How to Fix a Flat Bean Bag

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How to Fix a Flat Bean Bag

You’ve had the same bean bag chair for years. It’s loyal and dependable, standing out in a room full of furniture with its unique shape and comfort. But recently something happened - your beloved bean bag got flat! Whether it’s from excessive use or just normal wear and tear, it's inevitable for polystyrene bean bag chairs to lose their shape over time.

Not to worry - fixing your bean bag is easier than you may think! Just follow these simple steps and you'll be lounging in ultimate comfort in no time. 

We will answer the following:

  • Can a flat bean bag be repaired? 
  • How to prevent a bean bag from going flat
  • How do you fluff up a CordaRoy’s bean bag

In this post, we'll talk about how to fix a flat bean bag, why your bean bag is flat, and how to prevent them from going flat so you can enjoy long-lasting comfort for years to come.

Why is My Bean Bag Chair Flat?

No one likes a flat bean bag chair, but it’s something we all have to deal with at some point or another. But what caused your chair to go flat in the first place? Knowing the cause of your flat bean bag chair could have a major impact on how quickly you can return it to its once comfortable and plush form.

Bean bag chairs can become sink in due to a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that the beans inside the bag have been compressed and need to be fluffed back up. If you leave a bean bag chair in one spot for too long, the beans can settle down and make it uncomfortable to sit on. It’s also possible that your bean bag was filled with a lower-quality filling or just not enough filling in general.

Additionally, many bean bag chairs are filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads which are similar to styrofoam - but these tiny little beads consist mostly of air! So anytime you settle into your bean bag to watch your favorite movie or relax after a long day, you're actually squeezing out precious air from those beans - causing them to decrease in size over time.

Can a Flat Bean Bag be Repaired?

Sometimes, a flat bean bag isn't entirely beyond repair. A method known as "flip and fluff" may be able to revive your sunken-in bean bag. Just unzip the cover and shake it to encourage the air pockets in the beans to re-inflate. This method is generally easier for foam stuffed bean bags as opposed to polystyrene ones which often have more difficulty when it comes to being refreshed. 

Unfortunately, depending on the severity of sagging or sinking, you may be facing needing an eventual replacement entirely or having to buy additional filler for stuffing - both of which can become an expensive endeavor over time if done continuously.

How to Prevent a Bean Bag from Going Flat

If you want to make sure your bean bag doesn't become flat, it is best to be proactive. Make sure to flip and fluff the bean bag regularly - even if it seems like it's in perfect condition. If you find that it just doesn't seem as fluffy as before even after flipping and fluffing, it may be time to invest in another alternative. 

With our Classic and NEST convertible chairs, there’s no need to toss out your bean bag or worry about your bean bag going flat! Our comfortable and fluffy bed inserts mean that you can give your existing bean bag a new lease on life. We designed these bed inserts with maximum comfort in mind – so you can lounge or relax to your heart’s content.

How Do You Fluff Up a CordaRoy’s Bean Bag?

If you’re frustrated with your polystyrene bean bag going flat, you may consider exploring a bean bag with an alternative filler like polyfoam, or polyurethane foam .Polyfoam is often used in mattresses, sofas, and cushions and provides a great alternative to EPS beads. In fact, here at CordaRoy's, we use this same foam, only ours is shredded into smaller pieces.

We understand the importance of both comfort and environmental sustainability. That's why we use polyfoam to ensure our customers can rest easy with the highest level of support and reliability. All without compromising an eco-friendly footprint: our polyfoam is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. Furthermore, this foam has low VOC emissions making it ideal for indoor air quality as they are less than 0.5 parts per million ensuring a safe and healthy home environment.

Fluffing up a foam bean bag is an essential step if you want to continue enjoying maximum comfort while relaxing in them. At CordaRoy's, our bean bags are designed to be easily fluffed. All you need to do is flip the chair over and give it a few vigorous shakes up and down. Keep at it until you reach the perfect level of plushness. This simple fluffing process will help it expand back to its original shape in no time.

How to Make My Bean Bag More Firm

Sitting on too soft of a surface for long periods of time may seem comfortable at the moment, but it can cause serious damage to your body in the long run. It can affect your posture, leading to an increased curvature of your spine, or kyphosis, which puts more pressure on your spinal cord and restricts blood circulation.

Not only this, but if you remain seated for too long in a discomforting position, it can lead to developing bad habits like slouching and hunching over which can eventually give rise to other problems such as back pain and overall bad health. This is why it's important to make sure your bean bag chair is firm and supportive to help maintain a healthy posture while lounging.

So, how do you make your bean bag more firm? CordaRoy’s bean bag chairs are designed with adjustable firmness in mind. The high-quality YKK zipper, secured with a locking slider for child safety, can be easily accessed by an adult using a paperclip. To make your bean bag really stand out and make it even firmer, our foam booster pack will add a little boost to your insert!


Over time, all bean bags will lose some of their fluffiness and become flat. By regularly flipping and fluffing your bean bag, you can keep it in good condition for much longer. And if you do find yourself with a flattening problem, don't worry - simply add more foam to make it firm again. With these tips, you'll be able to keep your bean bag chair looking and feeling great for years to come!


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