Why You Should Choose a Convertible Bean Bag Chair

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We all know and love the bean bag chair, a classic furniture staple. Seeing them brings back a specific kind of wonderful nostalgia, whether you were around for their origin or their first (or second) resurgence. They are truly timeless, and kids and adults alike will enjoy them for years to come. 

But, old things can be made even better with a little bit of innovation. In today’s world of shrinking floor plans and tiny homes, convertible bean bag chairs can take your space to the next level. 

What Is a Convertible Bean Bag Chair?

A convertible bean bag chair looks just like any other bean bag chair. It is comfortable and makes for the perfect space to watch movies or read a good book. Where it differs from a traditional bean bag chair is the ability to unzip the cover and turn it into a bed. 

Each of our convertible chairs has a bed inside that can sleep anywhere between one and four people: fun for the whole family.  

What Are the Benefits of a Convertible Bean Bag Chair?

With so many choices for furniture, what makes a convertible bean bag chair the right option for your home? 

Convertible Chairs Save Space

One of the biggest benefits of a convertible bean bag chair is that it saves a lot of space. When in use as a chair, it can seat multiple kids and adults. If you decide to use it when guests come over, it converts into a bed. Houses are getting smaller and smaller. Not to mention, many adults live in cramped apartment buildings. Having a convertible chair helps save space while still allowing you to have guests over. 

Convertible Chairs Are Comfortable

We have probably all experienced a painful night or two on a futon or woken up at a friend's house on a deflated air mattress. While these experiences may have toughened us up a bit, they are certainly not fun. Become the host with the most by providing overnight guests a comfortable place to sleep that won’t sink down overnight or leave them with back pain in the morning. 

Convertible Chairs Are Useful

If you’re still torn about whether to choose a convertible chair, a futon, or an air mattress, consider this: convertible chairs are useful all the time. When you pit them against futons, they come out on top in the categories of comfort and space-saving. When they’re up against air mattresses, they win because they won’t just sit in storage in between uses. 

You can use convertible chairs in so many different ways, including: 

  • A gaming chair. It’s the perfect comfortable solution to those hours-long game sessions. 
  • A sleepover space. Forget sleeping on the floor or other uncomfortable surfaces. Use a real mattress to treat your guests like royalty.
  • A portal to another dimension. Ok, well...maybe that’s not totally true, but they do make the perfect place to get lost in a great book and let your imagination take you to another dimension. 

Convertible Chairs Are Stylish

Our convertible chairs come in over 20 different cover materials and colors. We know how important it is to make your space your own, and we want you to be able to enjoy a super comfortable chair without the obvious look of a bean bag. You can find faux fur, terry corduroy, faux chinchilla, and more. 

Whatever your style, you’ll be sure to find the perfect look for your space. 

Convertible Chairs Are Easy To Clean

Cleaning furniture can be a nightmare, but cleaning convertible chairs isn’t. All you have to do is remove the outer cover and throw it into the wash. The inner mattress can be spot cleaned, or you can add a waterproof bed protector as an extra layer of cleanliness and convenience. 

How Do You Use a Convertible Chair?

One of our favorite things to do is explain just how easy it is to use a convertible chair into a bed and back again. We’ve all experienced some sort of item that promises to easily turn into something else, only to be a full-on nightmare. That is definitely not the case with our convertible chairs. We have even come up with a four-step process to help guide you. 

First, to convert your chair into a bed, all you have to do is unzip and remove the cover. Then, you’re good to go.

Once you are done with the bed and are ready to turn it back into a bean bag chair, follow these quick steps: 

  1. Fold the bed up like it’s a delicious taco. 
  2. Pull the cover back on as if you were pulling on a sock. 
  3. Rotate the bed around. 
  4. Bounce it up and down until it’s fully back inside the cover. 

Once it’s in, just zip it up and plop right down on your bean bag chair! The process is super simple and won’t leave you frustrated. If you’re a visual learner, you can click here to see a video example of how to put the mattress back inside the cover. 

Where Can You Use a Convertible Chair?

Not sure where in your house a convertible chair will fit? Here are a few ideas for spaces that could use the upgrade! 

The Living Room

Show off your comfy convertible chair right in your main living space. Your friends will be charmed with the cozy addition, and your family will love using it to upgrade family movie nights. 

The Game Room

Whether your household includes a serious video gamer or a just-for-fun board gamer, a convertible chair is a great way to take your space to the next level (while your gamer works to get to the next level, too). 

The Guest Room

This year, we all found out that having a home office is something extremely valuable. Unfortunately, not all houses have that luxury. Many people turned their guest room or spare bedroom into an office in a hurry. 

Now that things are getting back to normal, you may want your guest room back. But, a great solution would be to leave it as an office and add a convertible chair. You’ll avoid having to bring a whole bed back in, and when you host guests, you’ll still have a super comfortable place to allow them to sleep.

If you have to work from home or you just need some office space, you can enjoy a room without a big bed in it (reminding you that you might prefer to be taking a nap instead of filling out that Excel spreadsheet).

The Kid’s Room

Make your house sleepover central by getting a convertible chair for your kid’s room. The youth chair sleeps one kid comfortably.  Putting a bean bag chair in your kid’s room can also encourage healthier sleeping habits by giving them a space to sit and do activities. 

Our beds should be used only for sleeping so that our bodies know it’s time to rest when we get in them. Encourage your kids to do homework, watch movies, and play games in their comfy convertible chairs rather than in their beds. This habit will serve them well their whole lives. 

What Size Convertible Bean Bag Chair Should You Pick?

Our convertible bean bag chairs come in five different sizes. Answer a few quick questions, and you’ll be able to make a great decision about which size to choose. 

  1. What kind of space are you working with? Measure your space and take a look at the mattress measurements. How big of a mattress can you fit? 
  2. Who will primarily use the convertible chair? If your child will be the main user, get a smaller chair. If you think that guests and adults will use it most often, go larger. 
  3. Is style a deal-breaker? Certain styles only come in larger sizes, so if the color or material you love isn’t available in the size you want, you may consider sizing up. 
  4. How many people do you want to fit? Our smallest size sleeps one child comfortably. Our larger sizes include two king-size mattresses inside and can sleep four adults comfortably. 

Hopefully, these questions help you narrow down your size choice. If not, you can always reach out to our team, and we would love to help you decide. 

Come Here for Comfort

Give your space an upgrade by adding a convertible chair (or two). If you’re debating between a new couch, air mattress, or futon, why not get something that takes the place of all three? Convertible chairs save space, provide comfort, and turn into a bed so your space can be used wisely. 


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