How to Maximize Beds at Your Vacation Rental Property

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Being Vacation Rental Owners can be a great benefit for your family and your finances. Whether you’ve purchased a vacation home for your own family’s enjoyment, as an investment real estate property, or both, you’ll reap the benefits of potential rental income and have a special place for your family and potential guests to gather away from the rigorous demands of life. The rental industry is very competitive so you want to ensure that your vacation rental property is the best it can be for renters. This may include having stellar interior design and amenities such as wi-fi, a dishwasher, and easy check-in. Oftentimes, vacation rentals are smaller than our own homes, yet we want to be able to enjoy them with not only our families, but family friends as well. It’s also a great marketing point to be able to boast an affordable space that sleeps the maximum number of guests as possible. As such, determining how to maximize beds at your rental property can be extremely challenging. How can you create a space that sleeps the most number of guests but remains comfortable at the same time? Traditional sleeper sofas take up valuable room, and are never comfortable as sofas or as beds. Bunk bed options are great for kids, but pose risks for smaller children and aren’t suitable for most adults. Thankfully, you have other options when considering how to maximize beds at your vacation rental property. We think you’ll love the below ideas we’ve gathered together that show you just how to maximize your family’s fun space and get positive reviews.

Consider Every Room Sleepable


Whether you’ve purchasebed a timeshare, condominium, or single family residence as your vacation rental property, the first thing to do is to consider every room sleepable. This means looking for space not traditionally created for sleeping, and considering whether it’s possible for guests to use it for such. The most obvious example of this is the traditional sleeper sofa located in many vacation rental living areas. This is a common way to add more beds in a traditional hotel room to enhance the guest experience by making the room multifunctional. The living room was never designed to house sleeping guests, but the availability of a sofa that conceals a bed gives us the opportunity to temporarily house overnight company in the living areas of a second home. But the idea of finding every space sleepable doesn’t stop in the living room. Living rooms, dens, media rooms, bonus rooms, loft space, basement areas, even formal dining rooms (in a pinch) can provide adequate sleeping space for guests if you have the right bedding for the job. You may be thinking there’s no possible way to fit a bed into these spaces and still make use of them during the day when no one is sleeping. You may also be thinking that having a bed in these spaces would be an eyesore and result in a negative first impression for potential renters. Both valid points, which is why having the appropriate form of convertible furniture can help you realize how to maximize beds at your vacation rental without sacrificing comfort or style.

Find the Best Convertible Furniture For Your Rental Property


You’ve decided which areas in your vacation rental can house a bed, but who wants a bed sitting in every one of these areas? Fitting a standard sized bed in these areas eliminates valuable space that could be used for things like reading nooks, gaming and media areas, and the like. Not to mention, a bed in some of these areas would just look out of place. Fortunately, there are solutions. Consider using a piece of furniture like a bean bag chair that converts into a bed to really maximize beds at your vacation space. At CordaRoy’s, you’ll find a huge selection of different sized bean bag chairs that convert into beds. These bean bag chairs are stuffed not with pellets, but with a luxurious, polyfoam-filled mattress! This means wherever you toss a bean bag chair in your vacation rental, you’re also tossing in the ability to sleep another guest (or two or three) without committing to the space required for an actual bed or sleeper sofa.

Not only are these bean bags stylish and comfortable, they provide relaxing, inviting seating when not in use as bedding. Bean bag chairs are the perfect seating option for a vacation rental as they fully embrace the spirit of being on holiday. They’re a great way to add additional seating to any room-seating that a guest actually wants to use. Accent chairs are great, but who wants to spend their vacation reading a book in a straight-backed parsons chair? You and your guests will love the versatility of a convertible bean bag chair, and the ability you’ll have to relocate it anywhere in the vacation rental it is needed with ease.

Determine the Size You Need


Whether you need to fit beds into a space for as many guests as allowable by fire code, or just for your own family, CordaRoy’s has you covered. When determining how to maximize beds at your vacation rental, you can’t go wrong with a convertible bean bag chair. CordaRoy’s high quality, lifetime-warranty backed bean bag chair/beds come in a variety of sizes making it easy to provide the most comfortable night’s sleep for as many guests as your space can handle.

  • Youth size convertible bean bag chairs can comfortably sleep two small kiddos or one angsty tween. Measuring 32X32 inches when in chair form, this twenty pound bean bag conceals a 60X60 inch mattress with a plush four inch thickness. The smaller size of this chair makes it a great option to toss into bedrooms or squeeze into a corner. Not only are you providing additional seating, you’re providing a bed that kids will love to set up and put away all by themselves.
  • Full size convertible bean bag chairs accommodate a single adult or two kids on a 54X75 inch mattress, filled eight inches deep with soft, cushiony polyfoam. When converted back into a bean bag chair, this option weights thirty-five pounds and measures 42X42 inches. This is the perfect sized chair to add to a small loft, reading nook, or even in the corner of a bedroom.
  • The queen size convertible bean bag chair is truly fit for a queen. Measuring 48X48 inches and weighing forty-five pounds in chair form, this option holds an incredibly relaxing 60X80 inch queen sized mattress that boasts a ten inch thick lush mattress guests that promotes sleeping in until brunch is served! The perfect addition to a vacation home rental, this bean bag chair can be tossed into just about every imaginable space for a great seating option. Simply unzip the outer shell and pull out the mattress when it’s time for bed (or a nap)!
  • A king size convertible bean bag chair is the height of luxury in the world of convertible furniture. Measuring 60X60 inches and weighing sixty pounds in chair form, this baby is nothing short of a statement piece in any room it is placed. It can comfortably seat multiple children or adults, and practically begs to be sat upon. The best feature is the king size, 76X80 inch mattress hidden inside. With ten inches of thickness, this mattress will never leave you lying flat like a leaky air mattress. Even a princess couldn’t feel a pea hidden beneath the layers of cushiony polyfoam!

Switch it Around


Learning how to maximize beds at your vacation rental is all about having flexibility. Unlike committing to a sleeper sofa or standalone bed, using a piece of convertible furniture that is easily movable can mean your space can change right along with your needs. A bean bag chair that converts to a bed can be used in any area of the vacation rental and is easily relocated when it isn’t in use or is needed elsewhere. Unlike traditional bedding, a convertible bean bag chair/bed can even be stuffed into a closet or thrown in the attic or basement if more space is required. When it’s time for extra bedding, simply pull it out and convert it to a mattress. Owning a couple convertible bean bag chairs/beds means always having room for one more and never having to sacrifice precious space for bedding. Your entire space becomes convertible. You never have to commit any space to bedding ever again. It also means that each family that visits your vacation rental can optimize the space in a way that is fitting for their specific family size and need. Not to mention the ability you, as the owner, will have to market your investment property as having the ability to sleep more people than just traditional bedroom furniture could handle.

Determining how to maximize beds at your vacation rental doesn’t have to be rocket science, although once you purchase a convertible bean bag chair you might think rocket science was involved in the creation process. With a few simple steps like considering every space a sleepable space, deciding on what kinds of convertible furniture works best, and giving the furniture adequate test drives in your rental, you’ll be able to provide the most bedding possible without sacrificing comfort or style in this demanding rental market. Completely adaptable for every family that your rental hosts, convertible bean bag chairs/beds can even be hidden out of sight when not in use. Available in numerous shapes and sizes, these mattress-packed chairs ensure you’re getting the most out of your space while keeping guests comfortable and not cramped. When it comes to listing your short-term rental on sites like homeaway, airbnb, or vrbo you want to make sure that you include professional photos that highlight all of the functional sleeping areas so that your potential guests can picture their family staying in your rental property.

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