What To Look for in a Pet Bed?

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Did you know that over 50% of all American adults have some sort of companion animal? This may not come as a big shock to you! We love our pets, and chances are, you do too. Americans favor dogs just slightly over cats, with 38% of households having at least one pup, while 25% of households have at least one cat. 

Furry friends can quickly turn into part of the family, and that means they’ll need a place to sleep! Some pet owners might be ok with sleeping in the same bed as their dog or cat, but it may be more beneficial to both pets and humans alike if everyone has their own sleeping space, especially if you like plenty of space in your bed. 

Consider investing in a nice pet bed so your pet can enjoy a good night’s rest while you do, too! Before you get overwhelmed by all the options out there, here is a list of what to look for in a pet bed. 

What Size Bed Does Your Pet Need?

When it comes to a place to sleep, size does matter. If the bed is too big for your dog or cat, they will not feel comfortable curling up and getting cozy. On the other hand, if the bed is too small, they may abandon it altogether and look for another alternative (Meaning: they might end up back in your bed or on your sofa.) 

Take a few moments to measure your pet, and then consider their age and breed. Will they grow? If so, how much more? You won’t want to get a pet bed that your dog or cat will just grow out of in a few months. 

Our pet beds come in two sizes that are perfect for most pets. We offer a 30 inch and a 40-inch bed. These beds are round, so the inches are in diameter. Your pet can cozy up alone or share the bed with another pet friend. 

We include extra stuffing to help pets with higher "lbs," and so you can transition a small pet bed to a medium pet bed to a large pet bed. The extra stuffing can also protect pets' pressure points, elbows, and hips (especially important for large dogs and more vulnerable cat and dog breeds). 

Does Height Matter?

Getting a pet bed that is raised off the ground a little bit (like a cot for people) will help your pets stay more comfortable. Cats like to sleep in elevated places, and a bed frame that can be raised also has the added benefit of increased airflow underneath to keep the bed breathable (Plus easy cleaning underneath it!)

How Comfortable Will the Pet Bed Be?

Your pet will judge their bed on comfort the same way you do. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, it will result in worse sleep quality, and your pet may reject the bed. There are a few different types of fill that can make a difference in how comfortable the pet bed is.

The most common types of fill are:

  •  Polyester fiber is a really popular choice, but it doesn’t hold up long-term. It’s better for smaller dogs and is hypoallergenic, which is a plus. 
  • Old towels, sheets, and bedding can make good DIY pet bed fill if you’re in a bind or looking to reuse some things from around your house. This isn’t the most comfortable option and won’t provide the best support.
  • Cedar chips or shavings are a natural option that can help repel fleas, which makes them a good option for dog beds. But if your animal or anyone in your house is sensitive to scents, pass on this option. It is quite potent. 
  • Foam fill is a super comfortable option for all pets, but it is especially good for older dogs and cats who need supportive foam to help with their joint or mobility issues (and other kinds of health issues) 

Consider which option you would like the most for your bed! (Hint: probably the foam option). Our pet beds are filled with super comfortable polyfoam stuffing that your pets will love. It’s so cozy and supportive that another use for it is in pole vaulting! The cushion they land on is made from the same type of polyfoam we use in our pet beds. 

Where Will Your Pet Be Sleeping?

The location of your pet bed can also set some limitations for what kind of bed you end up choosing. Is space an issue? Do you want the bed to stay in your room with you? Will it be out in the living room where everyone can see it? These are a few things to consider when selecting your pet bed. 

Let’s face it: many pet beds are just plain ugly. You wouldn’t necessarily want to leave these beds in areas of your house where visitors will be coming in and out. One great benefit of our pet beds is that they blend into any living space and don’t call attention to themselves.

They look similar to our convertible chairs and footstools, so if you leave them in your living room alongside one of those, they will fit right in! Plus, how cute would it be to have matching places for both pets and humans to hang out and relax?

How Often Will Your Pet Sleep?

Animals tend to sleep a lot more than we do. For dogs, it’s about eight to 12 hours per day. For cats, it can be up to 20 hours per day! With this in mind, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a pet bed that can stand the test of time and provides many hours of comfort to your animals. 

It may even be a good idea to buy an extra pet bed to put in a different room, so your pet has options for where to curl up. For example, think of the last time you couldn’t find your cat. Chances are, they were curled up in a ball under your bed, in a new box you brought home, or taking a nap in your laundry basket among your clean clothes.

Cats like to wander around the house and fall asleep in new cozy places from time to time, so don’t be afraid to switch it up or give them more than one place to crash. 

Is the Pet Bed Washable?

Just like us, sometimes our pets have little spills, stains, or accidents. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure whatever pet bed you choose is easy to wash. Many pet beds won’t fit well into a washing machine or will break down over time with washing. 

Our pet beds have an easily removable cover that you can simply unzip and throw into the wash whenever you need! 

If you like to wash your pet bed more frequently, you can also get an extra cover so you can cycle through them more often. When you go to wash the cover, be sure you use a detergent and dryer sheet scent that your pet doesn’t mind and isn’t sensitive to. 

How Sturdy Is the Pet Bed?

Dogs are known to chew on just about anything they can get their paws on, and their pet beds are no exception. Cats love to scratch and sink their claws into couches, furniture, and more.

For this reason, you should get a pet bed with extreme durability that will not fall apart after being scratched or chewed on. Quality matters, and it will save you money, in the long run, to invest in a high-quality pet bed that your cat or dog won’t just destroy instantly.

Helping Your Pet Sleep Well

We have already covered most of the important things to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a pet bed. But once you have the bed, how do you take steps to make sure your pet actually sleeps on it? It is possible for animals to have trouble sleeping, just like we do!

Here are some ideas for making sure your pet is able to get the rest it needs: 

  1. Make them extra comfortable. Add one of your old blankets or sweatshirts to their pet bed so they can be comforted by having your scent around even if you’re not in the same bed. This is also great for cuddling in the colder months. 
  2. Train them into a sleep routine. Did you know you can sleep train an animal the same way you sleep train a baby? Routine is great for animals. 
  3. Help them get plenty of exercise before bedtime. Spend some time before you want your pet to fall asleep playing with them and allowing them to run around outside or inside. This will help them have a deeper sleep! 

The Perfect Option

Your pet is an important part of your family and deserves to be treated well! If you don’t already have a pet bed specifically for your cat or dog to enjoy, consider getting one. Your pet will love having their own space to sprawl out or curl up, and you will love not having to share your bed every night! 

It can be tricky to find the perfect bed for your pet, but there are a few simple things to keep an eye out for as you begin to shop. Think about the size of the bed, the material it is made of, the style, and if they have machine-washable covers. It can even help to look for companies that offer free shipping at checkout.

Once you know what you’re looking for, your decision will be much easier to make!


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