What Are the Benefits of Bean Bags?

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Are you looking for your next great piece of furniture? Maybe you’ve been considering a recliner, ottomans, or a futon. If you’re in the market for a chair or couch, may we recommend some of the best products that you might not have thought of yet? The next perfect piece of furniture for you may just be a bean bag chair. 

Now, we know when you think of bean bag chairs, you might be thinking of an old, dusty bean bag sitting in the corner in a basement, but we can assure you—bean bags have come a long way over the years. Allow us to reintroduce you to all the benefits you can get from purchasing a CordaRoy’s bean bag

Bean Bags Help with Body Awareness

If you have a child in your household that struggles with a sensory processing disorder or autism spectrum disorder, a youth-size bean bag chair can be a great piece of furniture to help. Beanbag chairs are great proprioceptive inputs; they help you become more aware of your body and how it is taking up space. 

Bean Bags Help Promote a Cozy Aesthetic

Bean bags can also be extremely comforting and relaxing. These cushion chairs provide deep pressure touch to muscles and joints, which can calm an anxious child down. They also make for a great crash pad for kids who need that type of space and are a perfect feature in any teen or child's bedroom or playroom.  

Speaking of mental health, there is a new trend sweeping the world called Hygge. This trend originated in Denmark. It focuses on making your home feel cozy and safe. Bean bag chairs can be part of your cozy decor that promotes trust, feelings of connection, and even improved sleep through Hygge principles. 

Bean Bags: Easy Cleaning

Getting a stain on a new couch is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Couches are extremely difficult to clean, and some stains will never come out no matter how hard you blot that damp cloth. With our bean bag chairs, spills are no big deal. Thanks to the waterproof mattress protector inside the CordaRoy’s bean bag chairs, spills are no longer a threat. 

Simply remove the outer cover and the waterproof mattress protector and throw them in the washing machine. Your chair will always have that fresh-out-of-the-box feeling.

Bean Bags Are Affordable

Bean bag chairs won’t break the bank. They’re a quality, comfortable piece of furniture with durability that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. If you’re looking to furnish your home, an apartment, or even a dorm room, bean bag chairs are a great option. They’re cheaper than most couches and comparable in value to futons or air mattresses (while being a whole lot more comfortable and long-lasting). 

Bean Bags Are Versatile

One of the biggest benefits of our bean bag chairs is that they are extremely versatile. In fact, we call them convertible chairs because they actually unzip to reveal an entire full-size bed  inside. You can not only use our bean bag chairs as a great place to chill and watch movies or read a book; you can also use them as a guest bed or a perfect place to host your child’s next sleepover. This goes far beyond the versatility of the traditional bean bag. 

How does this work? It’s super simple. To remove the inner bed, just unzip the child-safe zipper  of the washable cover and pull out the mattress. With sizes ranging from youth to king, you’ll be able to find the right mattress for your needs.

When you’re done using the mattress, just follow these four steps to turn the mattress back into a bean bag chair: 

  1. Fold the bean bag up like a taco. 
  2. Pull the fabric cover on like you would pull on a sock. 
  3. Rotate the mattress and the cover so that they face the opposite direction. 
  4. Bounce the mattress until it fits neatly compact into the cover. 

We have spent a lot of time conducting a thorough review process to figure out the perfect design so that you can enjoy this versatile piece of furniture without feeling frustrated. This simple process makes it easy to go from a chair to a mattress and back again in no time. 

Bean Bags Can Go in Any Room

Bean bag chairs aren’t limited to the basement or a kid’s room anymore. They have multiple uses and can be used in any refined space in the house. Wondering what that might look like in your space?

Check out some of our top uses for bean bag chairs: 

Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

If you’re a gamer, you know how important the right chair can be. Sometimes it takes hours to get to the next level, and an uncomfortable chair can leave you in a lot of pain. Even if you’re just a casual gamer, you might find yourself sitting in the same place for quite a long time. Investing in a bean bag chair can help you stay comfortable and relaxed. So you can worry about beating the next level instead of getting all sore on a hard wooden chair. 

Bean Bag Chairs for Guests

Our convertible chairs make the perfect seating and sleeping place for guests. Don’t let a lack of space dissuade you from inviting friends or out-of-town visitors over! Convertible chairs allow you to maximize your space by providing both a chair and a bed. Our chairs come with mattresses up to a king-size, making them the perfect option for guests. 

Forget about futons and air mattresses; convertible bean bag chairs are the best option for giving your guests a comfortable place to sleep for the night. They won’t wake up with back pain or on a deflated mattress. Your home will basically become a hotel. 

The secret to reliable comfort? The filling material of our beanbag inserts is far better than those shifting polystyrene beads. Our bean bags are made from polyurethane foam that is comfortable for nearly any height or body weight. 

Bean Bag Chairs for Focus

Adding a bean bag chair to your office or your child’s study space can help improve focus. There’s no better place to lose yourself in a good book or tackle that important spreadsheet. Google even introduced bean bag chairs at their offices to help employees and provide a fun, comfortable place to sit. 

Bean Bag Chairs for Movie Nights

Movie theaters just aren’t what they used to be. Prices have gone up, the snacks are subpar, and the seats aren’t that comfortable. After a year of not being able to go to a movie theater, most movie watchers say they may never go back. Over 70% of people report that they would rather watch a movie in the comfort of their own home, frankly, and we can’t blame them. 

Bean bag chairs are the ultimate piece of furniture for at-home movie nights. They’re super comfortable, can fit multiple people, and it doesn’t matter if you spill popcorn all over it. Add a bean bag chair to your living room or wherever you keep your TV and watch family movie nights get a real upgrade. 

Bean Bag Chairs for Pets

If you’re sick of your pet sitting on your furniture, a great way to help is by getting them their very own bean bag chair. Our pet beds are made from the same high-quality materials as our bean bag chairs and make for the perfect place for your beloved pet to rest their head. They come in two different versions so pets of any size can sleep comfortably. 

Bean Bags Can Be Stylish

Remember how we said that bean bag chairs had come a long way? This is definitely one area that reflects the change. Today, you can find a bean bag chair to match even the fanciest room in your house. Personal style is so subjective, and furniture options can sometimes feel limiting to really letting your personality shine through in your living space. That’s why we’ve done our best to create as many options as possible. 

Our bean bags come in over 20 combinations of cover material and cover color. These covers are also removable and washable, so you can even switch up the look of your bean bag depending on how you want your room to look.

Here are just a few of the cover material options you can choose from: 

  • Terry corduroy covers
  • Faux Fur covers
  • Micro Fur covers
  • Chenille covers
  • Faux Leather covers
  • Khaki Cargo covers
  • Suede covers

Each of these options comes in multiple colors, so you can really personalize them to fit your style. 

The Oversized Bean Bag You Need

Bean bag chairs may bring to mind a nostalgic earlier time, but they have come a long way in providing a comfortable, versatile, stylish seating option. If you’re looking for a great piece of furniture to add to your house, be sure to consider a bean bag! There are numerous benefits that just might surprise you. 

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