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These days most people have at least one gamer in their lives. When a birthday or a holiday rolls around, it’s hard to find our beloved gamer the right thing. Those of us who don’t know the gaming lingo may be thinking, “What else could this person possibly need?” Then when we do find something that may be of interest, it sits in a junk drawer or on a dusty shelf for years to come. 

In order to shop for a gamer, we first need to understand what a gamer’s needs are—what sort of things help shape the ultimate gaming experience. 

What Products Do Gamers Like Most?

Something that the gaming community values across the board is
comfort. We’ve all had days where we sit the whole time. By the time we hit the pillow at night, all we want is a massage. When it comes to gifts, gamers also tend to appreciate ​convenience. The easier it is to start playing, the easier it is to keep playing. Having everything they need at their fingertips is key. 

How To Keep Your Gamer Comfy

Comfort matters. Would you buy a beautiful couch that hurts to sit on? No. Would you buy a stylish sweater that itches like crazy? We hope not. Whether the gamer in your life plays Fortnite or Red Dead Redemption, they still want to feel cozy as they maintain their HP and gain their XP. Who wants to defend their honor sitting in an old, wooden dining room chair? 

Bean Bag Chairs are something no gamer can deny. Gifting a gamer a bean bag chair is a great idea because it’s personal! After a long day at work or school, they can plop down right in front of their Playstation on a plush piece of furniture that will ​always be available for them—unlike their favorite spot on the family couch. 

The bean bag chair will quickly become associated with the sensation of relaxation and “me time” for this person—and more me time is the best gift you can give someone. Nowadays, everyone is always on the go. People want an escape. For gamers, escaping is gaming! 

A Gamer’s Weakness: Convenience

Let’s put ourselves in the gamer’s shoes (or socks as the case may be). We’ll set the scene: you have your first free day in a while, and the newest edition of your favorite game just came out. 

You want everything you need set up in advance for the best gaming experience possible. We’re talking snacks and drinks nearby, cell phone an arm’s length away. After all, you’re going to want to text your friends about the new elements and features—the controls, the graphics, the advanced storyline. 

Sounds like a good day to us. But what if the gamer’s phone is at 5% battery, and the nearest outlet is across the room, nowhere near their comfy bean bag throne? This is where the
convenience ​factor comes in. They need a portable charging device. 

They need a
PUK. New technology allows us to charge anything, anywhere. These small, functional device holders make life so much easier. Not only do they charge your devices, but they also double as a beverage coaster. That’s right, once they have completed the first level of the new game, their phone is bound to be fully charged. Next, they can flip the PUK over and sit their favorite drink right on top for easy access and minimum spillage! Simple. 

The Gamer I Know Likes To Stream—what’s That?

A lot of gamers like to stream as they play. Some even develop a full-time job for themselves by doing so. Streaming is when a multimedia file can be played back without being completely downloaded first. 

Gamers like to stream their gameplay live so that others can watch what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and even what the gamer has to say about how and what they’re doing. Gamers with a decent number of subscribers on a streaming platform will regularly post gameplay content online for their fanbase to see. 

Okay, So, What To Gift A Streamer?

Another reason a
PUK is a great gift for a gamer is in order to stream, you’ll need some type of device nearby. Typically, a live stream will include a continuous screen recording of the gamer’s TV or PC, as well as a continuous recording of the reverse—the gamer’s reaction to all that is happening. This way, subscribers feel like they’re in the room, and they’re experiencing this alongside the gamer. 

Help your gamer stream conveniently by giving them a device holder. A PUK
does more than just charge devices. It will prop up any device you’d like for simple viewing purposes. If the gamer in your live streams, there’s a good chance they ​also enjoy watching other people stream. The PUK will, without a doubt, up the quality of any gamer’s streaming experience, making it an unbeatable gift. 

What If They Already Have These Things?

Maybe this person you’re looking to buy for already knows the drill. They already have the best seat in the house and the best setup. This brings us to ask, does this gamer have a
Pouf? Think about it. A footrest really makes a difference in someone’s ability to relax. It has been proven that if we sit upright in chairs for far too long and far too often, we risk getting things like blood clots and chronic back pain

If there’s one thing we know about the gaming community, it’s that once they start, they just can’t stop! Gamers are passionate and determined to win. We can only hope they aren’t straining themselves physically as they play for hours at a time. 

This is why a pouf is the perfect gift for a gamer who already seems to have it all. Don’t waste time looking for a game you’ve never heard of before—chances are they don’t have that one for a reason. 

Which Gift Fits?

It’s important to remind ourselves that every gamer is different. That’s why we have some extra gift ideas for you based on several types of games out there right now. 

  • FPS—First Person Shooter Games 

In this genre, the gamer plays as the protagonist, seeing everything from a first-person point of view and usually carrying a weapon of some sort wherever they go. One of the most popular FPS games right now is ​
Call of Duty: Warzone

The Gift That Fits:
For this game, we suggest a gaming headset. These headphone/microphone combinations allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in gameplay with surround sound and easy communication with their fellow online players. 

  • Battle Royale Games 


These games are known for their “last man standing” theme. Typically, there are a large number of players equipped with basic tools. The challenge is exploring the map for more advanced weaponry and surviving longer than anyone else. 

These games are also time-sensitive—adding an additional type of pressure to the mix. Some of the most played Battle Royale Games right now are ​
Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and ​Fall Guys

The Gift That Fits:
Players who thrive on the thrill of Battle Royale Games need to make sure they have all of the latest and greatest gear to assist them in being the best of the best. It is for this reason we recommend you buy them a quality controller. There are plenty of luxurious, wireless controllers now that even come with Bluetooth capabilities! This way, no matter how wild the player can get during an intense game, the controller stays fully functional. 

  • Narrative/Interactive Story Games 

For some gamers, playing through a storyline is more satisfying. Getting to know the different characters and personalities that make up an alternate universe can be a lot of fun. 

While the games mentioned above can be played again and again in short bursts, story-driven games usually give the player one large, complex challenge that takes a while to beat through multiple levels and roadblocks. A couple of the most popular Narrative Games are
The Last of Us Part II, The Wolf Among Us 2​, and ​Halo Infinite

The Gift That Fits
: If you’re considering the bean bag chair option we mentioned before, this is the game that matches that gift. People who prefer a narrative-based game will most likely spend more time per gaming session as they sink deeper and deeper into the details of the mission. Let them sink deeper and deeper into their comfortable seat too! 

In Conclusion

Any decent friend or relative will be thankful for whatever gift you give them, whether they treasure it forever after opening it or stow it away in storage. Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise them, though? Cater to their interests! 

Sometimes the best presents are the ones we didn’t know we needed but now can’t live without. Comfort and convenience are key. Help the gamer in your life reign superior this year with thoughtful gifts like these. 


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