5 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

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The Christmas season is quickly approaching, and we’re not sure where the time has gone.  It sure is unsettling how quickly the holidays sneak up on us each and every year, but inevitably, they do.  One minute we’re relaxing in the pool and cooking hot dogs on the grill on Labor Day; the next, we’re preparing for Black Friday and stringing up Christmas tree lights.  

For many of us, Christmas and holiday shopping takes a back seat to other things; with our jobs, vacations, special events for the kids, the holiday season is basically loaded full for us between November 1st and the end of the year.  This can leave us feeling like we have no time to shop for gifts, and in fact, for many of us would probably show up empty handed Christmas morning were it not for online shopping.  

If you can relate, we understand.  Last-minute shoppers, unite!  If you’re really feeling a little under the gun this holiday season, or simply looking for some great gifts that are easy to buy and easy to give, we’ve got you covered.  The team at CordaRoy’s has been developing unique products that are solutions based and great for gifts since 1998.  As such, we consider ourselves gift-giving experts.  

When considering gifts that are great for everyone and can be purchased last minute, there are two things to consider:  comfort and convenience.  You can never go wrong with items that give your recipient comfort and convenience.  Gifts that tend to be the most appreciated are ones that your recipient will actually use and enjoy.  

Think of it this way: how often have you received a last-minute gift that ended up in a closet, in a donation bin, or wrapped up and regifted it to someone else?  If that gift had been one you’d actually use, it might have turned out differently!  Unfortunately, when it’s crunch time, and gifts have to be purchased, you’re usually left with stores that have been picked over and a budget that has been stretched thin, which is why you may end up being dubbed a bad gift-giver to those who receive fruitcakes, cheap kitchen gadgets, and multi-tools from you on a yearly basis.

If you’re feeling a bit offended (or guilty), there’s hope!  You don’t have to be a bad gift giver, even if you’re giving a gift last minute.  You can give a great gift that wows them without having to strain your brain for ideas or strain your wallet for extra cash.  We’ve got five last-minute gift ideas that will take you from zero to hero and will place you among the ranks of Santa himself.  Read on.  


Gifts of Comfort


Comfort is something we can all appreciate.  Whether we love a warm, comfortable sweater, a broken-in armchair, or a blanket that warms perfectly and feels super soft, comfort is always in style.  We are creatures of comfort by nature; when we are hurting, when we are sick, when we are happy and joyful, we want to feel comfortable at all times.  Being comfortable is one of the most essential things that make us happy.  When we are uncomfortable, it shows.  Our mood is completely changed, and we usually end up giving half attention to whatever we are doing because we are so distracted by our level of discomfort.  

It’s no surprise, then, that giving gifts that make us comfortable is so popular.  We love things that feel good and make us feel good.  Here are three gifts that can keep practically anyone comfortable, even the hardest to please.

  • A bean bag chair.  Not the vinyl-covered, polystyrene bead-filled beauties you remember playing Atari on back in the ’80s.  Today’s bean bag chairs are perfect for all ages, and these won’t leave you sitting on the ground or waking up the next day with a backache.  Bean bag chairs today aren’t filled with polystyrene beads unless you go super cheap.  A quality, affordable bean bag chair is filled with higher-grade materials, like furniture grade polystyrene foam that acts similar to a memory foam mattress.  

Bean bag chairs make great gifts because they’re not only comfortable, but they’re also practical.  A bean bag chair fits perfectly into practically any room, and goes along well with any decor.  Available in numerous style and color options, and in fabrics that can add a pop of texture wherever needed, bean bag chairs can be a conversation piece or completely understated.  

Bean bag chairs are also great options for people who have limited space or who do a lot of work from home (which is now basically everyone).  Bean bag chairs are versatile, so they can offer the user the ability to move their chair from place to place, bringing their most comfortable, favorite seat right along with them.  

  • A better quality mattress.  We know what you’re thinking; who gives a mattress for Christmas?  But honestly, can you think of a more comfortable gift?  We aren’t saying you need to hop down to your local mattress store and pick out a posture-pedic.  You can give the gift of a great, comfortable mattress without breaking the bank or needing 100 yards of wrapping paper.  

A great mattress only needs to be durable and comfortable.  Those are really the only qualifications.  A great gift for college kids, young couples, children who have overnight guests, and even established adults who could use an extra place for guests to sleep is the gift of a mattress that can be easily stored when not in use, and brought out for a great night’s sleep when needed.  You can get this type of convenience and comfort with a convertible bean bag chair.  

Convertible bean bag chairs are bean bag chairs that are filled with cushiony mattresses instead of beans, beads, or any other type of fill.  These chairs make it easy for someone to entertain overnight guests because they conceal a full mattress inside.  When it’s time for bed, you can simply unzip the cover from the bean bag chair, pull out the mattress, and add sheets and blankets.  

It’s important to know that convertible bean bag chairs take time to fill from scratch and ship making them a last minute gift that may not arrive on time. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t print a picture of the gift to present to your loved one on Christmas day. 

Another alternative includes purchasing a gift card. A gift card is a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them while letting them pick out what they want themselves. It takes out all the dreaded guessing and the best part yet, it’s always a go-to last minute gift option. 

Regardless of whether or not you stick with the gift card or wait out the shipping time, convertible bean bag chairs are also the most comfortable seats in the house, so when they’re not being used for their mattress functionality, they’ll likely be a highly sought after spot that becomes everyone’s favorite place to relax.  

  • Comfort for the furry ones.  Sometimes, the biggest gestures are for our smallest friends.  If you’ve got someone on your list who’s hard to shop for, but sure does love their furbaby, a gift of comfort for their pet can mean the world to them.  Not just any pet gift will do, though.  A really thoughtful pet gift is one that shows you went above and beyond the pet aisle at the big box store.  

Consider giving the gift of a luxuriously comfortable and highly durable pet bed.  Some pet beds are so durable and long-lasting they’ve been dubbed “forever beds.”  These beds make wonderful gifts for a pet lover and are available in pleasing colors that can match any decor.  

Especially great for a person who’s “got it all,” giving a gift to their pet can mean you took the time to think about what is most important to them.


Gifts of Convenience


Another great gift idea that never gets old and will always be valued is a gift that presents the giftee with convenience.  Be it something that saves them time, a better and more effective method of performing a simple task, or something that helps them live better, convenience related gifts are gifts that solve common, everyday problems.  

The problem with a gift of convenience is that some convenience related gifts are not convenient, or even really needed (we’re looking at you, strawberry huller).  A true gift of convenience solves a problem without becoming one itself.  These are the types of inventions that make you say, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Some great options for convenience related gifts are those that can help us manage our smart devices better and more efficiently.  Here are two great options for the device junkies in your life.

  • A device holder.  We’ve been on our devices more than ever this year because more of what we do has taken place at home via telecommuting and Zoom calls.  A great gift for anyone who finds themselves in need of hands-free device usage is a device holder, but not just any device holder will do.  Remember that we said a good gift of convenience solves a problem without becoming one itself.  A good device holder will hold multiple devices, allow you to charge your device while it is in use, keep it safe, and allow you to view your device in portrait or landscape mode.  
  • A device case.  If you’ve got a friend or loved one that is consistently going through devices or cases, a high-end, quality, rubberized case may be the best give you can give.  You’re not only giving them the gift of device protection; you’re saving them a ton of money in the long run.

Last-minute gifts don’t need to be low-end or so high-end they break the bank.  They simply need to appear thoughtful.  Giving the gift of comfort will always be on-trend and appreciated.  Gifts of convenience that are actually beneficial and useful will be gifts your recipient will love and appreciate for years to come.  






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