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In this new age of Work From Home, having a home office space that reflects who you are and keeps you working productively is priceless. As many of us make the shift to remote work to join those few who have been doing it for years, the emphasis on a great home office space has never been greater. 

Your workstation should be a balance of comfort, inspiration, and productivity. The amazing thing about a home office is that it doesn’t have to conform to the rules of a standard office, i.e., plain, bright, and bland. Instead, your home office can be a cozy and vibrant space that sparks joy (a la Marie Kondo). 

A home office must foster the most efficient and effective worker in you, all while being tucked away in some corner of your home. This means you can decorate it exactly how you please. The world (of work from home) is your oyster. 

What You Need To Know

When thinking of ways to increase home-office productivity, it is important to create a functional space that works with you. This means somewhere that inspires ideas and fosters creativity. Although this may feel like a big ask in today’s world of deadlines and spreadsheets, we’re here to tell you it is all within your reach. 

Whether it’s crafting a clutter-free space or giving your office the dreamiest of furniture for your midday rest, any small change will scale up your organization and get you started on the productive work grind you’ve been needing. 

What If There’s No Space?

The best home offices make their stake in quiet, well-lit areas of your house. Try and choose somewhere with great natural light and minimal noise disturbance. However, we know that this is not always available. 

Sometimes, a home office is just a section of your kitchen island nook or a table pushed up against the back of your couch in your living room, and that can work, too. If you can’t find an entire room to dedicate to your WFH, there are still ways to make it feel intentional and productive. 

If your desk is part of a larger room, use large furniture such as couches and bookshelves to act as walls and divide the space up. Or even extend the area rug or carpet behind the couch or into the corner so that it feels more like a designated workspace. If your kitchen island is your home office of choice, make sure to clear it off and make transforming it from cutting board to conference room a part of your daily routine. 

We are here to be your personal interior designer, so let's talk about home office setup.

Ideas You Can Try Today

There are so many things you can do today to begin to create your dream home office. From reorganizing your desk to changing the wallpaper or paint color, tasks both big and small will have a huge effect on the mood of your space. 

If painting your walls is not an option, don’t worry. Try choosing an accent color that speaks to you and find fun decor pieces or additional seating options that follow this color scheme. 

Light Your Space For Productivity

Lighting in a home office layout is arguably the most important aspect. It can even have a positive impact on your mood throughout your workday. 

Take advantage of natural light. Position your home office desk or work table so that it faces a window or door that provides sunlight. Opt for immediate and direct lighting with a desktop table lamp and complement it with a surrounding floor lamp. You’ll be on your way to a beautiful home office and ahead of your deadlines. 

Another way to play up light and brightness is to furnish your space with colored decor and light accents to help you feel awake and alert while you’re working. 

And one final note, keep your computer or laptop screen brightness similar to the amount of light in the room to avoid eye strain and fatigue. Thank us later. 

Find the Perfect Workspace

A desk can make or break your productivity at home throughout the day. 

If you’re someone who likes to spread out, find a desk or table in your home with lots of surface area, so you can freely sprawl as much as your heart desires. Some even prefer a laptop-sized table to avoid other distractions. Choose what feels right for your workflow. 

If you’re trying to simplify your small space, and aren’t in need of lots of storage, try a table-style desk for clean sightlines and a minimalistic feel to your home office design. 

Make Space for Intentional Rests

This may be a bit surprising in an article about productivity, but getting rest is key. Without intentional and restorative breaks, we often get burnt out and tired well before our work is finished. 

Instead of closing your laptop and turning to Instagram or Facebook, take a deep breath. Try something more grounding like reading, meditation, or listening to your favorite song. Walk around, grab water, and give yourself a break. Put relaxation on that to-do list.

It is important to have places in your space where you feel like you can relax. These spots serve as a healthy balance to your desk chair and monitor setup, which indicates work. The great thing about a home office is that it doesn’t have to conform to the standards of a normal office space.

Look for cozy seating that’s practical and space-saving. Pieces that come in multiple color options are also a plus, as you can tailor them directly to your space. Curl up with a book, kick your feet up, and take a healthy 20-minute rest away from that office chair. You’ll never feel more ready to tackle that brief or article. 

Remove Clutter: Minimalist To the Max

Our next tip is to remind you to make sure to clean your space—Clutter kills productivity and even increases your stress levels. Aim to tidy up at the end of each workday, getting rid of things you don’t need and returning items to their designated place.

Under-desk storage bins can be a godsend, along with desk organizers or even a good old mason jar to hold your loose pens—anything to help your desk space feel like a clean slate each morning.

Looking for a unique alternative to drawers or a filing cabinet? Try floating shelves. This can be a one-of-a-kind way to store office accessories or even your printer, router, or scanner.

Home Office Design Ideas: Decorate With Purpose

Thoughtfully adding color to your space can inspire and reinvigorate. Keep this in mind when choosing wall and desk decor for your work-from-home accommodation. 

Mirrors may just be your new best friend. As long as you won’t get distracted by your gorgeous face, mirrors add light and texture to any home office. They also, when placed strategically, like a corner or far wall, open up a space in a huge way. This is especially helpful if your home office inhabits a hallway or even a closet under the staircase. No shame here.

Purposeful decoration also looks like the inclusion of plant life in your space. Plants bring life to your space, improve air quality, and even help your health. Even if you don’t exactly have a green thumb, try a Peace Lily or Spider Plant, which are both low maintenance.

Best In Tech

Make sure to find the technology that is right for you. Whether that is a flatscreen-sized computer monitor setup or something as small as a laptop, technology has become an increasingly important aspect of our home and work lives. Technology that works with you rather than against you will keep your productivity levels top-notch. 

Whether you choose a laptop or a larger screen, it is important that this screen is as close to eye level as possible. Trust us; this will save your posture and allow you to sit for longer without pain. Say hello to early deadlines and getting ahead!

Try a wireless mouse and keyboard to keep your gaze at eye level and save your neck. The human head weighs, on average, twelve pounds. Because of this, when you bend your neck to look down at a screen, it can add up to 50 pounds of force on your neck. Avoid this at all costs.

Additionally, a great home office is never complete without the latest and greatest tech gadgets. This can range from noise-canceling headphones to stylish blue light glasses. Whatever you choose, keep productivity in mind. Try this coaster/device holder combo to keep your hydration and cell phone taken care of while you focus on the task at hand. 

Other Home Office Productivity Tips

Don’t forget your other senses: Place a fragrant candle or aromatic diffuser to keep your nose happy and alert, helping you stay present and focused during your workday. Cinnamon has been found to encourage a sharp mind, citrus invigorates, and peppermint can help you concentrate. 

Homework To Make Your Home Work

You’ve got this. Productivity is a mindset as much as a habit. Practice organization and choose your home office pieces wisely. Take intentional breaks and make your space your own. Happy typing!


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