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Long ago, in a teenage bedroom far, far away, posters of original boy bands adorned walls, VCRs still sat under television sets, and the big bean bag chair reigned supreme. Those days were the early 1990s, and while the decorative style of those years brings back fond memories, big bean bag chairs usually aren’t some of them. In fact, the big bean bag chair doesn’t usually elicit words like polished, classy, and sophisticated. That’s probably because we still associate big bean bag chairs with the ones we remember from our youth (may they rest in peace). However, big bean bag chairs have come a long way, baby. In fact, they are nothing like their adolescent ancestors. What’s more, big bean bag chairs can be a lifesaver when working with hard to decorate spaces or establishing a feeling of cozy, comfortable sophistication in just about any room. Here are eight reasons you should consider trying a big bean bag chair in your space.

Fabulous Fabric Options


Thankfully, the big bean bag chair outgrew its PVC outer shell and is now available in options that are truly design inspiring and room coordinating. No longer limited to vinyl, big bean bag chairs can be covered in just about any fabric imaginable. But because of their larger-than-life size, choosing a fabric that is slightly understated can give them a more refined look and help them melt into a space that you wouldn’t normally consider for a bean bag chair. Working with a company like CordaRoy’s to style your big bean bag chair can give you the options you want when it comes to on-trend fabrics. With the availability of fabrics like fleecy faux fur, velvety chenille, terry corduroy, microsuede, denim, classic structured corduroy, and supple faux leather, you’ll never have to wish for a large bean bag chair in a different fabric again.
The covers also have a zipper so that you can have a removable cover that is washable. Being able to wash your bean bag lounger will keep your fabric nice and clean so you will not just have to throw away your favorite giant bean bag when you get it dirty. Having a bean bag cover is essential in maintaining the life of your bean bag sofa or chair.

Plush Polyfoam

If you’re considering a big bean bag chair for your space, you should definitely opt for a polyfoam fill instead of polystyrene beads or styrofoam. Foam filling can be messy and act as a choking hazard for small children. Polyurethane foam, or “polyfoam,” is an environmentally safe foam used most commonly in places like tumbling gyms. The foam is usually found in a pit where gymnasts land when attempting to learn stunts. As such, you can imagine how comfy this material is, and how well it retains its spring and shape. While you can definitely find big bean bag chairs in other fills, polyfoam is the only fill that won’t ever go flat as it is similar to memory foam. Additionally, the polyfoam fill in most big bean bag chairs is cut into randomized shapes, so that the chair has a truer “bean bag” feel and can be adjusted and manipulated into any space where it is placed. Think of polyfoam fill as the “grown up” big bean bag chair filler. 

Sweet Surprises


Not all big bean bag chairs are created equally, and we think you’ll agree when you see what some chairs have to offer. For instance, consider convertible bean bag chairs from CordaRoy’s. Each big bean bag chair actually has a bed inside! Instead of that trendy fabric shell being filled with feathers or tiny white pellets, it’s filled with an actual polyfoam stuffed mattress. Not only does this make it a lifesaver for housing overnight guests, it presents all sorts of new uses you’ve never dreamed of. A gorgeous, comfortable chair that converts to a bed can be used in your own home, the man cave, the she shack, a dorm room, home office, kid’s rooms, vacation rentals, investment properties, you name it. The possibilities are truly endless. You’ll never have to worry about your guests sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa or recliner again. And if you already have a guest room, you can reclaim it as something more enjoyable for your family instead of making it the home of a bed that gets used once a year.

Seating Versatility


When it comes to versatile seating, you won’t find anything that fits the description better than a big bean bag chair. Purchasing even one big bean bag chair opens a world of endless seating possibilities for your space. Unlike a standard accent chair, which occupies the same space for years on end, an oversized bean bag chair can be relocated on a daily (even hourly) basis to fit the needs of you and your guests. Need an extra piece of living room furniture? Simply plop the bean bag down next to the sofa and one or two lucky guests will join in the conversation while lounging the best seat in the house. Not enough media loungers in the home theater room? Need to plop your feet up on an ottoman? No worries-drag the bean bag chair alongside and there’s plenty of room for everyone. The versatility options don’t end with the ability to relocate a big bean bag chair. You also have freedom of style with a chair that has interchangeable outer shells. Many big bean bag chairs are available in removable and swappable outer shells so you can change the look and style of your big bean bag chair with your season or mood.

A Statement In a Bag

Even though the modern day big bean bag chair is softer in appearance than the bean bag chairs from a few decades past, they are still fully capable of making a statement in a room. Modern day designers are using big bean bag chairs more and more to create inviting spaces, sometimes building entire room designs around the bean bag chair they select. As previously mentioned, big bean bag chairs now come in many different fabric options. Selecting a fabric that stands out is enough to create a centerpiece in any room. A luxurious faux fur finish with the perfect amount of fluff on a big bean bag chair is not only inviting but eye-catching. More than just a complimentary piece of furniture that everyone will want to sit upon and use as a lounge chair, it’s a great conversation piece as well.

All Hail King Comfort

When it comes to your home, comfort should always come first. If something looks great but feels awful, it’s never a good fit. How many times have you sat on a gorgeous looking accent chair to find out it feels about the same as sitting on pavement? Ever buy a sofa because it will match perfectly in your space only to resent every uncomfortable fiber of which it’s made? We’re with you. Comfort is truly king, and you never have to sacrifice style for comfort. A big bean bag chair provides the comfort you and your family demand while retaining the style and design you want. Consider a big giant bean bag chair in faux leather for a truly clean and comfortable option. You’ll never go back to a standard sofa again.

Bean Bag Chairs are Environmentally Friendly

We already mentioned that today’s bean bag chairs are filled with much more environmentally friendly material. Polyfoam meets environmental standards to keep it from depleting the ozone and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to your family and the environment. Additionally, committing to using a big bean bag chair in lieu of a standard piece of furniture, say, an armchair, is also giving the environment a giant high five. Each day millions of trees are cut down to create new furniture. You can think of using a big bean bag chair as saving a tree and doing your part to help sustain our environment and protect it for future generations. If you purchase your big bean bag chair from a reputable company like CordaRoy’s, you’re also getting a lifetime warranty. That means you’ll be able to keep the chair as long as possible with no need to replace it and waste costly materials.

Bean Bag Chairs are Great for Special Circumstances

You’ve probably heard mention of big bean bag chairs being used for children with autism or special sensory disorders. These children benefit greatly from deep pressure input (sensations of being firmly held or massaged), which a bean bag chair can provide. Bean bag chairs are also great for pregnant women, who can never seem to find a comfortable spot to support their aching and ever changing bodies. Likewise, people with back pain have found big bean bag chairs to be the perfect solution to finding a comfortable seat with total back support. A bean bag chair molds to the seated person’s lumbar and thoracic spine in such a manner that provides total support to both areas of the back and relieves pressure and tension from the neck down to the pelvis. Some users even elect to sleep in a bean bag chair to alleviate back pain. It can even help to prevent some of this pain if you sit in the chair for a long period of time. For example if you use it is a gaming chair to play video games in your game room you may find relief over time.

No matter your reasons for considering a big bean bag chair, you won’t be disappointed with one. An incredibly versatile piece of furniture, a big bean bag chair can be a great addition to just about any space. Whether used to provide additional seating or even bedding, you, your family, and your guests will love the extreme comfort provided by a big bean bag chair, and you can be confident you won’t ever have to compromise your style or decorative flair. Bean bag chairs have the ability to grow and adapt as you change your space, so you’re never “locked in” to one room design or setup. Change it up depending on the season or your current mood. As the final word in comfort, big bean bag chairs are durable, adaptable, and always the seat in the house everyone wants to use.

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