5 Super Simple and Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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As if 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, it’s holiday time. On top of a pandemic, an election year, murder hornets, and about a million tropical storms, we’ve now got to start planning for holidays that are obviously going to look a little different this year. Things aren’t going to be as easy as years past. This doesn’t mean that things still can’t be great. Things never need to be perfect to be wonderful.

  • We might not be able to gather together as we have before; we may have relatives who are especially susceptible to getting sick. This means we’ll have to find other ways to include them in our get togethers and make sure they aren’t left out. 

  • We might not be able to get out and shop as much as we’d like to. Stores may have crowd limits that are lower than normal. Black Friday might become Cyber Friday. Who knows what kind of items we will actually be able to purchase in person or if the deals will be as extraordinary as they normally are.

  • Cash flow is likely limited. With the economy partially shut down for a while, we’re all experiencing a little backlash. This holiday we might really be looking for inexpensive ways to show the ones we love we are thinking of them. Gifts might be smaller this year than years past, and that’s ok. 

Just because things are different doesn’t mean they’re bad. We can still enjoy the holidays and expect a memorable experience. We can also still give gifts with meaning without breaking the bank or giving something thoughtless. It just takes a little effort and thought.

When considering stocking stuffers for your loved ones, you can get some great, thoughtful items that they’ll love by following a few simple steps. Instead of just buying a couple of boxes of candy in bulk, put some brain power into your stocking stuffers and give your crew items they’ll remember for years to come. 

  • Consider the person. Who’s on your list? Do they love gifts? Are they extremely picky? Are there things you know about them that would preclude them from wanting certain things? If you’ve got a person who is exceptionally hard to buy for, don’t get a mental block about gifting them something other than a gift card. 

You can definitely find a unique gift that will be appreciated and valued for anyone, including those of us who aren’t necessarily the easiest to give to. 

  • Consider the budget. Don’t start your holiday shopping without a budget. Setting a gift amount before you begin shopping helps you eliminate things that aren’t possibilities and allows you to narrow down your search for thoughtful gifts. You can get anyone something they’ll love for a few hundred bucks, but can you give someone something they’ll love for under $50? You can, if you are diligent in your search.

  • Look for things they need. Most everyone will appreciate a gift that helps solve a problem for them. For instance, a person who consistently loses their keys would be a great candidate for a key locating system. Your mom who loves her drinks icy cold would likely love the latest and greatest cooling tumbler available. 

If you think about it, giving a great gift isn’t that difficult. It just seems overwhelming when we look at a list of people a mile long. If you’re still feeling stumped, we can help. The team at CordaRoy’s is great at providing unique gifts that offer solutions. Our products can’t be found anywhere else, so anytime you shop with us, you know you’re giving your recipient something truly one of a kind.

Here are our top 5 favorite ideas for simple and fun stocking stuffers that are great for all ages and stages of life. 

1. Device Accessories

Literally everyone has a device, even your four year old. You’re really hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone or some type of tablet, and if you have one of those rare individuals on your list, chances are they don’t like traditional gifts in the first place!

People with devices need things to put their devices in, things to protect their devices, charges to charge their devices, etc. Not only are device accessories thoughtful, they’re really solutions based. How many times have you broken a phone charger only to wish you had a back up? You can grab a handful of inexpensive phone chargers at a local big box store and give everyone the gift of reliability. 

Another great phone accessory gift is a device holder. The PUK device holder is a great option. It’s small, portable, capable of holding any device in any case, and virtually indestructible. Whether your recipient needs to use their device hands free for a virtual meeting, watching a tutorial, or taking an online class, the PUK can hold their device safely and securely. 

The PUK is a great stocking stuffer when paired with a favorite drink or cup, too, because when it isn’t being used for a device holder, it can be flipped over and used as a coaster. We love the idea of pairing it with a tumbler for a stocking stuffer anyone would appreciate. 

2. Unique Gift Cards

Anybody can get you a gift card to a coffee shop or burger joint, and we aren’t saying those aren’t great, but an unexpected gift card that is unique will make bigger waves and leave a lasting impression when it’s pulled from the stocking on Christmas morning. If someone on your list has been saving to buy something pricey, consider gifting them a gift card to the store that sells the item they want and help them reach their goal sooner.

You can also consider giving a gift card to businesses that offer services like cleaning, automobile detailing, mobile laundry services, grocery delivery, and meal delivery. 

3. Hints About Larger Gifts

Got a larger gift in mind that simply won’t fit in a stocking? Consider offering a “hint” gift in the stocking that leaves the recipient wondering about what is to come. For instance, if you were giving your daughter a beautiful, faux fur covered bean bag chair for her room, you could tuck some scented candles, warm socks, or a small blanket into her stocking. You could also consider a favorite book; even one she’s already read but enjoys re-reading from time to time. She’ll wonder why you’ve tucked her book into her sock, and understand when she later opens the chair she’ll curl up in to read it.

If you’re going even bigger and giving someone something like a projection screen tv, tuck the remote in the stocking with no note. Giving your son a car? Put a new keyring in his stocking. Whatever you place in the stocking should make your recipient wonder what’s coming. S

4. 2021 Survival Kit

2020 has been a test in survival, and we’ve all felt it, from children to the elderly. While we continue to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ll continue to have to purchase supplies that keep us and the ones we love safe. You can put together a funny and useful 2021 survival kit for your family’s stockings. Include items like:

  • Personalized masks. You can find personalized masks online or even make them yourself. Consider favorite quotes, funny sayings, or goofy faces. 

  • Hand sanitizer. We’re still going to need it next year, pandemic or not. Including a few bottles in stockings helps make sure everyone is practicing good hand hygiene. 

  • Small packs of bleach wipes or cleaning cloths. Bonus points for finding ones that are approved for use on devices, which collect a lot of filth and grime.

You can get as creative with this as you want. Bottom line: these gifts will not only be funny, they’ll be practical and useful too.

5. The Classics

Consider doing throwback stocking stuffers and giving everyone a taste of the past. Search speciality shops online to look for candies still in production that harken back to Christmases of yesteryear. These types of gifts are often very popular with older generations and remind them of their youth.

You can also opt to include small photographs of your family members from holidays past. Simply have copies of the photos made and frame them in inexpensive dollar store frames. Hide a few inside each stocking and watch as the memories come flooding back. 

Keeping The Stockings Filled

You needn’t be concerned that you have too many stockings to fill and not enough creative thought or budget to fill them. Simply thinking outside the box for items that aren’t as common as traditional stocking stuffers can help you give gifts that are unexpected and useful. Think of the stocking as the place to surprise people. Little surprises are always great and even more so when they are items that help solve problems or make people smile.





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