa or air mattress that constantly leaks.

3. Gifts for his favorite pet


A dog may be man’s best friend, but your dad‘s cat is the apple of his eye. No matter if your dad is a dog or cat person, we’re sure your dad is crazy about his favorite furry friend, so a gift that is given to his pet will mean the world to him. A great idea for pet gifts is a pet bed. A high-quality, durable, beautiful pet bed is a safe place where your dad‘s best friend can relax. Unlike giving your dad a simple toy for his dog, a handcrafted dog bed shows you put more thought and effort into the gift other than just taking a trip down the pet aisle at your local big-box store. Your dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness of giving something to his favorite fur friend, and you’ll win brownie points with the dog that has never liked you in the first place!

4. Device holders. 


Some of the best gifts are gifts that are solutions-based. These are the types of gifts that make you wonder how you ever lived without them. A great way to find these types of gifts is by looking for solutions that would make your own life easier. For instance, we’ve all learned how to adapt to working and communicating more on our devices this year. As such, it has been crucial to develop ways to use our devices in a hands-free manner that keeps our devices safe and in the correct position we need them to be in for conference calls, virtual classes, and other events. A device holder is the perfect solutions-based gift for dads who use their devices constantly. 

A great device holder will be able to hold multiple different devices in or out of a case and allow them to be used in either portrait or landscape mode. Additionally, a great device holder will also allow you to charge your device while you are using it. The only device capable of all these things is the PUK multi-device holder. The pack is small and portable, so dad can not only use it to hold his phone while watching a tutorial on how to fix leaky toilets, but he can also use it to watch a second ball game if he’s got another on the tube. 

Your dad will also be impressed that the PUK is not simply a multi-device holder; it’s somewhat of a multitool itself.  Simply flip the PUK over when not being used by a device, and your dad can sit his favorite beverage in the convenient cup holder.  The same rubberized bottom that keeps his devices safe from slipping and falling keeps cups from sliding and skidding across tables and surfaces.


In Summary


Dad is great at many things, but sometimes specifying the perfect gift he wants or needs isn’t one of them.  He’s a truly selfless man who usually buys for himself, but it is possible to get a gift for Dad that will really wow him.  Focus on his comfort, the things that truly interest him, and solutions that can help make his life just a little easier, and you’ll be sure to find a gift that truly suits him.  You can never go wrong with products that are high-quality, durable, and unique.  CordaRoy’s is a one-stop-shop of unique, solution-based products that every dad can appreciate.  We know your dad will love our products, and you’ll love the reaction you get from finally being able to give him something more than a tie.   





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