How to Fill a Bean Bag Chair

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Bean bag chairs are a great choice for versatile, casual seating in homes around the world. Not only do they offer a unique aesthetic appeal, but they also provide adjustable comfort tailored to individual preferences. In fact, you can simply add filling to a bean bag to ensure it fits your personal comfort needs. 

So, how do you fill a bean bag? Fortunately, filling your bean bag chair does not have to take you hours. By following a few quick and easy steps, you can ensure your bean bag remains the best seat in the house. 

Is There a Trick to Filling a Bean Bag?

Filling a bean bag may seem straightforward, but anyone who has dealt with an unruly bag of EPS beads or foam can attest that a bit of finesse is required. The trick to a smooth filling experience is preparation and technique. 

Ensure you are in a spacious, ideally enclosed space to minimize cleanup later. Use a funnel or a DIY spout made from a cardboard box to direct the filling neatly into the bean bag. Also, doing this task with a helper can significantly ease the process, as one person can hold the bag open while the other pours the filling.

How to Calculate Bean Bag Filling?

To calculate the amount of filling needed for a bean bag, start by considering the size and desired firmness of your bean bag. For example, if you’re planning to use your CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag as a bed, you may find that adding more filling provides the necessary support for a restful night’s sleep.  Keep in mind that the more filling you add, the firmer the bean bag will be in chair form.

For a more firm feel, add extra filling, but for a softer, more pliable feel, use less. At CordaRoy’s, our booster foam pack is great for adding a little extra padding so you can ensure you get the comfort and support you need. 

It’s also helpful to check the manufacturer’s recommendations, as most will provide guidelines based on the dimensions and capacity of their models. When in doubt, it's wise to start with a smaller amount, as you can always add more filling to adjust the firmness to your preference.

What is the Best Thing to Fill a Bean Bag With?

The best filling for a bean bag depends on your preference for comfort, the durability of the material, and ease of maintenance. Here are the most common options:

  • EPS Beads: These are perhaps the most traditional bean bag fillers. EPS beads are lightweight, durable, and adjust well to the shape of your body. However, they can compress over time and may need to be topped up.
  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP): Similar to EPS but tougher and more resilient, EPP offers excellent durability and is also lightweight. One downside to EPP is that it can be extremely flammable. 
  • Micro-Beads: These tiny beads are extremely light and can mold closely to the body, providing form-fitting comfort. Unfortunately, due to their small size, micro-beads tend to end up in waterways, making them a major environmental concern. 
  • Natural Filler: Options like buckwheat or dried beans offer an eco-friendly alternative, though they tend to be heavier and provide a different kind of firmness. 
  • Polyfoam: Our top recommendation for a filler is polyurethane foam, especially if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option. In fact, this is the filler that CordaRoy’s uses in all of our bean bag chairs! Polyfoam provides excellent support and comfort, as it molds to your body shape more distinctively than other types of fillers. It's also durable, making it a great long-term choice.

If your priority is comfort that adjusts to your needs, our 100% eco-friendly polyfoam is the perfect choice. Choosing the right filler will enhance your bean bag's comfort and ensure it meets your specific needs, whether it's for ergonomic support or casual lounging.

Steps to Refilling a CordaRoy’s Bean Bag

Refilling a CordaRoy’s bean bag is easier than you might think! Before you get started, be sure to choose a spacious area to work in. This will not only give you ample space to move around but will also help contain any mess to one area, making cleanup a breeze. You will also need to remove the cover from the bed insert so you can access the foam. 

Step 1 - Shake the Foam Away From the Zippered End

Start by holding your bean bag near the zippered end and vigorously shaking it to move the foam away from the zipper. This will make some room at the top of the bed for a hassle-free refill.

It’s important to note that if your bean bag isn’t a CordaRoy’s, it might not have a zippered end. In this case, refilling might not be an option, and considering a replacement could be your next step.

Step 2 - Get the Booster Foam Ready

Next, open your booster foam package, but keep the foam inside its bag to prevent any spillage. This precaution keeps the mess minimal and ensures that the foam is ready to be transferred directly into the bean bag cover.

If your bean bag uses a different type of filling, like EPS beads, the same caution is advised to keep the beads from scattering across the floor.

Step 3 - Open Your Bean Bag

CordaRoy’s bean bags are equipped with child-safe zippers to ensure the safety of your little ones. To open the bean bag, find the zipper tab and attach a paper clip through it to use as a pull. Then gently unzip the bean bag halfway to make space for the new filling.

If your chair has a different kind of closure, like Velcro or snaps, you’ll need to pull the sides apart to get to the inside of the bean bag. 

Step 4 - Add the Foam

Carefully place the entire bag of booster foam, or half the amount if preferred for your comfort needs, inside the bean bag liner. Reach inside to flip over the booster bag, releasing the foam into the liner. If you're unsure about how much foam to add to achieve your desired feel, a CordaRoy's team member can assist you. Remove the empty booster bag once all the foam is transferred.

Step 5 - Close and Adjust

Seal the bean bag by zipping it up and removing the paper clip. Make sure to break up any large chunks of foam to promote even distribution and optimal comfort. Flip and fluff the bean bag to settle the foam properly. If you are using EPS beads or another filling, this step might not be necessary as those materials settle differently.

Step 6 - Enjoy!

Your CordaRoy’s bean bag is now refreshed and more inviting than ever. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the plush new feel of your revitalized comfy retreat.

As you can see, filling a bean bag chair is a simple and straightforward process. Remember to tailor the amount and type of filling to suit your comfort preferences, whether it's firm support for reading and working, or a softer touch for lounging and relaxing. By following these steps, you can ensure your bean bag stays as comfy and cozy as the day you got it. 


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