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You’ve worked hard your whole life to build the lifestyle you currently have. You work hard, you play hard, and you have certain dreams and aspirations that you are seeing come to fruition. One of those dreams is owning a short term or long term vacation rental, and it’s finally a reality. Whether you’ve purchased a brand new home or a well loved home, a beach side bungalow or a condo in the city center, you and your family now have a home away from home that will bring memories and joy for generations to come. Not to mention, you’ve also made a really great investment since you plan to rent it out when it’s not in use by your own family. The vacation rental is truly the pinnacle of worthwhile investments. It is easy to post on listing sites like airbnb for people to find their perfect holiday rental. Now the only problem is furnishing it in a way that provides style, fashion, comfort…and a whole lot of beds! You might think that having all of the luxury amenities like wifi, Netflix, hardwood floors, luxury bedding, stainless steel appliances, and the best floor plan are the only thing that matters. But, research in the United States has shown interest in a vacation rental grows exponentially with the number of available beds. But how can you fit thirty beds into a two bedroom condominium? We’re exaggerating, of course, but providing ample bedding without taking up valuable space isn’t an issue with CordaRoy’s convertible furniture.

What is convertible furniture? Simply stated, convertible furniture refers to a piece of furniture that can act as two pieces of furniture. The most classic example of convertible furniture with which we are all familiar is likely the sleeper sofa. Although convertible sleep furniture came around for the first time in the 1800s, the modern day sleeper sofa in the living area as we know it didn’t truly become popular until the mid-1930s. While sleeper sofas are definitely a problem solver when it comes to providing additional bedding, they aren’t exactly the height of comfort. If you’ve ever spent a night on one you know what we mean. The mattresses are incredibly thin, usually dipped in the middle from usage, and the frame almost always creaks. Not exactly the kind of bed upon which you want to spend your precious vacation.

Another option for convertible bedding is the Murphy bed. These beds are contained in cabinets that attach to the wall (and are sometimes even bolted into the floor for more stability). When it’s time to sleep, the cabinet opens, and a bed folds down in a hinge-like manner. These beds are filled with problems, including some serious safety issues. Not to mention that once these babies are bolted in, there’s no going back. That bed is there for life.

So what can you do to provide the most bedding possible without taking up space or ruining the walls (and flooring) in your vacation rental? Consider purchasing convertible bean bag beds instead! Here are four reasons CordaRoy’s has the perfect furniture for your vacation rental. The memory foam bean bag beds are of the highest quality and are sure to fit the needs of you and your guests.

Convertible Bean Bag Chairs


Sleeper sofas aren’t comfy, and Murphy beds are dangerous and can’t be moved. So what option is there for furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space but provides additional bedding? Enter the convertible bean bag chair. CordaRoy’s provides high quality, durable bean bag chairs that contain a mattress inside the outer shell. Instead of being filled with little white pellets like most bean bags with which we are familiar, a CordaRoy is filled with a polyfoam stuffed mattress similar to memory foam. These types of convertible bean bags are available in tons of different fabric options so matching your vacation rental style won’t be an issue. Additionally, these bean bag chairs are available in a plethora of different sizes so accommodating guests of all ages is never a problem, including a queen bed that is one of the most popular sizes.

The convertible bean bag chair works by using randomized pieces of cushy polyfoam fill inside a durable, structured mattress that folds into a round outer shell to become a bean bag chair. When in chair position, the bean bag holds its shape, provides an incredibly comfortable seating experience, and takes up little floor space. When it’s time to go to bed, simply unzip the outer shell, pull out the mattress, and plop it down. Boom-you’ve got a bed upon which anyone can get a great night’s sleep. The next morning, the mattress folds back into the bean bag outer shell in just three easy steps. Nothing could be simpler.

Convertible Bean Bag Chairs are Excellent Space Savers


No matter what size vacation home you’ve purchased, space is almost always going to be an issue. You want to provide a space where guests feel they can spread out, relax and not feel cramped and on top of one another. At the same time, maximizing bedding means more guests can make use of your rental, and that drives up rental traffic. Convertible bean bag chairs can provide the space saving bedding you need without taking up valuable living space. Bunk beds, sofa beds, and Murphy beds are all solid options as convertible beds for sleeping arrangements, but the amount of space they take up can make them undesirable. Air beds are also an option but they are usually not very comfortable beds. With a convertible bean bag chair, you never have to worry about space issues again. Available in twin beds, full size beds, queen size beds, and king beds, CordaRoy’s has the perfect furniture for your vacation rental. These bean bag chairs are perfect for making the most of small spaces. Consider using them in master bedrooms, where you might find space for an additional child’s mattress. Or the open living room, where you don’t want to commit to a sleeper sofa. They’re also great in spare bedrooms. Instead of committing an entire spare bedroom to a sleeping room only, you could make it a functional game room or reading room by tossing a few convertible bean bags inside. When it’s time for bed, simply open them up and take out the mattresses.

Additionally, convertible bean bag chairs come in sizes small enough they can be stowed away out of sight until they are needed. It’s a great benefit to be able to boast a vacation rental with additional available bedding. And the best part is that if the additional bedding isn’t needed, the bean bag chair serves as the most comfortable seat in the house.

Comfort is Key


No one wants to spend their vacation sleeping (or sitting) on something that isn’t comfortable. Spend an entire week on a sleeper sofa and you might come back from your vacation sleep deprived and irritable. That’s not how vacation should work. CordaRoy’s knows comfort. That’s why all products are backed with a lifetime warranty and guarantee you’ll be comfortable and completely satisfied. Every mattress is filled with a proprietary blend of environmentally safe polyfoam, cut into different shapes and sizes so as a bed or chair, you always experience an even, never clumpy or lumpy, comfortable rest. Mattresses are available in varying thicknesses, too, and if a mattress is ever too soft or too firm, you have options. Simply adjust the inner polyfoam fill to ensure the best possible night’s sleep. When used as a chair, there’s no denying convertible bean bag chairs are the most coveted seat in the house. And when furnishing a vacation rental, the last thing you want is any piece of furniture that doesn’t promote comfort and relaxation. A bean bag chair practically begs to be sat upon and you and your guests will enjoy countless hours reading books, watching television, or talking with loved ones in these plush chairs.

Convertible Bean Bag Chairs are Stylish


When considering how to furnish your vacation rental, remember that first impressions count. Whether you’ve listed your rental on an online forum or just gained a booking by word of mouth, your guests will make a snap judgement about your place the second they open that front door. What do you want your guests to feel when they open that door? Most likely, you want them to feel relaxed, at home, and at ease. Your furnishings can either promote this atmosphere or detract from it. Fill your vacation rental with your own home’s leftovers and your guests will likely feel they’re staying at a cut-rate motel. Invest in some stylish pieces of comfortable looking furnishings and they may just decide to rent your place a second time. Bean bag chairs are stylish and whisper cozy comfort wherever they are placed. Available in fabric options like faux fur and supple vegan leather, you never have to compromise style for comfort when furnishing your vacation rental.

When it comes to furnishing your vacation rental, having ample bedding is important, but maintaining style and comfort is also crucial. If you have ample bedding that isn’t comfortable, your guests won’t be satisfied. If you have comfortable bedding that isn’t visually appealing, your guests won’t want to spend time at your rental and you aren’t likely to get a good review or a repeat booking. The answer is CordaRoys convertible bean bag chairs. With the ability to preserve style and comfort, convertible bean bag chair/beds provide all the bedding you ever need while retaining visual appeal and comfort. There’s never a reason to commit a room to a particular number of beds, either. Convertible bean bag chairs/beds can be relocated to any space to accommodate guests who need an extra chair or bed. When considering how you’ll maximize bedding and still maintain open space in your vacation rental, convertible bean bag chairs are the best option available.

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